Monday, November 22, 2010


This first story is very big. This story has become public. It seems that the Federal Reserve has kept funds sent to it from the central bank of Taiwan. When large sums of money are involved, money is cleared through central banks by way of ACATs. In this case, the sum of money involved is 700 billion usa dollars. The BIS was asked to make the US Federal Reserve carry out the transfer. The BIS refused to do so, even though its purpose is to make sure that international settlements are completed. When the gold and silver markets explode who would now expect the BIS to deal with that crisis any more effectively?


  1. I couldn't find any website for Tropos Capital Corporation, Inc. I think that this story was made up. The Federal Reserve might be an evil entity, but they obviously would not be caught doing something like this (not because they are decent people, but because it would be too obvious.)

    Whoever posted this on this blog, you got played.

  2. michaEL TO soon to tell.
    will wait to see more news on gold beeches

  3. Ms. Whitney missed with her prediction by 4 years. Mr. Evelyn Rothschild in his interview to an American financial channel (can't remember which one) said that there are too many banks in America and it has to change. This is right after he sold his one of british banks. As far as 700b dollars-the amount is too big for Taiwan. But it coul easily happen if the intention oh Tropos was to use the money to buy gold, silver and other commodities with physical deliveries. The Fed would do such a thing. We'll find out if lt's true or not soon. If the US sends a couple of aircraft carriers to Taiwan, then this true. Another event to watch for is Taiwan seeking protection or union of some sort with China.

  4. The FED has stolen billions of dollars from the American people by way of inflation so stealing from Taiwan is nothing new.

  5. Why dont you just stop deleting comments EA and let us discuss if this article is real. What is the harm in looking for the truth?

  6. This got deleted a few times for reasons unknown, so here it is again:

    I had questions about this article as well. EA must have picked this up from Zero Hedge or Harvey Organ.

    Taken from one commenter on Zero Hedge, CD:

    "Google, despite its possible nefarious global domination ambitions, is a useful tool. Use it to your advantage. The alleged "president" of "Tropos" seems to share a name with a Canadian fellow who recently lost a civil bank fraud case in Canada:

    Also, you claim to be the rightful recipient of $700B from the Bank of Taiwan via the Fed, but fail to register your own domain name and must be reached via While I would not necessarily rule out the FRB pocketing such a sum of someone else's money, I am pretty sure our friend Robert should NOT be receiving such a sum either. Interesting mind game, to be sure -- but almost certainly a mind game rather than "real" news."

  7. It all sounds a bit like a nigerian scam and perhaps yammomoto gold related?
    Or perhaps related to cash my check being shipped to Taiwan by US ships with the old chinese bank reserves?
    The CIA has set up its own funding and some captured gold reserves after WW2 ,wars against drugs armnament deals (iran/contra deals and the like provide extra regular income.
    Amongst themselves the central banks rely on promoting "Confidence" in the dollar hegemony sytem and usualy deal with each other in a businesslike way.
    Attemps to paint zero hedge website together with comments posted on that site ,as if they were the originators this story ,as some sort conspiracy theorist crazies appear to be itself disinformation.
    About as real as blaming responsibility for this comment on EA.

  8. The Guy is full of S**T his day will come Jail time awaits...

  9. There will be a day of reckoning coming for this man soon he has said that the President as well as others have stolen 700 Billion from him a no-body once the U.S Justice system hands out warrants the Canadian Government will deport him and he will meet his hero I am sure B Madoff.

  10. and what if he is telling the truth, why would he risk 1m dollars fine and or up to 30 years in jail to send the letters.

  11. What criminals. How are they getting away with this?


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