Saturday, October 9, 2010

Washington Tells Us Everything Is Fine ... But Gold and Silver are Saying "They're Lying!"

Really, do you think gold would go over $1,300 if everything was fine? $1,300 gold does not signal that a financial system is firing on all cylinders. I believe $1,300 gold is a symptom of a currency and financial system under great stress — and if you think the system is crumbling now, wait till you see the stress when gold hits $2,500!
And that price is coming, as is $50 silver.
Owning Gold and Silver Is a Revolutionary Act — Declare YOUR Financial Independence Day
I'm sick to death of the criminal hijinx on Wall Street and in Washington. It's time to stop bitching and start a revolution! Here's the best part: All you have to do is buy gold and silver. I'll think you'll want to buy select gold and silver stocks, too.

My name is Sean Brodrick. I'm a natural resources analyst for Weiss Research. And I'm riled up! I'm sick of how the politicians of both parties play us for chumps.
Heck, they're really just two faces of the big money party — the party of corporate socialism. They're picking your pocket with one hand and throwing TRILLIONS of dollars at their fat-cat campaign contributors with the other. And the sum of their combined actions is to make the dollars in your pocket worth less and less.
Guess what currency the elites and the richest people in America own for the long term? Definitely not the greenback.
The monied interests are disparaging gold in public while accumulating it privately. For example, in public, billionaire financier George Soros recently echoed investment guru Warren Buffett when he called gold the "ultimate bubble."
And yet, at the recent Reuters Global Private Banking, UBS executive Josef Stadler who runs the Swiss bank's services for clients with assets of at least $50 million to invest, told the conference that the world's wealthiest people have responded to economic worries by buying gold by the bar — sometimes by the ton!
"We had a clear example of a couple buying over a ton of gold ... and carrying it to another place," Stadler told the conference.
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  1. If gold was so good to have, why would anyone want to sell it? All them dollars that are being spent on buying gold,them so called useless paper dollars, what are they being used for? But don't mind me and my silly mind that likes to question things, I don't have the money to buy any anyhow! And to those who like to rant and rip down other peoples thoughts, what do you stand to gain?

  2. It is believed that Norwegian and other brainless Viking types that “discovered” but did not have the greed or sense to seize the land and kill off any resistant natives, are cheesed of with America after being duded with billions of dud sub prime and other mortgage related bonds like Freddie and Fanny bonds .
    It is rumored that they are setting sail to America in order to return to their pillaging ways. They are cheesed off that the American government already is inflating away the value of their investments by money printing and preparing for a nasty Quantative Easing Mark 2 ,yet another criminal bankster event.
    Now the Vikings even feel threatened by bank defaults on the interest on their bonds as the banks are so incompetent in fraud that they did not even keep proper papers to foreclose on houses and may be bankrupted again.
    This civilised decadence in the financial sector cannot be tolerated .
    The Vikings will bi-pass Iceland as there is nothing left to loot there as the country has been officially bankrupted by the new world order mob.
    Ditto Fort Knox as they have no real use for tungsten bars,
    They are headed directly for Wall st ,the bank of America Wells Fargo and other judeao/ Christian institutions headed by people claiming to do ‘gods Work” But are seen to be losing even the ability to foreclose on a house.
    “If American houses cannot be foreclosed on by the bankster tribe they should be just burnt down in the traditional way a Viking tribal chief Olaf the fat said .
    Our honor and capital investments is at Stake.
    “Any Ikea furniture or Finish Viking made Nokia mobile phones not paid for by people welshing on their credit card payments, will be seized and loaded on our boats for return their their country of origin.Fair exchange is no robbery anyway. Said Olaf the Fat.

    “The Americans appear to be week kneed soft prey” Said Olaf as they are already conditioned by their government to meekly hand over Trillions of dollars to the bankster tribe for “bailouts” without any real resistance .
    "We have to move quick" said Olaf "before the banksters tribe complete the task of looting the wealthy of the middle class and there is nothing left to loot from a people living on food stamps .
    Olaf the Fat said “America could possibly be held hostage for annual tribute just as England once paid “Danegold” for generations to avoid regular plunder.
    The banksters bailouts have already proved that the raid against a week passive people will be very profitable he emphasized again.
    The Vikings will make this timely pre-emptive strike against America before the Chinese Japanese and Saudis debt owners make a move first against the american creditors for their pound of flesh..


