Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stand Up To The TSA: DON'T FLY

Almost overnight, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has gone from national joke to national nightmare. Passengers used to laugh when screeners so inept they missed 60—75% of the fake bombs undercover investigators smuggled past them nonetheless proclaimed themselves gods. No one's laughing now, though, as the TSA ogles us with carcinogenic technology and sexually assaults anyone who objects.
Over 300 of the agency's "naked" scanners lurk in 60-some airports nationwide, with more on the way; eventually, the agency will irradiate every passenger on every flight. These gizmos peer through clothing to photograph bodies in graphic detail. The TSA makes much of offering a "choice": if you dislike posing nude for the government, its perverts will grope you instead — "prob[ing]," "prodding" and pushing "up your thighs and between your legs until we meet resistance" (and they don't mean a slap in the face). You also suffer this indignity, even if you submit to the scan, should it reveal "anomalies" such as piercings or prostheses.
Are you still flying? Why? For your own protection and that of your children, for liberty's sake, stay on the ground until Congress abolishes the TSA. No destination on earth or convenience in reaching it, no vacation, Thanksgiving dinner, meeting or sales trip, is worth the degradation the TSA is dishing out.
Its new "pat down procedures ... allow security officers to touch passengers of the same gender in sensitive areas such as the breasts and genitals..." These attacks have been "likened to 'foreplay' pat-downs ... [screeners are] using the new front-of-the-hand, slide-down screening technique for ... over-the-clothes searches of passengers' breast and genital areas."
Such mass mauling is unprecedented. No regime anywhere at any time, however totalitarian or brutal, has ever routinely denuded and molested citizens.


  1. My god.... Give it a rest!!!!!!! This is the end of the world? If some terrorist asshole blew up a plane, you would bitch that Obama was soft on terror! You think they might have a reason for it and in might have to do with intelligence about a credible threat.

  2. I call Obamster, Frustrating, Uneccesary, Impotent, Ignorant, Ineffective, Boring, Whorish, and Useless.

  3. I just quit flying.

    Save money and avoid being treated like a criminal/terrorist at the same time.

    I know many other people who just refuse to fly anymore.

  4. Its just getting out of controle ... No more travel to USA for me ;)

    Isn't that one ridiculous ...

  5. The tsa is the best the EEOC politicaly correct us government can deliver; fat assed moronic slobs ready to feel up children. They are a prime example of government service. Just wait until Obamacare kicks in and the same quality of public "servant" helps you with a serious medical issue.

    Hope & Change for the sheep.


  7. I stopped flying. I refuse to be a sheep like 10:08. I'm a 61 year old male. Heck, I go looking for someone to grope me. BUT, I have 2 daughters and 4 grandaughters and an 84 year old Mom. Unlike 10:08, I'm also an AMERICAN! Screw you 10:08. I just threw away a $816.00 business class ticket and I'm driving 1050 miles in the next 2 days. I fly 8 times a year so I know they lost that much. 10:08 you go cower behind your woman and do what your told. Let the men handle this.

  8. Liiking at an RV. Time to slow down and enjoy the trip. No more flying.

  9. Unfortunately there are too many like 10:08 who will gladly go the next step by bending over and spreading their cheeks in the name of safety.

    How much freedom are the sheeple willing to trade in for a false sense of safety? We will see.

  10. 10:08 how many planes have been blown up by "terrorists" in the last few years, before this population control method has been introduced?

  11. 11:43 lot of anger over safety.I bet it is because you know more than anybody else about terrorist threats. I am happy they are doing what they are doing, if it make us safe. Enjoy your drive, I am glad you won't be in line at the airport pissing and moaning about someone touching you.

  12. @10:08

    Not all of us want to be felt up by a member of the same sex. You may behaving a good time but to many of us it is a violation of our 4th amendment rights in addition to a sexual assault.

    I fly frequently and I can say that I am more worried about the out of control US government than a bomb blowing me out of the sky.

    Statistically the car ride to the airport is much more dangerous.

  13. ABC News The leading Republican on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence today said blame for allowing an al Qaeda bomber to board a US-bound flight with deadly explosives on Christmas day lay with a number of foreign governments and US policy makers, but he pointed his finger at the Obama administration for taking its eye off the threat from terrorism abroad.

