Monday, November 1, 2010

Voting Fraud In Every State

CHICAGO – Every state is reporting massive voter fraud already for tomorrow’s midterm elections.
Election officials in every state are reporting increased voter fraud – both in the ballots already cast and with the voting machines that will be used tomorrow.
Nevada is a state that seems to be completely unraveling ahead of the election.  “Harry Reid’s name is already checked on over half of the machines that have been sent to polling places,” said Las Vegas reporter Greg Hartman.   “Early ballots have been cast from over 10,000 dead people and many union members have voted twice already.  It’s out of control!”
Attorney General, Eric Holder, does not seemed concerned about Nevada, or any of the other blue states.  “We are going to put together a task force in December to look into whether or not we should investigate the reports of voter fraud.  We hope to have a decision about this matter by January of 2012.”
Meanwhile, both parties seem to be “getting out the voter fraud” for tomorrow’s election.  Here are some reports from the states:
ALASKA:   Lisa Murkowski and her campaign staff spent the weekend filing out over 20,000 write-in ballots to hand out to voters BEFORE they go into the voting booth.  Murkowski’s brother-in-law, Todd Bench, is the leader of the union that will be in charge of moving voting machines around the state.   Republican senate candidate, Joe Miller, is not happy.
WASHINGTON -  State officials are going to allow Canadian citizens to cross the border – as long as they vote for incumbent Patty Murray (D) for Senate.


  1. A Foreign observer of digital age “Democracy” says American Elections shows are very funny .
    The comedians/polititians are great !

    Especialy the labor aristocracy /Left Liberal warmonger team ,led by the last anointed one that got the Noble prize for acting, comedy , peace , economics or somesuch award.

    After a financial coup "rage against the machine" is not reasonable.

    Those candidates of the "Left" or "Right" factions "liberals" and "conservatives” of the two party ,same- same system, that have been selected and supported by the money power using massive advertising / MSM conditioning will be the winners and collect the spoils of office.
    As a general rule the candidate who spends the most usually "wins" in the bread and circus show.Obama spent 6oo million in the last "election” paying for frazzle dazzle Messiah stuff,about "hope and change from an “outsider”
    But as a trusted pre-selected by the money power appointee manager Prez naturally will just does as he is told.
    As Americans might say;
    "The counting of any Debt Peons own two cents worth "vote” opinion , may not amount later in total to a hill of beans on the Hill."
    The elite usually likes to keep up enthusiasm for elections by arranging a close call cliffhanger result, so as to excite the masses to try a little bit harder in getting out the vote next time.
    Believing their own individual vote has great power even in the machines.
    The US Supreme Court of the Corporate State will approve if necessary any cliffhanger results , but in the end will use their "legal learning" to say whatever the computers decide is a true and proper result of American Constitutional Democracy .

    Americans truly will get the result they deserve!

  2. yeah it is funny. that rent is to high guy sure puts on a good comedy show and draws all the attention, wonder how much MSM is paying him? voting has long been justified by-the lesser of two evils- what's wrong with this picture! LOL

  3. heard their offering food and gift cards, even beer...I'm waiting for them to offer gold..or silver in amount

  4. my i just say we need no longer sponser the crooks. Eat my shit eggheads working on unions. mcdonalds will lose business. oh well maybe they shouldnt feed people bad stuff. Voting scams, bad food, bad schools, stoner children, what else be needed before united states people wake up. ? but voting is manipilated like history and money. rich people get rich by liars. voting is done without knowing votes. hope this helps folks know better now. If they stick black man in pole area they will make others feel pressure to vote for blacks. If they stick bums in place people believe what they see with eyes.

    - Sam

  5. phuck you, america. you are the same damn people that went around the world teaching everybody "democracy". you call that shit that is happaning in your own house democracy? too bad there are no real japs or krauts to kick the snot out of your smug faces

  6. Dont be like that, 11.03
    America has a great democratic Constitution.

    Your just jealous of American economic freedom from countable paper trails.

    America is now a great modern digital country where paper trails are no longer necessary for either property mortgages or for re-counting votes.
    And the Fed never gets a physical audit of their tungsten .
    This is all very responsible.
    America leads the way in the digital world.
    Having no paper trails is good for the environment and helps against global warming too.
    Your probably just a bit upset because, maybe your own country, or family lost money by getting caught with a load of fake sub prime or Alt A property bonds,or by put their national savings in fast devaluing ragpaper.

    America had to export its debts and dollars to somewhere in order to preserve their consumer lifestyles.

    You do not sound like a civilised Christian who beleives in turning the other cheek and just getting over it.

    Peaceful non violence and forgiveness is the way forward.