  4. Most Americans are like 1:30 and not buying silver or gold either because they do not have any money or just do not know. And many Americans are like those in this story:

    The Coming Middle-Class Anarchy

    Note these words in the story at link above:
    TV has given us the illusion that anarchy is people rioting in the streets, smashing car windows and looting every store in sight. But there’s also the polite, quiet, far deadlier anarchy of the core citizenry – the upright citizenry – throwing in the towel and deciding it’s just not worth it anymore.

    If a big enough proportion of the populace – not even a majority, just a largish chunk – decides that it’s just not worth following the rules anymore, then that society’s days are numbered: Not even a police-state with an armed Marine at every corner with Shoot-to-Kill orders can stop such middle-class anarchy.

  5. Gold is pretty expensive, and while silver isn't bad to own you need a lot of it to really make a difference.

    I have a small stash for SHTF and that's really it. Maybe a small profit if I can make it, although I don't really expect it honestly.

    If I had more money, I'd load up on gold. I do think in a decade or two things will stabilize, and that's the point where I'll start picking up again because the US financial market crashes like clockwork: a smaller recession every 10 years, a mini crash every 30 years, and a huge depression every 70 years. The next depression is a long ways off and those of us in our younger years may or may not make it, but we never would have had the capital to really benefit anyway. But we can hit on the next mini-crash due out in 30 years.

    Paper money still has the value of being able to buy you goods right now. But if all fiat currency collapses, which I don't think will really happen, it would still have intrinsic value for bartering. Say a house for instance, 10 oz. of gold probably will buy you a house, especially in a few years. That could be in 10 gold coins or it could be in a bigger bar. But it's still something that you can use.

    Those that can benefit are probably 30+ right now, and have been picking up things since 2008 at least (huge return already if you did that). But those of us below 30 more than likely haven't had the chance, and at best have a small stash. We won't get rich, but we'll still probably be better off than those that completely ignored the signs and did nothing with what they had.

  6. Anon at 7:49, very well said.

    that can benefit are probably 30+ right now, and have been picking up things since 2008 at least

    I'm in this category, and I've been accumulating for quite some time--too much to lose in a falling or total currency collapse. But when I was buying at $800, the naysayers were still saying "too expensive". They will be saying that when it hits $2500, too. I believe we are heading towards something that will shock everyone beyond belief--sorta' like the "unbelievable" event of foreclosures being frozen.
    p.s. Just picked up 10oz of gold maples--needed extra insurance.

  7. This is "1:30". Thank you for your input. I suppose I could get some silver[I will]. By the way, I'm not one of them " watch TV and believe everything that I hear" types. Thats why I'm on this site. I'm fortunate that I have a small cabin on some rural land all paid for. I couldn't buy that now. I think that some extra firearms and lots of ammunition may have some barter value in some cases. Having a food supply is a no brainer. Also, I was told by the person at the store that sells gold and silver that local farmers would trade food for silver, if things got really bad [worse]. Again, thank you and keep the information rolling....

  8. Like the average person out here can buy gold and sit on it.Most everyone is a paycheck from homeless in this depression we are in.Take your gold to walmart and the grocery store at the checkout.

  9. Anarchy now because we want and need it, secretly, beneath all the brainless indoctrination. No more rulers!

  10. Agreed 8:30.

    I am sick of people hidng themselves under illusions. I want a world where everyone is naked = come as you are without any bullshit attached. There is so much fear that makes people align to belief systems, close off reality, suppress the true self, bury the mind with anesthetics, hide in groups so you can evade individuality. When these things fade away and all that is left is the human being, Real Life will finally begin.

    Keep clothes on though.

  11. I just spent Sunday at the local flea market buying jewelry. I can't afford gold, but silver is still plenty cheap. Jewelry is small, portable, and I can always find somebody who will give me more than what I paid for it.

    Do not get suckered into buying gold and silver certificates. The big banks are buying physical gold bars as a hedge. But for us "lesser" people, we can only afford cheaper stuff. I would consider buying coins as well, if I did the research and found them at a good price.

    I have been reading Dave Ramsey's last book and he does not recommend investing in gold and silver certificates for several reasons.

  12. Yea all the suckers buying gold until the gold bubble burst.Just like the housing market another boom-bust.Whats the next bubble lol.


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