    “I think there’s enough blame to go around here, the bottom line is we ended up with a bomb on a plane with a detonator ready to go off -- that’s totally unacceptable. There’s probably failures at every step of the way, in Nigeria, in the Netherlands, and in the overall procedures,” Ranking Member Peter Hoekstra, R-Mich., said in an interview with ABC News.

    “Early on in this administration I think that this administration sent a clear signal that they believed that the threat to the homeland was not as significant as what it really is. [Department of Homeland Security Secretary] Janet Napolitano said we’re not going to talk about terrorism we’re going to talk about manmade disasters. That was a mistake,” he added.

    Hoekstra said the focus must now be on preparing for the next evolving threat, not ones that have already come to light.

    “We need to clearly focus on airline security, but we also need to expand our surveillance in the areas we are going to protect because just as we focus on one area I expect al Qaeda will move and they will target another area. They are a flexible organization, they are a learning organization. As we change and adapt, so will they,” he said. “We’re now going to have to redouble our efforts to close the loopholes and to close the gaps that we’ve identified but we also need to be forward thinking

  14. He who trades his freedoms for safety deserve neither ben franklin


  16. 2:04 Some of us have no choice. We fly in order to make a living. We will bankrupt ourselves if we stop flying you moron.

  17. You have a choice moron, do it by internet, talk to your job about not flying, adapt, overcome, you stupid moron jesus fucker

  18. it's more then just the TSA procedures, a symptom of many things wrong and being enacted by congress and prez and multinationals and banks, it'll be interesting to see what if anything these new congress members do. What's amazing is people eat the lies up, our excuse for news, corporate media and public schools do quiet a job on some when evidence is there to atleast make people think, consider, look into a matter, they don't..and end up with gov that is...historic, harsh, and not unheard of, and to think mankind has supposedly come so far

  19. 2:04 fly and get melanoma or your testicles squeezed beyond recognition. The gov wants you to comply by these rules and see how far they can push the public into submission.

  20. 2:28, a job is a thing therefore cannot be spoken to. Jesus should have a capital “J” and your sentence should end with a period.

    Learn how to write before you try to lampoon someone; it will be more affective.

  21. jesus was a nothing, a man maybe, nothing more, I am effective, you are a sheeple and thus not effective.

  22. Watch the security loving obamabot sheep get a cheap hand job. Likely the closest thing to sex they will ever get. No such thing as a terrorist outside of the US government. Eat it up freaks.

  23. This world is screwed. Look at the comments here alone. How out of touch we are with each other. If I put just one little statement about anything I'll attract a whole host of violent opposition.

    Each day the world gets closer to NWO, the quality of life gets worse, and the elites gain more power. But we must take time to mock someone as a jesus fucker, or someone who acknowledges there are Islamic Extremists. We can not come to a mutual decision about what to do with this airport security scam.

    They pushed us into yet another distraction. Now we'll sit here wasting time and energy bickering amongst ourselves as we slide further into chaos.

  24. yeah right 3:52. As if people can get laid outside of drugs and alcohol. Get a life with your sex comments.

    Closest thing they get to sex? AS if the majority of people needing to violate girls don't focus on sex... stupid.

  25. The funniest thing about this whole ordeal is the percentage of Americans who " have to" fly.

    Which, depending on who's date you use is somewhere between 15 and 25%. And I'll wager that could be cut in half without too much trouble.

    Next item that shall spellbind us for a couple weeks please !

  26. surrounded by idiotsNovember 21, 2010 at 8:17 PM

    I'm amazed and appalled that none of the above 24 comments include concern for the child.

    How long was the child out of the mom's sight?
    Where was he taken?
    Would you clowns blindly turn your kid over to these perverts?

    All these puky feeble excuses about your job necessitates flying. Tell your employers you will hold them responsible and sue their ass off if you are placed in peril performing your job. See how fast they find alternative ways to conduct business that doesn't involve an employee being abused & molested.

    Oh ya I forgot you yuppies are too "whipped" to stand up for yourself let alone a child.
    Let them cart your child to wherever TSA can grope & abuse as they will.
    A child has no voice you dumb bastards...
    It is our responsibility as adults to be their voice and protector.