    Do not dwell on the past.
    Dreams of imaginary ktaut or jap violence only eat away at the soul and are about as effective as praying that God will intervene with lightning bolts or whatever to punish the wrongdoers and the Evil ones.
    You should read the bible and become passive like the american middle class ,even when their own government and banksters loot their assets savings and assets .Because they know and the MSM teaches them its true , that in american Democracy it can all be fixed by their next election vote ,by simply voting for the turn of the red team and by tossing out the blue team .
    Works every time 'change you can beleive in"
    America has freedom of choice.
    what about your own probably backward country do you even have a red and blue team ?
    Anyway america does not just preach and teach democracy to 'backward" countries anymore ,they have a military ,guns and torture to put foreigners on the right track now ,as you can see in Afghanistan ,iraq etc .In an american democracy it does not matter if the American majority themselves dont like that sort of thing .
    BUT They can vote for the red or blue team and the permanent wars against the third world will go on anyway!
    Same sort of thing with economic bailouts for the rich banksters .
    Empire life goes on whatever the voters say and vote for.

  7. Japs? Dude we wiped the floor with the Japs in WW2. They always outnumbered our boys too. They were just dumb soldiers who threw themselves away aimlessly because they were folhardy. We respect life more than other countries 11:03. Unlike the Japs who chose to throw themselves off cliffs instead of surrender, or how their wives would throw their babies off cliffs once they learned about their husband's death.

    We could be like Iranian soldiers and shoot unarmed girls from long range just because they are trying to protest. Fucking idiot.

    That goes for all of you retarded Alex Jones followers and Venezeulans who can't get any real information about the world and instead rely on denigrating people you don't even know.

  8. how about bombing people you don't even know in the name of democracy all the way across the ocean? that must feel nice. ;)

  9. 1.08
    Your comment pointing out that Americans were the most heroic , beautiful, moral etc etc people in the world was most inspiring .
    It makes me want to rise up and start singing “God bless America’and other whistling in the dark tunes.
    And you are right !
    Americans care about American life more than any other nation in the world.
    And it was precisely because those Japs had no respect for human life that enabled us to teach them a lesson in the value of civilian lives and the bravery of the American military at Hiroshima and Nagasaki .
    Or more recently when American morality and torture for civilians in war was demonstrated at Abu graib .
    And the bravery of the 'long range" drone "pilots" in Pakistan bombing wedding parties is now legendary in the Third World.
    A truly Great american Macho post .
    But unfortunately you forgot to mention that the beautiful Americans do not have snotty noses!

  10. Americans lie, cheat, torture and murder all in a very "christian" way. We decry Islam as murderous to the point of killing Muslims for no apparent reason. We stand in shock and horror when they retaliate and vow revenge. We blindly support Israel and their destruction of Palestine. Our country is doomed and it will not matter Democrat or Republican. Travel Europe and explore the ruins of Rome and see our future.

  11. I want to know the original articles sources. I mean if you read just the first couple of paragraphs, it is easy to believe. However, as you read down, you read that in Ohio they canceled elections? Yeah, right.

    Sounds like this article is just written for someone to stir up stuff.

  12. For those of you in the Mid or slipping from the Mid to the Lower, I have just a few suggestions for you. First off if you have more money going out then coming in you are experiencing what is known as “Negative Cashflow”. In certain situations negative cash flow is not the end of the world. For example investing in a business or investing in equiptment as a farmer so you can complete a full harvest, etc. However, besides these few examples there are very few other times where it would warrant burning a negative cash flow on your position. Have you not noticed how the majority of zombiods are walking around spending money they will never have to pay for the goods they consume now? Im talking cars, houses, and even eating out constantly til they are broke. This illustrates an important point and that is pay no attention to what everyone else is doing, Keeping up with the Jones is pulling you into an early grave. What do you care if your neighbors think you drive a newer car then them? You probably don’t even talk to them enough anyways for you to spend so much resources to “Impress” them.

    Anyways, VOTE all Incumbant bastards out! Either party doesnt matter! Also vote for Gridlock, I mean vote for it, vote for it, vote for it. More GRIDLOCK please, we need time to straighten this out...

  13. Do you ever consider the mass amount of people crushed under this corrupt system? Supporting all corporations that support this system is ultimately leading to your death. Maybe you feel you are going to live a little longer in this SnoopState of being guilty 24/7 because like all the brain washed sheep you say... I have nothing to hide. But where does that attitude take you? You can see it on the faces of those being crushed... They never had a chance, but some of you do and you focus on supporting your own destruction. Also are the people supporting the elections or are the Corporations that spend BILLIONS buying your favorite talking head to keep Lieing to you? It takes BILLIONS for politicos to get elected and thats something you cannot buy my friend, its called corruption...
    Keep buying into the TV because it was bought and paid for to brainwash you...
    Thats how it is and thats how it goes...

  14. I can’t stand any of the “over zealous” type left or right, I vote repub only because I believe in the right to defend myself, the 2nd amendment to be specific, I have voted for dems that were for it, but stick with rep due to the fact they seem to at least say they are for it. I still have this pretty much worthless permit to carry but at least its something. If the dems ever get off this brady bunch mentality I wouldn’t have that much of a problem with some of their things. I’m not in the fkn 2% or what ever high income type.

    I may well change though as age kicks in and the ability to use my 40 becomes a non issue while SS, cost of living, and health becomes a bigger issue.


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