Monday, November 22, 2010

Irish Government Is Dissolving

First came the real-estate collapse, which caused the banks to tumble. That in turn led the economy to teeter and the national budget to plummet toward insolvency, requiring a huge foreign bailout on the weekend. So it is almost inevitable that, at the end of it all, the Irish government is about to fall.
In a sharp indication of the political consequences of the euro crisis, Ireland’s cascade of bad fortune has just reached the highest office in the land.
Amid calls for his immediate resignation from at least two MPs in his own Fianna Fail party and the withdrawal of support from coalition partners the Green Party, Prime Minister Brian Cowen was forced on Monday to announce the pending dissolution of his government.


  1. Off-topic:

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  2. The meaning of SINN fein is :


    National independence for the Irish.

    Neither the old british colonised country,or a country of neo-colonised debt slaves of british,German and US banksters.

    Neither KING nor Kaiser !

    Or Wall st squids.

  3. Will the COWEN clan ever be forgiven by Sinn Fein for betraying Irish sovereignity and handing over Ireland for complete economic control by the central banksters cabal of Europe ?

  4. I was born in this God fearing nation. It pains me to see the United States of America in this condition. My grandparents came here from Ireland, they too walked with the Lord Jesus Christ. My father served in the air force when Nazis tried to take over the world. My mother served as well, she worked radar in the women's reserve.

    We have lost God, and God will turn away from us at this crucial hour. We decided to have cell phones sending demonic messages rather than talking to our spouses. We drive away after hitting someone with a car. Surely we will be going to hell for such sin. We mock priests while help child molesters get off. Now priests touch children as well. There is no crime worse for God than a priest abusing the Holy Ghost. We stopped going to church. Why will Jesus keep coming to us?

    Make prayers now, this is the end of the world.

  5. Fear God? Maybe you should fear your God. The only kind of God I want to know is one of love and the infinite, not fear, hate, or control, which is what describes most of christianity. And that is all well and fine but just dont shove it down everyone elses throats and tell them that is how they need to live their lives; thats what you did to the natives and they paid for your sins in their own blood.

  6. 10.16
    Ireland is well known as a God fearing virgin mary loving nation.
    God fearing was not much help in defending ireland from hundreds of years of colonisation by another god fearing christan nation.
    The british empire.
    The reason why your god fearing grandparents were forced to emigrate to America was to get away from your turn your other cheeck "god fearers"and its corrupted religion .

    Get off your knees and learn to fight in the real world with real people, your neighbors ,not by preaching your mumbo jumbo illusions as the solution to real world human problems.

  7. prime minister in Irish most do something for this to avoid this crisis.people must give a helping hand.there must be a solution for this...

  8. 2:48,

    I did fight with real people in the real world. I served my nation flying helicopters in Vietnam. I befriended many real men there, some who ended up dead. The image of an 18 year old boy who you just got through laughing with, hearing him talk about his goals in life, then finding out only a week later he was killed is enough to make anyone question what kind of nonsense this world really is.

    Past a certain point the beggars that had to walk into the jungles laughed at anyone talking about going home. A marine was expected to have a two week stay, if they weren't going home in a box or with a missing limb they were a rare case.

    My grandparents knew well the horrors of European style Christianity, that's why America was a great nation. It was the only place where freedom of religion was offered. Any Christian murdering in the name of one church over another is a sinner against the Holy Ghost.

    The savagery against the natives, in the American frontier was ordered by the government. It was also the government that demanded slavery, and it was the religious folk that had enough of it. That's when the Republican Party was made.

    What exactly are you doing any differently besides preaching against me of being impractical? I'm 63 years old, I still stack trucks with hey barrels. I don't complain, but now I'm getting ugly treatment because of my beliefs? Is this some kind of prejudice? Would you be in line to murder people because they share my beliefs just like the people you condemn? What are you doing that's so useful? What are you changing? Are you even 50 yet? The conditions of life everywhere are getting worse, and powerful psychopaths are gaining more power everyday. So where are your solutions?

