Thursday, November 11, 2010

TSA Resistance Taking Off: Are the Elitist Airlines Worried, Yet?

This entire nonsense about harassing airline passengers with cancer causing naked body scans and groping pat downs started as a result of airlines attempting to prevent ticket buyers from selling their tickets to others if they couldn't fly themselves. Newspaper classifieds pre-9-11 were filled with ticket sellers selling tickets at huge discounts. Sharp entrepreneurs even figured out how to get the cheapest tickets, bought them in bulk and sold them to savvy buyers. It was really the only way to fly and it didn't matter what name was on the ticket. No airline ever checked the names on tickets against the person travelling on the ticket

The airlines didn't like this type of ticket use, but didn't have the balls to check ID's against tickets, which would have pissed customers off. But once 9-11 hit, the elitist airlines (especially the bastards at United Airlines) got behind the mandatory government check of ID's to boost ticket sales fight terrorism. Naturally, a bureaucracy exploded around this ID check scam. The bureaucracy has now grown to the point of the naked body scan nonsense, which has now resulted in blowback against the airlines, as the resistance is promoting the end to air travel. Web sites have been launched.

Kathryn Muratore has launched an anti-TSA web site, She writes:

Kevin McElroy writes to tell me that he and his wife are canceling their flight from Vermont to Philly for Christmas in favor of driving. He promises to send me any correspondence, and also forwarded his brief note to Senator Leahy. This prompted me to compile a list of letters and responses on my new anti-TSA website.
Don’t fly, tell them why (and CC me)! Letters to the travel/tourist industry are preferred, but choice responses from the tax eaters will be worth a few laughs, so you can keep me in the loop on that correspondence too. Also, let me know what letters are out there that I’ve missed.
(For those of you on the edge of your seats, US Air’s response to my first letter crossed paths with my second. It was a terrible response and I’ll be letting them know what I think of it shortly, but you can read it for yourself.)
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  1. Yes my wife and I are NOT flying and will NOT FLY period drive, ride bus, or just not go.

    Email the airlines and tell them you are NOT doing business with any of them.

    Better yet take the money you save by NOT FLYING and buy some food or silver.

  2. My good Christian 73 yr. old mother who I only get to see every 2 years will not be visiting my family anymore since she has to fly and she doesn't want anyone looking over her body or a stranger patting her down to include her private parts. It kills me that I may never see my mother again because of this...but I understand WHY she feels as she does. I can't fault her.


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