Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Gulf: Leave, Wear A Respirator Or Suffer

  As more Gulf and U.S. east coast residents, sick and dying from being poisoned in the Gulf Operation, ask who will stand up for them if the government does not, Homeland Security official has revealed that it has begun an emergency supply redistribution, aiming to mobilize disaster supplies to warehouses nationally within 90 days.
The public health emergency from Gulf region disaster has now spread up the US east coast impacting the national food supply as well as being an undeclared by officials public health emergency for people on the east coast of Florida and people as far inland as Tennessee with no national assistance to date.
In absence of the government declaring the public health emergency, in mid-July, Dr. Riki Ott declared a public health emergency in the Gulf region, also stating that the 20-40 million poisoned people in the region had 3 choices. Dr. Riki Ott concluded that people in the Gulf Coast region had three choices:
1) Leave,
2) Stay and wear a respirator, or
3) Suffer long-term health consequences.
Relatively few left or wear respirators. The human suffering increases daily according to Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors struggling to meet the demand of families needing emergency care throughout the south-east.
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  1. EA - Please spare us the articles on the Gulf oil disaster. Old news. More articles on unemployment, the dollar, gold, etc.

  2. It's obvious they should leave.
    Be pretty stupid to just stay there and die.

  3. 2:56 The gulf oil disaster isnt OLD news. Its going on right now. You cant see beyond your computer screen.

  4. maybe some are in denial and think the fishery will recover soon or BP will actually pay for further loss of business incomes, without further mass spills and spraying of corexit poison the waters themselves will recover in several years but what to do until then..
    I read there's another drill rig now onsite and some are asking why, what's going on that 3 rigs are there when the 1st 2 relief well drillers were supposed to be decommissioned..
    only time will tell..

  5. 4:13 - I can see and read plenty and EA puts too many articles--some very questionable--on this blog about the Gulf oil disaster. Every now and then is fine not several every 10 days or so.

  6. 4:13 - I can see and read plenty and EA puts too many articles--some very questionable--on this blog about the Gulf oil disaster. Every now and then is fine but not several every 10 days or so.

  7. Maybe EA posts these articles on the Gulf oil disaster because he lives in Canada and doesn't understand most Americans are tired (ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!) of reading about it!

  8. Tin Hat, Tin Hat, Tin Hat,,,,,,
    Who the hell is Dr. Riki Ott and why is HE even believed. He is a hack. This article is Tin Hat, Tin Hat, Tin Hat.....

  9. This is simply not true. You should be embarrased to print this looney left lie.

  10. Examiner is a crackpot site. People who write articles there are just New Age weirdos who make crap up out of desperation for people to believe it.

    One time they had a science article verifying how two billion humans have been abducted by ETs. Another verified how home schooling is a great revolution producing better citizens. Now this one is describing the millions of sick people in the Gulf.

    Do they understand that rich people like Rush Limbaugh would leave if that were true? Billy the Exterminator would have left too, I'm sure he has the money to do so.

    Most people who write articles on the internet are idiots. Most people who comment on the internet are idiots as well. Most people are idiots in general. More specifically, I'm one of the only smart people left in the world. So... I'm going to enjoy reality with myself, family, neighbors, and dogs, I'm going to ignore the television, internet, government, writers, and all the rest of the tard faces that are infecting this planet.

  11. EA, please continue to post the gulf catastrophe articles, as there are few sites that do post them.

    Thank you EA for posting this article, please keep up the outstanding work!

  12. 6:54, I'm with of the last 'smart ones'
    left on the planet. Probably 97% of people (at
    least in Amurika) are illiterate idiots incapable
    of any form of thought, much less critical
    thought. Most come to this site for an education,
    if you can believe that!


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