Friday, November 19, 2010

Buying a Car? Prove You're Not A Terrorist

ST. CLAIRSVILLE - If you're in the market for a car, be prepared to prove you are not a terrorist.

The federal government's Red Flags Rule mandates that auto dealers, banks, credit unions and other "creditors" and "financial institutions" take additional steps to prevent identity theft and fraud, beginning Jan. 1. Included in the list of so-called creditors is your family doctor.

Among those steps is determining whether a person applying for financing - or even paying cash for a car - appears on any government watch lists of known or suspected terrorists or terrorist organizations.

As a result, consumers hoping to finance a new or used car, a home or even a major appliance will be required to supply personal information - such as their Social Security number and birth date, as well as the answers to five questions designed to confirm a customer is who they say they are - to the business at the time of the sale. Those questions could include anything from previous addresses and area codes to the names of other members of the consumer's household.
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Web Censorship Bill Sails Through Senate Committee


  1. Heil Hitler! Thank Gott und Fhurer, we sind safe now.

  2. F the Govt, they are too damn intrusive and I would rather put up with insecurity than all this crap. We created the terrorists by crapping on their country so what do you expect, as Ron Paul said, "It's Flashback". Now we have fascism taking over our "Late Great USA" and the sheeple don't give a damn. Heil Obama, Heil Bush.

  3. large cash transactions, currency controls. already mandated any foreign money wire be reported no matter the amount, and mexico has it's cash withdrawl limit per week..big beasty brother global. allow/cause a crises, enact a control mechanism
    seems the internet will now be heavily monitored aswell..with ipv6 coming and the above censorship enacted..quick small steps so fast can barely keep up with what their enacting...makes one think that 9-11 was meant specifically for the patriot act

  4. 911 was just about the patriot act and taking away our rights.

  5. Anyway these potential Osama Bin laden style Alciada terrorists attempting to buy cars should not get easy access to American cars and driving lessons.

    They are pretty sneaky and superhumanly devious.

    Just look at that lot that got small plane flying lessons in America ,next thing you know they were able to punch a neat missile like hole in the pentagon and bring down at least three buildings in NY with only two more planes .

    The wings of the plane at the pentagon all disappeared straight into that small missile like hole .

    What flying skills!

    If, Americans did not teach them how to fly planes so well ,the dumb Alcaida foreigner agents might not have been able to suicidaly pilot any missiles to pull that feat of flying and wing disapearence off.

  6. 12:39, as much as you and other Alex Jones types may think you flattering the Islamic Radicals, those people may actually be more insulted by you than by the CIA.

    They didn't need us to teach them anything. They have engineers, chemists, physicists, technicians, biologists, and doctors just like the USA.

    So you are trying to paint the US as purposely making these people look bad just so we can invade them, and you believe these people to not be some cave dwellers, and that's just the western image of them?

    Yet, you allude to them as being barbarian idiots by saying they don't know how to drive cars and fly planes. Are you racist? That fits the criteria for racism. Thinking that one race is superior to another. Typical American.

    Of course, you probably didn't know this, there is a world outside of the United States filled with many countries that all have huge problems just like America. Did you know that Iranians use computers?

    You confuse yourself by denying common knowledge. Terror networks have been around since the French Revolution. But in your world America is the evil and everywhere else is sunshine. Stupid. Grow up.

    The CIA isn't even that powerful, neither is the Pentagon. What do you think CIA people are? Like the FBI, they sit behind computers, they are never in combat zones, they get a fancy little job and get to make reports towards political officials to have police or soldiers be sent in somewhere.

    You think these pencil necks walk through walls too I bet? That was that fool I think from Project Scamalot, Bill Hicks or something? I bet I'm a disinformation agent, a government shill because I have a different opinion and acknowledge that Islamic Radicalism is real?

    The people over there HATE the Islamic Fascists, just like in Russia they HATED the KGB, in China they hate their government, in Columbia people live in terror everyday. But to you such things don't exist.

    After this I'll be called brainwashed, an agent, a gatekeeper, stupid, someone who watches the MSM, etc. (I HATE AMERICAN MEDIA, I get sick when I see anything related to it). Tell me there is no such thing as Islamic Extremists, tell it again and again and at some point I'll start believing it. You tell a lie so many times it becomes the truth.

    Who is brainwashing who? Why don't you go to North Korea and see if they let you join their military. You'll probably pass their courses with flying colors, considering how their soldiers are all about 5'1, 110 pounds. You'd be Goliath in their army.

    In Korean: Big bulky western guy thinks his country is evil, he wants to join those that his country makes look evil... can he help?

    LOL. 9-11, something that no longer matters, nine years ago, whether it was the government or terrorists, it makes no difference. Come to 2010 please, we are entering 2011 and shit is getting worse and worse here and now.

    Where is your head at!?

  7. No worries, you will still be able to vote without proving you are a citizen.

  8. 6.34
    you have all the "reasonable" american memes down pat.Even anti rascism!
    "LOL. 9-11, something that no longer matters, nine years ago, whether it was the government or terrorists, it makes no difference. Come to 2010 please,'
    Plesae change the subject .
    now lets move on ,after you do the usual thing of recognising the truth of islamo fascism ,everybody knows the people in russia all hated the KGB and loved america ,the koreans hate their government and the Moslem people hate the 'islamofascists" like bin Laden a CIA creation.
    People hate the fact that people die in columbia since the US started its war "against" drugs in columbia or its wars in afghanistan and iraq too.
    Nothing new here.
    now lets move on ,its 2010, do not look back at 9.11, at disapearing plane wings and neat missile like holes in the pentagon walls .

    Now lets move on ,and not notice that world hated US imperialism did not even get a mention in your world survey of unreasonable anti-american people.

    Now lets move on,and just accept your strange but true MSM conspiracy theory that 9.11 was all possible because a small handful of 'islamo fascists had box cutter knives and fantastic flying skills .
    now lets move on .
    Its 2010 right ?
    Only a nut job like Alex jones would ask any crazy dumb questions about 9.11.

    Nothing to see here.

  9. Correction. If you believe in "races" YOU ARE a rascist.


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