Saturday, November 20, 2010

US Mint Reports Soaring November Month-To-Date Silver Coin Sales

Is Max Keiser's attempt to put JP Morgan out of business working following the mother of all silver physical squeezes? The price of silver has been stable in the past few days, but if the US official precious metal seller is to be trusted, this will not last long. According to the US Mint, sales of 1-ounce American Eagle silver coins are headed for the strongest month since at least May, Bloomberg reports. More details: about 3,175,000 of the coins have been sold this month, compared with 3,633,500 in May, according to data on the Mint website. Silver futures in New York touched a 30-year high of $29.34 an ounce on Nov. 9. American Eagle coins also are available in gold and platinum. The Mint said 62,500 ounces of gold Eagles have been sold in November. What is interesting is that sales of the coins continue at an astronomic pace despite the nearly 10% premium one has to pay over spot. What is more interesting, is that the Mint has not run out yet. Yet the refreshing thing, is that instead of buying paper certficates promising that one's presumed purchases of gold is held by the DTCC, Americans are once again going straight into physical. Here is hoping Keiser's plan ultimately unravels whatever the RICO suit against JPM and HSBC leaves untouched.

Total US Mint Sales


  1. Bring on the FreeGold, BICHEZ!!

  2. 4:22 Did I miss something? "FREE GOLD"???


  4. keep your money in the bank sheeple, so the broke ass fdic can steal it like they did in the first depression

  5. dont touch the junk you faggot tsa nazi creeps

  6. How now brown cows. Europe is heading towards a euro-free zone. America is even more insolvent than Europe. But America is better at damage control and herding the cattle. Kick off the cow-bells and raise some hell. Party coming to a barn near you very soon.

  7. Anon at 4:47,
    4:22 Did I miss something? "FREE GOLD"???

    Yes, you missed something. It's probably too late for you, but let FOFOA be your guide.
    Google, "FOFOA Freegold".

    FreeGold approaches!!

  8. I bought a bunch of junk silver at a gun show when it was around $9.00 an oz. Lots of people, lots of guns.
    It really puts some teeth into the slogan "Don't touch my junk"

  9. True 5:51.

    The media here (US) is trying to portray Europe and the UN s this big happy family. Europe wants us to merge with them and we will all be a big happy family. China and India are so happy, they love their governments. Everybody loves their government, America let's join them under one happy government!

    The reality is that, behind the media lies the truth, Europeans are not a happy people right now. The Chinese are doing horribly, they hate their system, India is a dump and always will be. But many Americans are on board to merge together with this nonexistent one world country.

    They can globalize it all they want, but the more they push for it the more chaos they create.

  10. Yeah, well I dont see it happening. We can speculate all we want - the chinese are going to take over america, the japanese are gonna buy up america and over take us with electronics, the commies are gonna invade and take over america...well you see my point. They have been scare-mongering citizens for years but it hasnt happened. This is just the crap they sell to you to get behind the flag and all the wars they create. I just dont see one large nation running another large, secluded nation like ours halfway across the globe, especially in an age of coming resource scarcity and imploding economies. To quote someone anonymously, it's about as likely as hiring a hen to peck sheet metal screws from an old roof.

  11. Yeah, this country is done, thanks to the Corporations and the politicians.

    Time for a revolution.

  12. Bend over unemployed!

    House GOP blocks bill to extend jobless benefits

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans in the House on Thursday blocked a bill that would have extended jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed beyond the holiday season.“An extension of jobless benefits enacted this summer expires Dec. 1, and unless they are renewed, two million people will lose benefits averaging $310 a week nationwide by the end of December.The failed measure would have extended jobless benefits through the end of February at a cost of adding $12.5 billion to the nation's debt. Republicans opposing the legislation said the measure should be paid for by cutting unspent money from last year's economic stimulus bill….
    The failed measure would have extended jobless benefits through the end of February at a cost of adding $12.5 billion to the nation's debt….”
    Shock horror unaffordable “socialism” featherbedding for people who cannot find a job because they are just plain lazy . They say.
    Wow ,the final straw the 12.5 billion that will bankrupt America!

    The excuse the republicans use is that Americas deficit spending needs to be cut.
    How else will the bondholders be sure to expect to get their future dividends ?
    That would be truly shameful .
    So do not worry about the unemployed a socialy responsible America must get its balanced spending priorities in future budgets on track say the rebuplicans .

    In bi-partisan support for the Republicans propaganda the Democrats in turn refuse to end the trillion dollars a year imperialist wars and support the expanded money printing by the Fed in a continuing bailout for banksters .
    Deficit spending for bailouts and wars on Obama steroids. Despite the Hope and change and anti war promises to Americans in the last presidential election.
    So, its true, as long as the Democrats continue with the Bush Bailout for banksters and wars spending that the republicans demand support for to this day, the republicans can say we cannot afford an extra 12.5 billion for the unemployed benefits and the big spending democrats are to blame!

    Both parties are the two public faces of the same bansksters lobbyist coin.

    The unemployed can eat mud cakes and the Democrats will blame the Republicans .
    Now that’s a handy two party political blame game!


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