Thursday, November 18, 2010

Big Brother: Will It Be Illegal To Grow A Garden?

(NaturalNews) At 10:30 today, the U.S. Senate picks up its debate on the issue of S.510, the "Food Safety and Modernization Act" which is really a wolf in sheep's clothing. It would grant the FDA new, tyrannical powers that could be used to criminalize backyard gardening, outlaw saving seeds, imprison people who sell raw milk and oppress food freedom throughout the country.

The US Senate will recess today from 12:30 - 3:00pm, after which debate on the bill will resume. During that two-and-a-half hour recess, Senators will no doubt be checking in with their offices to hear what their constituents think about this bill. This is your opportunity to be heard by calling your U.S. Senator this morning, before 12:30 Eastern time (or as soon as you can manage it, as every call helps), and voicing your strong opposition to S.510, the Food Safety and Modernization Act.

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  1. We don't have the right to peaceful enjoyment of our own property?

    You gotta be kiddding!

  2. 11:33 what property, you don't own anything. Even when you pay off your mortgage you still don't own it. The government owns the land, you lease it off them in the form of enslavement corrupted illegal taxes. They can change the way you live at an instant, like they just did. MOVE OUT OF THE COUNTRY.

  3. Plant a garden and some mindless thug Cop will come and kick your skull in---because he was told to do so!!! Resist the a$$-wooping and you will likely end up dead because the brave public servant feared for his life.

    Exactly how much more of this do our masters expect us to take before we fight back for real?? I'm itching for a fight and I know I am not alone.

  4. People have to wake up to the incremental slavery agenda of governments for their NWO masters.

    Learn to spot their moves.
    First watch the talking heads on the news as they obediently but flippantly throw out something that sounds so far fetched.
    Then notice over the course of time how the public "buy in" and it becomes real.
    Like hypnosis, if you repeat something often enough the mind accepts the suggestion.

    Case in point: Air travel
    First it's the metal detector, then off with the shoes, then the body scanner followed by total sex submission to the "alpha" entity.
    Just like the pack, the plan is to make them assume any position (physically & mentally) that Alpha (Big Brother) dictates.

    This food control bill is the last part of their total control grab.
    They've got us on our hands and knees when it comes to freedom of movement.
    Next they'll lord "the privilege to eat" over our heads.
    A home garden gives people an option to what they ingest.
    Once that option is gone it's dung sandwiches for all.
    I predict the stocks on chapstick are going to soar as those who do not comply & kiss Govt ass will not eat.

    How long before the air we breathe is illegal unless it comes in a chemical laced canister supplied by govt.
    Far fetched?
    In some places it is illegal to collect rain water.

  5. How will they find people evil enough to enforce these ridiculous laws? OH that's right, Police have qualified immunity which means that they can do anything they want to you as long as they wear a uniform. How often do you see police prosecuted for murder?

    To any LEO willing to starve his fellow citizens because a politician told you to: The Nuremberg defense of "I was just following orders" is not acceptable and you will be held to account when your side eventually loses. This I promise you.

  6. Smells like New World OdorNovember 18, 2010 at 3:21 PM

    Notice how the Militia has been successfully vilified over the years.
    It's to the point that the average citizen believes it's wrong to have an army prepared to protect them from rogue govt.

    Unless it's a militia handpicked by the rogue government you're painted as a wacko nut job.

    If you look at revolts against govt in the past, it was usually peasants armed with pitch forks that took their country back.

    So let's see... Govt has eliminated any militia threat and with this new bill S.510 the farmers & peasants will surrender their pitch forks.

  7. I just wanted to make an important point here. Policemen get killed all the time by criminals. 50 years ago nobody disrespected cops. Today cops fear criminals. It happens all the time, some cop doesn't have his gun out, he is not with his friends, and he ends up getting wasted by a psychopath.

    Some young punk walked into a museum and beat up a cop then took his gun and used it on himself. The cop was okay after, but I guess he just wanted a gun to kill himself with. There is nothing magical about a cop. We should have more compassion for everyone equally instead of condemning all of them as thugs and killers.

    There are many idiot cops, MANY. But there are good cops as well who are genuine people. There are a lot of sickos running around in this world. The real enemy is not police, it is the government. And behind that, the real enemy is the loss of the Way of Heaven, which is where government, religion, intellectualism, drugs, materialism, greed, etc. all stem from: Degenerate forms of Reality (Self Awareness).

    We have to become impartial beings in order to reclaim our Kingdom. We can't be bigots against one group over another. Yes, cops can be very stupid (and violent), but they also are targets of violence. I'd be scared patrolling some city in today's world.

    I mean, Some 15 year old was playing hurt in the middle of a street a few years back I think this happened. The cop, a really good man, stopped to help him. The kid started attacking the cop then his friend grabbed his gun and they murdered him.

    At the same time there are idiot cops who jump on people who weren't resisting as a pack. 10 cops on one person who wasn't fighting, they stun him with their tasers repeatedly and end up killing him... that kind of stupidity happens too.

    Hollywood has a funny way of making cops seem like these great fighters. Yeah, not quite. If the police man works out, keeps in good shape, and can be mean with people then and only then will a cop be fit for fight. But as far as these kung fu cops that movies display, or women being equal to their male counterpart (no offense), it's not reality at all.

  8. what good would it do calling my senators..
    they are Boxer/Feinstein...Nuf said

  9. steps..lots of small steps. take TSA procedures, knowing we'd be outraged eventually they'll complete that national ID act they passed but delayed implacement of in 2008, so's know you beforehand and have less invasive procedures going through airport with many info's, biometrics and scans..your whole life on a card. s501, pass it as now has an exemption for small growers or not, if pass later step by step is tighten exemptions, if not then little by little enact part by part the virtual same laws, nothing new always what they do, basic rights, deem the constitution as outdated paper including the rights granted by God, so now rights are...granted by Gov and can be withdrawn at whim of Gov., old and current still, practice of rulers and kings

    future, all countries have national ID cards, passport chipped cards, DMV and many different cards and many different biometrics all differing, consolidate cards and biometrics- 1 card 1 basic 1st line form of biometric for ease of use no matter the country, money-competing with other money causes instability, 1 money, coupled with card, then later no paper money as can be used to do things relatively outside the system so use just card, cards get lost, take same card chip that holds all info consolidated and universal and implant it, step by step

    coming time we'll have to opt out of more then TSA but this entire beast system huh

  10. A poster used the term "Mass Distraction"
    So while we do battle with the TSA, cops, politicians & all the other low level handpuppets,
    The stringpullers are safely tucked away in the bunker and off public radar counting their ill gotten $$$ and basking in their power.

    Time to get past the phony distractions and storm that bunker.
    The real stinkin trash needs to be brought to the curb.

  11. Hey, who needs to grow their own food anyway? We can just live off of frosted corn flakes and gummy worms like our ADD ridden children. If it's not convenient and in a package it is probably related to terrorist activity.

  12. Yeah, cops are only people. Just like criminals are only people too. Whether you like it or not, the cops job is to baton the poor into their place and protect the rich and that is always the case. Now that is not to say that there isn't a community service orientation to it either. The smoother civilization flows - the channels of wealth still feeding into the pockets of the wealthy - the better.

  13. The ways things are going pretty soon this is all we'll have to eat..........

  14. I oppose this bill. I want deadly pathogens in my food and I support the right for hobby farmers to poison their customers. Don't pasturize; it saves tens of thousands of lives a year and we can't afford all these people.


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