    The men in this country have been neutered.
    They stand idly by in the TSA lines snapping pics and commenting on the insane treatment the women and children are being subjected to.
    Men with no balls. That sack that hangs between your legs is just a mudflap for your jinas.

    Metrosexual, spineless freak mutants.

  27. No No NO !

    The funniest thing is that it is expensive to fly !

    Period - it's expensive

    We're in a depression right ?!

    Peoples rights are being intruded upon right?!

    Wrong Wrong WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Expect enplanements up across the board according to AAA

    This whole thing is one big crock of shit and it's really starting to smell.


  28. i wouldnt fly if it was for free.
    i drink at home.
    and dont spend money on anything except gold beeches.
    buy silver!
    our goverment has gone insane.
    many are to stupid to realize the gig is up collapse then war.

  29. It's simple, warn the TSA ass that if he/she touches your genitals, ass, vagina, penis, dick, testicles, balls, nuts, pussy, breasts, boobs, whatever term you want to use, warn them if they get close to the "no touch zone", you will slam your elbow into their heads, you will knock them to the ground and kick them till they stop moving. It's a simple as that.

    I'm glad I'm too poor to fly.

    Anyone who submits to this 4th Amendment violation should be locked up for not knowing how many of our forefathers died violent deaths to bring you these freedoms.

  30. Don't worry, shortly after the TSA is done away with or even has its powers held back a little there will be another [staged] terror attack and all the American Sheeple will whine and cry and BEG to have their rights further removed just so the scary terrorists don't come and get them. Even though the terrorists ONLY attack when it is politically helpful to do so.

    Further more if you think there is any 'winning' this so-called war (not on terror but instead the people raping you everyday) you are a fool. They have done this more than once in history. Many many times actually. This time though there is no 'new land' to ship the useless eaters off to such as Australia and the America's. So we will just have to be culled off.

    If you think I am making this up about history please go read some REAL history books, written at the time. Not this pre-packaged, only what they want you to hear garbage you get in school today.

  31. T E R R O R I S T S
    W O N

    Al Qaeda has destroyed America freedom and liberty. They have bankrupted this nation. We spent billions of dollars on protecting this nation and they spent $4200 on underwear bomber.

  32. The grossly stupid buffoons who make up these articles are the stooges of Al Qaeda and need to be prosecuted for Treason. Notice how all the negative stupid shits who are commenting above do not have a clue about what the threat is. It is Body Cavity bombs. Al Qaeda has them and has been using them. For those people who object to screening for body cavity bombs (back scatter or physical exam, which I think should be a finger from a doctor up the butt or other cavity) they simply do not have to fly. They are grossly stupid shits anyway, to let them walk. Damn dumb people.

  33. I fully understand the reason for the patdowns. however, enough is enough. The vast majority of this "sheeple" populace, was so scared of profiling,being profiled and speaking "politically correct" to any mongrel immigrant, either legal or illegal wanting to come into this country, that they themselves have become the prisoner.

    America, we have allowed this situation to be born of our fears, agenda's and greed.

    You asked for it, now you got it, doesn't taste so good now does it?

    The Taliban and al quida(?) does not have to lift one finger.

  34. 6:44, I agree, up to this point, we have given up our freedom's, one by one. We have allowed the gov't to continue to erode our personal freedom's for the past 60 years. We have put incompetent(s) in seats of power whether it is Bush or this jackfrog BHO (Barry), or this new sap on the horizon, Sarah Palin. On statement before I go back to the original issue, if Sarah Palin is all we as conservative Republicans have to offer, then be prepared for another 4 years of this incompetent community halfa**ed organizer.

    I do believe there will be a time in the very near future, for our country, to be once again the target of another issue. Again, there will be many more sheeple, cought up in the wave of emotion to give away even more of our personal freedoms.


    As I stood watching the child ahead of me being groped I thanked god for giving mankind the cell phone. And as I recorded what I was witnessing I also thanked the powers that be that allowed people to carry a cell phone into an airport. I felt so special. So privileged.
    I couldn't help but wonder if any other person in the airport was getting as many free talk minutes as I was getting on my phone.

