Friday, November 19, 2010

Crash JPMorgan Buy Silver Campaign Goes Global

The Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver Manifesto or: How to Get Hedge Funds To Do Your Dirty Work For You And Drive the Price of Silver to $500
1 – JP Morgan has a huge short position in Silver – estimated to be 3.3 billion ounces – tied to an enormous, extremely precarious derivatives position.
2 – Various exchanges around the world have been caught manipulating the price of Silver using ‘naked’ short sales i.e., counterfeiting.
3 – Of all the actively traded commodities traded around the world, Silver is one of the least plentiful and its supply is shrinking, but its industrial uses are multiplying. The ‘networked’ age of global communications is built with Silver.
4 – Hedge funds are taking physical delivery of Silver – adding substantial demand as well as exposing these exchange’s naked short positions – who are already scrambling to deliver – jacking prices up to multi-decade highs – and inspiring these predatory funds to buy more Silver.
5 – There are billions of people around the world who are aware that banks have been committing fraud and embezzlement who are upset that their politicians seem only interested in helping the banks commit more fraud – who are looking for a cheap way to non-aggressively fight back and decapitalize these banks.
6 – Many of these people have the access and wherewithal to purchase 1 ounce of Silver – thus removing hundreds of millions of ounces of Silver from the ‘paper’ market – forcing additional scrambling by dealers to fill orders by buying back short positions – inspiring the funds to buy and take physical delivery of even more Silver – creating a colossal short squeeze – in which JP Morgan stands to be the biggest loser. 
7 – Buying Silver is how the world is monetizing its anger at the banks who stole their wealth.
8 – Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver


  1. Hunt down and crash the bigtime bankster jp morgan.

    All can help according to their own means.

    Many can easily afford to buy at least one or two 1oz coin.

    Other Real American heros and patriots can buy a 100oz bar.

    The campaign for organising bank runs withdrawals from criminal banksters in Europe on December 7th is gaining traction and popularity.

    Americans should make as first target The Bank of America Fraud.

  2. Those who would like to see precious metal currencies as currency without fiat paper currencies and fractional reserve banking scams , but think that ,or that get told even by "pure money" Austrian economist dogmatists that it is impractical for small business to allow goods to circulate without any credit being available, without the physical actual coin being available ,that gold is always required all else being sinful against their theories of "pure" money,
    should consider other forms of practical credit creation based on real commodity value ,where precious metals may only be required for final settlement for clearing up final balances of accounts ,such as ;

    "Detractors of Adam Smith's Real Bills Doctrine
    Credit versus clearing
    Strictly speaking a bill of exchange, pejoratively called "real bill" by Milton Friedman following his mentor Lloyd Mints, is not a credit instrument. It is a clearing instrument. It enables the market to clear goods in most urgent demand without needlessly invading the pool of circulating gold coins that would cause monetary contraction whenever division of labor is further refined and production processes are made more "roundabout" (to use the phrase of Bëhm-Bawerk) by the most progressive elements in the ranks of entrepreneurs and inventors. Lending and borrowing are not involved. The real bill circulates on its own wings and under its own steam by virtue of the urgent demand for the underlying consumer good.
    Self-liquidating credit
    In spite of the conceptual difference between credit and clearing, it is customary to extend the concept of credit to include, in addition to credit arising out of the propensity to save that finances fixed capital, self-liquidating credit arising out of the propensity to consume that finances circulating capital in the final phases of production of merchandise moving sufficiently fast to the final, gold-paying consumer. Thus, then, the bill of exchange is the embodiment of self-liquidating credit, so called as the credit is liquidated directly with the gold coin surrendered by the consumer in 91 days or less, 91 days being the length of the seasons of the year…."

