Friday, November 19, 2010

Want to Fly? Get Ready, Prison Style Search Coming


  1. Does anybody on here think that it is coincidental that this TSA story broke right after QE2 was announced and diverted the media from the economy?

    It reminds me of the hullabaloo over the Ground Zero Mosque. It diverted conservative radio for months.

    Sheeple. Hegemony.

  2. Fox News uses the "Hey it's a party" approach to lay the hypnosis groundwork for their boss big brother.
    We're having so much fun won't you join in.
    They even rolled out their most femmy guys for this one.

    So there ya go the first baby step in making cavity searches acceptable to the sheep.
    Thanks Fox News.

  3. Here is an idea. Never fly. Just drive if you need to. Write into the airlines and tell them you refuse to fly if they have these security procedures in place.

    If enough people do that, within a week suddenly all of them will be gone. It's all a money grab, and airlines are powerful enough lobbying groups.

  4. TSA AGENT: "Okay spread em wide"
    PASSENGER: "ow your hurting me!"
    TSA AGENT: "I could go slower"
    PASSENGER: "Hey get your hand out of my crack"
    TSA AGENT: "What are ya gonna do... report me"

    (TSA SUPERVOR sees the commotion at the screening station and rushes over)

    TSA SUPERVISOR: "Hey what's the problem"
    PASSENGER: "Your pervert employee diddled me"

    (the passenger bursts into tears and the TSA supervisor puts a comforting arm around the crying man)

    TSA SUPERVISOR: " There,there now... don't cry I understand this is very traumatic for you"

    PASSENGER: "It was horrible"
    TSA SUPERVISOR: "Well I'll tell ya what. We're gonna go over to that chair over there and you can sit on my lap and tell me all about it"

  5. Two things, taka all your money out of the banks on dec 7th like in europe and stop flying that is all you have to do, they will have to change and listen to the people, those are the only things you have to do.

  6. Like hell, That day will never come. If they even attempt to push that all hell will break forth.. The media has nerve even attempting to present that as acceptable. We are free moral agents and we are not owned by anyone not even a government.

  7. The message in that public service announcement from big brother delivered via the Fox News hand puppets is:

    Kneel to the TSA like good sheep or you're gonna get this instead.

  8. Too bad genitalia don't have teeth.
    That way we'd be able to spot the TSA workers on the street by the missing fingers.

  9. "Flying is not a right it's a privilege. The quicker the passenger bends over the quicker their on their way. The only passenger right we stand behind is their right to remain silent... and we wish they would shut the f**k up and exercise that right"
    --- Agent Dick Patmore and Agent Ophelia Updyke

  10. " Want to Fly "



    Please move on !


  11. Figures it would be on faux nazi propaganda news, not even owned by an american, it is owned by an austrailian and rich saudis, typical fascist channel that gop sheep eat it up.

  12. no,
    Murdoch is an official american citizen now.
    Most Australians appear to be happy about that .They say
    "Your welcome to him ,he is by nature a fine american anyway !"

    He fits right in with 'all the news thats fit to print"
    Now Soros ?
    Its hard to say what country that other cosmopolitan hero belongs too.

  13. Anyway ,these potential Osama Bin laden style Alciada terrorist camel jockeys , should
    not get easy access to American cars and driving lessons.

    They are pretty sneaky and superhumanly devious.

    Just look at that lot that got small plane flying lessons in America ,next thing you know they were able to punch a neat missile like hole in the pentagon and bring down at least three buildings in NY with only two more planes .

    The wings of the plane at the pentagon all disappeared straight into that small missile like hole .

    What flying skills!.

    Only in MSM America!

    If, Americans did not teach these camel jockeys how to fly so well ,the dumb Alcaida foreigner agents might not have been able to suicidaly fly missiles to pull that feat of flying off.

  14. Full body searches and feel ups are necessary to defeat terrorism .

    You never know when women terrorists might hide box cutter knives under their boxer shorts.

  15. 1:20 you were kidding right?

    Assuming you are. WTF is a woman with a box cutter going to do? What the fuck is a man with a box cutter going to do for that matter? Get tackled by some passengers? lol

  16. Well 3.04 it seems you are ignorant of american history on 9.11 and the role of portable box cutter knives.
    Dont you know that 19 Muslim suicidal supermen armed only with box knives and Korans were able to bypass all airport security ,capture 4 planes and terrorise all the pasengers into submission including some ex military types amongst passengers and the crew on board ?
    On one plane ,the passengers it is said, were able to try and bravely fight back with numbers rushing a terrorist to "tackle him" ,but they ,for all their numbers failed and all died anyway .

    This ,after full and proper investigation is the official American hi=story on 9.11,that explains the success of the Muslim conspiracy.

    This is now the official conspiracy theory .

    Only nut cases would still question the power of boxknives in the hands of fanatics and how this mass murder of three thousand americans could have occured .

  17. nothing 20 people tackling the box cutter guy could not stop, no way with a box cutter could you cut enough people before they tackle you and break your neck, the numbers of people were too great for a couple of towelheads to overcome, unless that is not the true story, and we know it is not, nano thermite could not be present if the usa was not involved, Period!


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