Friday, November 5, 2010

We Can't Let You See How They Robbed You!

If there was a God, he would have given this jackass a stroke on uttering this bilge: 
Nov. 5 (Bloomberg) -- The European Central Bank refused to disclose internal documents showing how Greece used derivatives to hide its government debt because of the "acute" risk of roiling markets, President Jean-Claude Trichet said.
Got it?
We can't let anyone see how Greece hid their debt.  We can't let the people know how the fraud was done.  We certainly can't name the people involved and outline the derivative scams that were used, lest other people look for more of them (gee, you think?) or even worse, hold us to account for intentionally ignoring them ourselves.
That's what you were told this morning folks.
"The information contained in the two documents would 
undermine the public confidence as regards the effective conduct of economic policy
 prove that we actively conspired with those who ripped off investors and deceived the markets" Trichet wrote in an Oct. 21 letter in which he rejected the appeal. Disclosure "bears, in the current very vulnerable market environment, the substantial and acute risk of adding to volatility and instability."
Fixed it for 'ya.
"The ECB, the European Commission and Eurostat need to show that they are aware of all the transactions and that they have no issue in disclosing them. The market has been left to think the worst."
They were aware of them.  They actively conspired in them!
Greece's fiscal crisis turned attention to off-market swaps arranged by Goldman Sachs that allowed the country to hide the extent of its debt from 2000 onwards. The Goldman Sachs swaps, signed in 2000 and 2001, reduced the country's foreign-denominated debt in euro terms by 2.37 billion euros and lowered debt as a proportion of GDP to 103.7 percent from 105.3 percent, according to a Feb. 21 statement by Goldman Sachs. Greece told Eurostat that the other swaps were significantly smaller than the Goldman Sachs agreements, according to the EU agency.
Oh, Goldman again.
Gee, why am I not surprised?
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  1. I don't know... it seems like the election just made America make a 180. I've noticed everything got better since last month. I think that if we go out of our homes everyone is playing in the sprinklers and eating hot dogs.

    It seems this way to me. Call me delusional but I really get these weird thoughts in my head. I really believe, not in my neighborhood but somewhere else, if you walk into the neighborhood everyone is playing outside and drinking punch and Charlie Brown is there.

    Where does this exist? Not in my neighborhood, but everywhere else it exists. In other places outside of where I am at there are millionaires flooding the markets and grocery stores.

  2. We need Wikileaks to turn their attention to Central Banks!!!

  3. funny actions and quotes during this..the above, can't release info because might roil the markets, poloasi's(that woman on capital hill, speaking of health care reform)-we must pass it to see what's inside..(lol-that was hilarious!!-I imagine she's reelected..), martial law threatened if congress didn't enact the 1st bank bailout, goldman's-we're doing the work of god, the banks buying property tax leins and forclosing for even less then a thousand dollers, the debt collectors impersonating police and judges, all the strong doller statements, the saying from on high-what's good for the banks is good for america, and many more...truely a bannana west.

    but yes the new elections...hey it was set to head into wintertime here but I've noticed since yesterday spring buds are on the tree's..strange, and it's sunny all the time..birds are singing..

  4. The europeans are clearly following american leadership in crisis mangementby secrecy.

    Did not bloomberg have the same trouble finding out just what banksters got bailed out with TARP money under freedom of information laws.
    And were told that these were "comercial secrets" of the Fed in order to protect the interests of the TBTF banksters and the stabilty of the american financial sytem of bailouts for banksters after vthe financial coup in Treasury.
    Greece and the Central bank system in Europe is no better and no worse than that of Ponzi America and its un-auditable Fed.

  5. Huh!? Can anyone translate WTF 9:18 AM is trying to say? Everything is peachy? Is that it? Holy $hit...

  6. 9:18 here. I'm explaining how my mind wanders off with these strange notions of life and how they don't match reality. If I watch television for example and it shows something happy on the news you imagine there to be nothing wrong as your mind plugs in the corresponding image. So if you leave the news on a good note the good image is left making you think the whole of reality is like that. Even if you aren't consciously aware of it.

    Why do you think the news is bipolar? It's to make people numb. I do know where there is a Charlie Brown though.


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