Monday, November 22, 2010

America’s Going Fascist

Lew Rockwell interviews Gerald Celente.
From full-body scammers, to the digital inflation that makes the dollar not worth the money it’s not printed on, to a US-caused currency war, to trade wars, and then to real wars, the melding of State and corporate power is fascism, says Celente. Because the phony election cycle has aligned the incompetent with the inept, Celente keeps his money out of the banks and in gold and silver. Anyone who trusts the politicians or the banksters is in trouble. Don’t.


  1. God, I am so sick of these people who go to wikipedia for their definitions of ideology and history. The practical applications of these ideologies bear little resemblence to concocted "scholarly" definitons.
    Fasiscm is NOT the collusion of Government and Corporations as it popularly assumed, it is just simply a totalitarian Government who keeps itself fed with the lie of collectivism. Communism as practiced (not in its equally unrealistic fantasy world that Marx envisioned of the workers owning the means of production)is a form fascism. It becomes fascism because the State has to get heavy handed to implement it. In fact, the closer to "communistic fasiscm" as companies have been confiscated by the government and given to the unions, who make up the proletariat.

    And for the ignorant on this subject also, all forms of totalitarian governments are on the left, anarchy is on the right, with our founding fathers being just to the left of the far right.

  2. Talk about someone who needs a lesson in world politics and history. Anarchy is NOT on the right, you imbecile. There are some on each side, but most of them by far are on the far left.

    America, with its corporations above the individual and human rights ideologies and practices, has been Fascist for a long time. It has much more in common with Nazi Germany, and is much further to the right, than Soviet Russia.

    Sorry, but your revisionism does not work, at least on me. You are either plain dumb or full of shit.

  3. Oh my god the TSA thing is all this site can focus on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get back to shit that matters. If you ever travel to Europe they felt your nuts and you continued on with your vacation. Get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4:14 you're not that idiotically stupid are you? This has to do with your rights removed permanently! FOREVER. Are you completely dumb, stupid or ignorant? The state now watches and controls your every move and your life from beginning to end..this is OK?

  5. meanwhile the russian people stand there marveling at the course of willingly we go down the path. of course america had to change, how else would we fit in with the thousand points of light nwo..considering most other countries weren't so free when you mix 1 part freedom with 7 parts control you do lose that 1st part freedom, seen in the duel court system being uncovered now and other area's, they've been at it for awhile now huh

  6. watches and controls..funny, heard the new xbox thing senses you in the area asks if u want to play games..? is that true?

  7. Yes, it's true - new xbox Isoliqes

    Asks U to play

    Then shoots U right in the stupid fucking head


  8. Fascism?
    In order for the ruling property and share owning elite in corporate America , especially the top few % ,that derive their incomes from the profits on that ownership and from property and share entitlement claims on future wealth production, have no other choice in preserving their “American way off life”, no other way to get what they see as “Growth” in continuing profits from their investments, except by turning to expanding the Corporate State of corruption and fraud.

    This inevitably requires a loss of perceived Rights of ordinary people and a turn to state violence ,surveillance ,and information control to head off any potential resistance from over taxed sector of the working people and of the poorest increasingly underemployed and unemployed sector that cannot be profitably employed by capital, that have been conditioned under the great ponzi economy with a sense of entitlement.

    This entitlement subsidy culture for ordinary bribed Americans is now countered by a demand for ‘austerity” so as to save on deficit spending ,so that governments future revenues can continue to flow to the military industrial complex for wars and export subsidies to the armaments industry. Military keynesianism.
    Americas high waged consumer goods producing sector was de-industrialized under Free trade for capital competition whereby American capital was free to seek its profits wherever they could be got. This meant investing their capital elsewhere and particularly in the third world such as in cheap highly disciplined Chinese labor exploitation.

    After de-industrialisation a Ponzi US economy under the dollar hegemony system of world trade and finance ,relying on military enforcement by wars against the third world people ,lasted for a couple of decades, running on foreign supplied credit invested in US property and other bonds including US treasury bonds and deficit spending by government.
    Cheap credit supply was expanded to the American people especially by the Fed maintaining a low interest regime and a supply of cheap money for purchase of housing and for credit card purchase of cheap labor commodities in wall-mart etc until its reached its Ponzi limits ,the inability of the consumer to pay their interest on their debts.
    In the end their were no real profits being made in a productive America .
    After the collapse of the Great Ponzi economy when the credit /money supply completely collapsed in 2008 .The real American Ponzi bottom line is this :
    Pre crisis in 2007 the US Presidents Report on the economy showed that total US after tax dividends were only about equal to the foreign credit supply to the US. As there were no real profits in America from the working class the banksters now turned to looting the middle class.
    The Banking sector turned to outright fraud , the finance sector was responsible for 40% of all US profits and share values. Trillions of dollars in highly profitable bonds especially those related to the property market and falsely valued as secure AAA debts ,sub prime and alt -A bonds and the like.
    Then there was government deficit spending, especially for wars that was fast devaluing the dollar in international trade .FINIS.
    Spearheaded by the banksters of wall st and at the Fed, a financial coup was organized under Bush who signed off and legalized the coup over the US treasury dept. now run by Obama.
    TARP and Quantatative Easing Mark One funds were mainly directed at bailing out the private business sector banking and property owning sector whose debts were purchased or socialised by the Fed as Public National debts. Fannie and Freddie scams of the property markets were nationalized as US government debts .
    This is state capitalism the ‘National Socialism” of a Corporate state on behalf of the foreign and international bondholders .
    The mouthpieces of the Corporate State pretend that this is “communist” or Marxist Obama led “socialism”

