Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's Not The Great Recession. It's The Great Bank Robbery

In case it's not crystal clear, this isn't the "Great Recession".
It's really the Great Bank Robbery.
First, there was the threat of martial law if the $700 Billion Tarp bailout wasn't passed. Specifically, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson warned Congress that there would be martial law unless the Tarp bailouts were approved.
As I pointed out last October:
The New York Times wrote on July 16th:
In retrospect, Congress felt bullied by Mr. Paulson last year. Many of them fervently believed they should not prop up the banks that had led us to this crisis — yet they were pushed by Mr. Paulson and Mr. Bernanke into passing the $700 billion TARP, which was then used to bail out those very banks.
Congressmen Brad Sherman and Paul Kanjorski and Senator James Inhofe all say that the government warned of martial law if Tarp wasn't passed:


  1. didn't they also enact certain more powers directly to the Fed during all that..making the Fed virtual ruler now...a give away of more then money

  2. Listen; they are trying as best they can to prop it up' after all I hate to break the news to everyone - but if the USA goes down - everybody goes down.

    Now then - I want one of you self accliamed scholars out ther to tell me

    If the dollar collapses as has been stated here too many times to recite

    Gold and silver are worthless too as has been stated here as well.

    1 year after all this good stuff comes to pass

    What is the difference between Bill Gates and Joe Smith ?

  3. 3:29 WHEN the dollar collapses will CHINA, INDIA, BRAZIL, RUSSIA say" Oh no our GOLD and SILVER is worthless" then carry on as "business as usual"? I swear AMERICANS think they are the ONLY people on this earth!

  4. 3:44 They will have NOWHERE to sell their shit !

    We ARE the number ONE consumers of ALL TIME ! Even now !

    In that respect we are the only ones - think China is big shit?! Take away their 65% exports of crap into the USA !

    Now what are they ?


    It is true - if the USA goes down - everybody goes down

  5. A Great Cultural Revolution of America appears to be brewing in capitalist America against those top persons in power on the road of criminal financial fraud and national betrayal that have already bankrupted the country and who have used their positions of trust to subsequently carry out a coup in the US treasury department.
    This gang led by the nefarious “Ben” in bi-partisan connivance with most politicians are now currently siphoning out trillions of dollars at the expense of the US people, in a so called free ‘bailout money” operation ,by using the notorious Fed money printing “black art” of creating national debts for the people ‘out of fresh air”.
    This is the greatest robbery in history and the biggest transfer of wealth from the ordinary people of a country to a ruling elite ever.
    A GCRAmerica committee may first be established legally, provisionally , as a Grand Jury or a real peoples RICO investigation to bring the true facts to light..
    Now is the time for Whistle blowers to come forward and report ,if only to save their own skins , as all Insiders bonuses for banksters in recent years may be subject to investigation and ordered repaid plus earned interest as proceeds of criminal Grand Ponzi theft.
    Some may actualy go to jail!

    It is unclear at this time if the Cultural Revolution Committee will call on the masses to get directly involved yet .But ,this is very possible as there are millions of pissed off Americans , with the assets values of millions middle classes looted ,or being destroyed by the banksters ‘black arts”,as well as millions now unable to get a real job owing to the past de-industrialization of America by the same
    “free trade’ gang.

    Ordinary Americans wishing to take an active role in bringing this gang to justice are advised to bring their own pitchforks and as in the French Revolution a peoples Committee for Public Safety ,Common Sense and the Common Good , may arrange handy guillotines for summary justice by Grand Juries on Wall St and in Washington.
    Jacobins should start to organize local 'Tea Party" style branches now.

  6. "We ARE the number ONE consumers of ALL TIME ! Even now !

    In that respect we are the only ones - think China is big shit?!"

    So ,you have managed to convince yourself that you are superman american consumer, the problem is though is have you convinced the Chinese?

    Or just making self flattering threatening bluff noises?
    An exchange of goods requires BOTH a seller and a buyer.
    The difference betweem consumer demand and real EFFECTIVE demand from a buyer is that a real consumer must have real value in hand or a credit supply to make a purchase ,even to buy Chinese 'crap" like the key board and high tech monitor you are probably using today.

    But its the Dollar that looks inreasingly like big shit crap paper today.
    Not very good 'effective" demand.

    The chinese have all this consumer production industry over there now and if push comes to shove in the currency wars they can expand thir internal market.
    America doesnt even manufacture its own shoes .
    Warning Warning Warning!
    Says the robot .
    A Dollar hegemony value implosion is now hitting this planet ,US consumers are bankrupted by past debts and unable to economicaly fight back.
    So then someone indeed ,may be lost in space armed only with stupid, populist , economic theories ,Will Robinson consumer superman ?

    Do you think the world owes you a free lunch and a free ride?

    You are indeed lost in space and have no longer any effective demand.