    1:37, lad, maybe you should be careful not to shove some of your own rage down the throats of others? God forbid you question your own imperfections?

    Good Day.

  9. some there saying pushing and preaching, for making a suggestion..hatred of God? hey, buy extra foods and water treatment supplies, warm clothes...oh darn!-I just pushed my idea on the world..hate me...why do people get so upset at mention of God, I think it is the best course, and not to save your body, your soul. have faith, or choose to not, choice is yours.
    anyway the IMF is suggesting today cuts in pensions and minimum wages and all this when ireland was 1st to do austerity, even now have to bailout the banks and bondholders on the backs of the working class, typical IMF..wait til US gets their "help"

  10. 4:15 You need to address these Athiests as I do - by simply stating that the greatest minds this world has ever produced then and now ALL had one thing in common.

    From Albert to Patton
    And Quixley to Zimmerman

    They all had a strong connection to GOD

    Now, who's bullshitting who? I know whom I'll believe and it sure as heck ain't some venom spitting idiot posting on here!

  11. And what did you actualy do in the economic , ww3 ,the war of the rch first world against the poor third world daddy?

    There have been mant battlefronts including in vietnam, then the military was using an anti-communist label and the same war continues today in afghanistan and iraq today now under a war against terrorism label.
    4.15 wasn’t in his entire life just a simple god fearing peaceful religious person preaching simple prayer for change at all . But a brave First world Empire armed warrier ,part of an invasion force for imposing an economic system and political way of life on a third world people . Where millions of ordinary Vietnamese people were killed or died.
    he did his duty "for his country".
    In a war for imposing an economic system wherein still today millions of persons in the Third world are still suffering from poverty, underdevelopment, shortages of food, housing, health, education and jobs often under dictatorial governments backed by the US government . like the saudi "good muslim" puppets .
    So then ,in actual practice ,and I do not mean this as personal critisism, but merely as a statement of fact on his objective life whatever his subjective understanding at that time may have been .
    He probably was conditioned to believe and still does , he was doing the right thing and served the military bravely and honorably without any personal venom or hatred towards the local people on the ground.
    A great play of sympathy is made here by 4.15 demonstrating his humanity learned with “real people” namely his fellow soldiers ,but not of empathy for the real ordinary humanity attacked by helicopter pilots , but only in his own war example ,for for his fellow soldiers injured or killed in that war .
    As a self pitying true military brotherhood of victims created while invading another country .
    The land of a people that had done nothing to harm Americans.
    Of course most of the militarys own victims victims were generaly grunts not Helicopter pilots.
    Now thar that economic system he fought for is falling apart in his own little First world, Daddy ,advises god fearing prayer and non-violent resistance, if any US military helicopters should appear in america too ,no doubt.
    “I don't complain, but now I'm getting ugly treatment because of my beliefs? Is this some kind of prejudice? Would you be in line to murder people because they share my beliefs just like the people you condemn?”
    Ugly prejudice?
    But, I am not a good religious ,good intentioned ,non repentant ,proud ,god fearing helicopter pilot, that perhaps once lined in his gunsights people of different beliefs than Americans ,in their own country ,
    Just like shooting fish in a barrel from on high.
    People need not so much freedom for religion . but freedom from being brainwashed by religion starting from toddlers being preached at by their god fearing americanist grandaddies in defending and justifying with personal war stories ,past criminal wars.

  12. ireland should do an iceland, their still around after they defaulted and did not bail out the bondholders and banks, the failure of banks isn't the end of everything. krona fell 80% initally since has recovered 20%, what has doller/euro done compared to commodity's-fell 20-30%, gdp shrank 6% now shrink 1% next yr flat, well what do we who bail banks have..about 1% growth after trillions spent, inflation was around 10% now 4..Uk is 4%..icelands still around after NOT bailing out the bondholders and banks


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