  9. The far right fascist states are exemplified by Medieval Europe, Nazi Germany, modern day Iran, and Saudi Arabia. The far left fascist states are Soviet Russia, China, and any other Communist government.

    Many right wing fascists were Socialists, Hitler was. Communism is the polar opposite of Nazism, the only difference is who they target. Communism in the 20th century costed 100 million lives.

    America was founded directly in the center. Today I don't know what the fuck it is. I guess the Country was free enough and tolerant enough to allow enemies of it to enter government, businesses, and schools.

  10. Fascism is a dictatorial Corporate State economic system asociated with the dictatorial rule by imperialist finance capital in imperialist developed countries.

    Usualy these countries operate as liberal capitalist democracies of the "center".
    Untill they are torn apart by economic crisis and rebelion then the finance capitalists may attempt preserve their own control ,to solve their capitalist economic problems by fascist repression at home and by wars abroad.

    Feudalist and theocratic backward states like Iran ,Suadi and israel are different

    "Communism in the 20th century costed 100 million lives."

    Would you mind informing us a bit more about your definitions and view of history and the good anti-tolitarian good guys ?

    For example how many people have been killed in agressive wars started by capitalist imperialism of both the "democratic" and fascist openly dictatorial types?
    You know ,including the "democratic"' types that bombed the civilian population of dresden ,tokyo ,hiroshima,korea, vietnam,and currently are in preemtive wars against the people of Iraq and afghanistan, not to mention regular past fascist backing for murderous Coups in indonesia and for democrat capitalists like Pinochet and the old Shah of Iran .
    Never harmed a fly?
    Just askin.

  11. " I guess the Country was free enough and tolerant enough to allow enemies of it to enter government, businesses, and schools."
    says 9.31
    And real world bailouts socialising the losses of banksters are not on your ideological radar screen.
    This is the conspiracy theory of a Hitler updated for modern America.
    How a good system was stabbed in the back and bought down by enemy agents infiltrating government and conspiring agaist good american values and a perfect capitalism.
    Hitlers conspiracy had both communists and Jews as the resonsible "enemies ".

    The bankers are no doubt simply the good guys trying to keep america functioning by the printing press despite enemy infiltration and economic sabotage by the 'liberalls" and Obamaite "socialists" taking over and occupying US industry everywhere !
    "as companies have been confiscated by the government and given to the unions, who make up the proletariat. "says 9.31 beating the same 'anti-communist" apology for banksters and car industry bailout for capital drum.

  12. Nazi Germany was by no means any kind of example of socialism. More than anything it was nationalistic, with the slogan of socialism attached to it. I think either way you slice it, as long as the government is in power calling the shots the average person is going to end up suffering or losing his liberties, regardless of the name tag du jour. We could call America the Techno Zombie Meglomaniac Society of the Owned and it wouldnt matter, except that it would be more fitting than Socialist, which it really isnt, because the workers do not control the means of production, because if he works for himself he is met with all kinds of regulatory power and licensing or, in the vast majority of cases, he himself is owned outright by the boss. We are equally a corporate fascist state and under the control of a plutocratic dictatorship of thieves.

  13. under free market capitalism the worker is free to find his own master employer ,who owns the means of production and wage money payment the worler needs in order to work for the master and be able to live freely.

    Thus the worker is not a slave.

  14. A rose(Totalitarianism)by any other name (Communism/Socialism/Facissm/Oligarchy/far left ideals/far right ideals)is still a rose.

    The ideology maybe different but when there's a boot to your head, pressing you down, the name doesn't really matter does it?

  15. we look to the right and then look to the left using this as a substitute process of analysis, we then park ourselves in the sin free center of the extremes ,as the only rationaly perceived non ideoligicaly driven people in a world fullof left and right extreemists .

    We never have to actualy ask ourselves if being in the center is right or wrong because we always smell as sweet as an american roseism


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