  7. You'll Pay too..November 11, 2010 at 11:57 PM

    I think they the elite are trying to wear us down through the stress of all this more than anything else.. Plus you have people continuously scaring people saying the sky is falling etc.. Don't get me wrong I know it is getting stranger than fiction as the gov and banks weasel their ways around in schemes.. I will say this if they screw us they will get screwed too.. Because if we small people fall then so will the high class because not only will we fall but we will pull the high class down with us. There will be not enough security for the elite nor will their lives function smoothly anymore.. My modow screw with us you WILL be screwed.. It is a general rule of society we are all connected whether the rich want to believe it or not..

  8. China is trash. Their people make about 1.50 on average, any extra children if they are girls need to be thrown away, they all hate their government, anti-Maoism is rising there, and they will collapse just like Europe and the USA. Europe already has collapsed, the USA is in the midst of it.

    3:44, 8:27,

    You guys need to come out of your teenage anarchy years. Your wet dreams are coming true but the fact is that everywhere will else will get worse or just as bad.

    In Russia and Ukraine they don't even have toilets. If you go to the bathrooms there you actually will sit up against a wall with a group of others and just piss or crap while standing. That sounds like they are brilliant people. In America we hand out breath mints in the bathrooms of cheap resturaunts.

    In Iran and other Islamic Fascist nations they kill gays and stone women to death. Women can be killed just for not wearing a veil in public. In America we laugh with gays on the big screen and arrest men immediately in domestic abuse scenes.

    In India families arrange marriages with those of the right class and right culture. If a son or daughter is to marry someone of a different class or from an Indian village that is considered uncouthed they can be disowned by the family. So much for tolerance. In America an oriental person can date a black person and not feel guilt.

    In Britain you can be jailed for not kneeling to the royal heinies. Equal justice... here in America we can make blogs talking about how evil certain presidents are. Some people who are famous even make death threats on television and don't get in trouble. Maybe an article in a magazine will criticise them, but that's not too bad.

    So, little teenagers, America and all the thousands of different cultures that have mixed into it, skin colors from white to black, is the most prosperous, free, generous, hard working, and successful nation that has ever existed. When it falls the planet will only be losing the best social structure in its entire history.

    And I'm sure you'll just come up with some little rant because you'll hate that fact and what I just mentioned. Go back to David Icke or wikileaks and read how horrible the military is. We also are the only nation who will defeat an enemy, help them rebuild their country after disposing of their tyrant, and then give it back to them. I almost forgot about that.

    Let me guess, I'm just a brainwashed American who doesn't know why America "really" went to war with Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, Iraq, the Taliban? Can you be sure you aren't just a brainwashed Communist who is being used by the modern enemies of the US?

  9. Hell, I've traveled too. So what? So in parts of France the toilet was a hole in the ground. Does that mean I have to accept the oligarchs stealing our money?

    David Icke is a nutjob who thinks our leaders are shape-shifting alien green reptiles who eat babies and watch porn. That's really going to get us some jobs, isn't it?

  10. 7:39 your entire expose' based on the chinese "expanding their internal market" ?

    Better get on over ther and walk about for yourself their mr. macho

    There is a damn good reason they export so much muchaco

  11. Only newly impoverished US debt peon tourists would WALK around checking out Chinas industry and possibilities for expanding the internal markets.

    I asca tourist like the 400,000 engineers that China will graduate this year alone, might prefer to DRIVE comfortably around on the huge new highway infrastucture everywhere perhaps in a localy produced GM car .GM now selling profitably into the biggest capitalist car market in the world.
    while happily singing
    "whats good for GM is now good for China" .

    Old GM in america itself is a nationalised state capitalist wreck .But luckily they are now getting good profits from China.

    These are the advantages of capitalist free trade movements for capital . It can take its jobs and industry to wherever a buck can be madefrom cheaper labor.
    Labor does not have that international free trade mobility.So their is lots of cheap labor and thousands of cheap low paid engineers for working on the next generation of chinese cars and other high tech exports available.
    Its just too bad about the old US GM shareholders who were pushed aside in the nationalisation process .
    But ,your right!
    "There is a reason why they export so much muchaco" ...
    The entire 'expose" that
    Unprofitable high waged america was de-industrialised by patriotic flag waving capitalists like GM and by american capitalist cheerleaders like yourself ,creating a great export market for China untill the debt ponzi economy died.

  12. 9:03 I'll try to be brief and use small words and short sentences so your over utilized mind
    and bloated hypocrisy can keep up.

    High waged america was and is the envy of the ENTIRE world - unprofitable is a bullshit mentality of NWO activists like yourself.

    Is marxism the envy of the world?
    Communism ?

    What then ?

    American capitalism you fuckwad

    It will survive for reasons you cannot comprehend adn then you can take your egg sucking attitude and get the fuck out as we've about had it with people like you and after the cleansing; you'll be the first one expulged.


  13. 1:40 no need to get nasty

    9:03 you contradict yourself so many times Icannot keep up.

    But the best one is - " labor does not have that international free trade mobility"

    Now, I want YOU to sit ther - look in a mirror and repeat that sentence three times.

    Free Trade ? Your kidding us right? On this planet or is that Uranus you speak of.

    Mobility ? Tell ya what - spend a night in the San Joaquin Valley if you want to see mobility.

    Labor has; since the beginning of time and always will have the ability to arise, ascend and overtake any and all market or markets ever presented.




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