    Suddenly my concern turned to rage when I saw the agents hand slip inside the little boys pants.
    I reached the boiling point, I was a man damn it. I couldn't just stand by...
    I had to do something....
    I raised my hand.
    I said " Um Sir, excuse me...
    The agent glared at me and shouted
    "Why did you fart or something... put your hand down you idiot yuppie you're not in school!"

    "But Sir" I protested
    "is this really necessary"

    The agent shouted back
    "mind your own business you middle class turd... do you want some of this"

    I lowered my hand.
    I lowered my head.
    I avoided eye contact.
    I peed my pants.
    I wished my mom was here.
    I thanked god again for my cell phone.

  36. Outraged Passenger to TSA agent:
    "I will not give up my freedom without a debate"

  37. The TSA will take the next step with a blue glove probing of the anus as the next step. Unfortunately there are a frightening number of people like 5:36 who will gladly comply. The Government is counting on the “Homer Simsons” to fulfill their agenda.

    The fact is that by making air travel so uncomfortable the TSA will force law abiding people to drive instead.
    Since there are far more fatalities on the road lives will be lost, not saved.

    This is not about saving lives. It’s about the government taking control of every aspect of your life. If that’s what you want then don’t protest, do like 5:36, bend over and spread em with a smile.

  38. The False god Obama commands your compliance!!! You will obey the Democratic party or you will be sent to prison.

    Didn't we see this type of behavior 60 years ago in Europe?? How did that turn out for the, I meant Nazis??

  39. Patriots don't opt out.
    Patriots won't fly period.

    Opting out is asking permission to choose the color of the boot that's stomping your face.

    Patriots don't fly because they would not stand around clicking photos or debating while a fellow citizen is being abused.

    Travelers are doing the equivalent to giving the schoolyard bully permission to act out.
    The equivalent to closing their windows to drown out the screams of a woman being murdered or raped on the street below.
    If you look up Apathy in the dictionary you'll see a pic of Yankkee holding a travel ticket.

    It's bad enough that a person would idly watch another being mistreated but the sadder part is that they will not even stand up for themselves.

  40. The Real Agenda.

    The plan is to abuse the traveling public to the breaking point where they will welcome anything that eliminates the indignity & hassle.
    At that moment big brother will roll out the perfect solution. "The Chip"

    Next time you take that country drive cast your eye on the cows in the field. Ear tagged one and all.

    But as humans we're special...
    Our chips will allow us to get on planes, trains hassle free.
    Hell they'll even allow us to enter the Mall.
    How cool is that!

    And just like those cows we're headed to the Abattoir.

  41. I hope they install these machines and body searches at every shopping mall before Christmas.
    And sniffer dogs too for detecting body cavity bombs.

    We can always blame alCIAda anyway ,for plotting at destroying our freedoms ,not the American led NWO.

  42. People are ignorant towards the long-term effects of these radiation scanners. I work in a field where I am exposed to radiation everyday. What people don't realize is that this will increase cancer incidence. For example, I am certain that breast cancer risk in women will rise. The radiation doses in the scanners will penetrate breast tissue.

    The effects of radiation exposure takes atleast 10 and sometimes 20 years to become evident, but the risk will unquestionably be higher. Perhaps this will not matter for senior citizens, but the young people must be careful. The government is risking your life every time you walk through the scanner. It is the stochastic effects of radiation that will permanently damage DNA leading to cancer. It only takes one radiation exposure to create this permanent damage. We are exposed to radiation everyday by using cell phones, watching TV, using laptops, etc. However, the difference is that choosing to indulge in these activities is based upon our own free will.

    I plead for all Americans to just say no to radiation scanning. It is not safe even though we are told otherwise. Educate yourself on the risks of radiation.

  43. Here is all the info you need to walk past TSA's BS. If you want serious publicity, do a couple of videos with different people using the knowledge in this document and you'll be known word wide, and do the American people a great justice, the race is on
    TSA TRUTHS.doc (the whys and hows to deny consent to TSA)

    or write for questions, comments or for pdf file to

  44. Arab always have been disorganized, so they were not able to do 911. Somebody else did it.
    Who is the question.

  45. What does TSA stand for ? ...... Theives sexualy assaulting . The TSA love to steal your things as well .


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