  3. Another example of a December 7 revolt against fractional reserve banksters has a growing popularity in Europe :

    “Man U Player Of The Century Eric Cantona Appeals For Peaceful Revolution Against Banks, Calls For Europeans To Pull Their Money”

    “A few weeks ago we noted that December 7 is becoming a grass roots "banker mutiny" day, in which citizens across Europe will pull money from their banks and thus force a pan-European bank run on what is already a bankrupt financial system, which survives each day only at the expense of the continent's increasingly indebted citizens, their life of increasing austerity, and of course, the US Federal Reserve and its final backstop. In some ways we discounted the potential reach of this movement. Enter Eric Cantona - just ask any sport afficionado who the most entertaining, flamboyant and skillful football player of 1990's Manchester United was and 9 out of 10 times you will hear that name. The icon (both in England and France) whose on field antics were only matched by his kung fu skills, and who has a massive popular following, has been recorded agitating viewers (many of them), to enact a bloodless revolution against French banks: "We don't pick up weapons to kill people, to start the revolution... the revolution is really easy to do nowadays. What is the system? The system revolves around the banks. It's based on the power of the banks... so it must be destroyed starting with the banks.”

  4. Uh...BILLIONS of people around the world that are aware the bankers are committing fraud? Who are you kidding?

  5. Doesn't matter if it's billions. It will only will take a few million people buying physical silver to take down the corrupt bullion banks.

  6. Do you morons really believe these highly skilled financial wizards are that vulnerable and it's just that easy? Hardly. They have an intricate system at their disposal with multiple trap doors and fail safes to ward against would-be challengers.

    Maybe buying into this gimmick is just one of many of their trap doors. It's the system, not the actors or the skins they where. J.P. Morgan is just one of an extensive wardrobe of skins they put on to suck your blood. Don't buy into the system in any way. Trade amongst each other in an underground economy.....that's the only way to defeat the system. You starve the beast and feed your own unofficial system until one overtakes the other.

  7. And in the meantime, you've limited my ability to purchase more as the price goes up. Who is really getting hurt? The average guy who couldn't afford gold. Thank a lot- NOT.

  8. Well, if people would just stop flying, the airports would be quick to remove their little security scans (scams). Black people refusing to ride the bus got rid of the segregated seating almost overnight.

    No atter how complicated an opponent seems, there is a way to defeat them. There is a way to annihilate the banks. The bankers themselves may even be terrified right now, that's why they are printing up all the bailouts and pushing the propaganda at this time.

    Cortez and 500 of his men, armed with steel swords, armor, horses, and a few arquebuses defeated 200,000 Aztecs in a battle when they landed and were ambushed by them. They killed thousands of Aztecs and had over one hundred thousand running away in a massive rout. Only two Spaniards suffered minor wounds.

    It wasn't the guns that did anything. It was the steel sword and steel armor, along with seeing men on horses that scared the natives. The Aztecs best weapon, a wooden club with obsididian stone attached to the end of it, would shatter against the steel armor of the Conquistador knights. That was altogether too disheartening. After that Cortez gathered hundreds of thousands of native allies and marched into the capitol of the empire.

    In a battle like that, certain things will not be possible to win. If you have clubs, you'll get crushed by something with steel swords. If you have rifles, you'll get crushed by those with tanks and helicopters. But we're not in combat yet.

    Like the Spanish, the bankers and elites are just trying to gather numbers. They are so few, that's why they need such massive propaganda to stay in power. It's the psyche that they need to control in order to win. If people can gain control back of their minds, then we can topple them easily.

  9. As part of the common man, I've been doing my part.

    My motto is....

    "An ounce a day keeps the banks at bay."

  10. For Your Info JP Morgan is posting here

  11. Dec 7 ring a bell. Oh yeah that was the day that Pearl Harbor was bomb in 1941. Guess what boys and girls, let us go to the banks and remove our money from the banks at exactly 1:55pm Eastern time. Pacific time would be 10:55AM. We need to show America who is in charge. We can do this.

  12. Just to beat the crowd, I'll pull mine out on Monday the sixth!

  13. if it's sitting there idle in some account, why? should have pulled it time ago, don't keep more then needed for bills etc

  14. 6:05 - You're the moron! You don't have a friggin' clue about what you're talking about. Learn the fundamentals of the precious metals trading market (physical vs. paper) before you spew your ridiculous thoughts on this blog.


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