Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Completed: Americans Submitting To "Control" And "Safety" Easily

NEW YORK (AP) - Explosive snow globes? You've got to be kidding, Robyn Burford thought when security inspectors at the Portland, Ore., airport demanded she hand over her two glitter-filled souvenirs.
The snow globes might contain explosive nitroglycerin, an officer informed the 16-year-old from Houston. Instead of complaining, Burford did what thousands of other travelers are doing when confronted with pat-downs, body scanners and the other indignities of air travel this holiday season.
She bit her tongue and obeyed.
"I think we're actually getting used to the fact that we have to go through so much to go places," Burford said.As the Christmas travel week arrives, it appears Americans are getting used to flying under the specter of terrorism and the new inconveniences the government deems necessary to combat it. Most people surrender to body scans and invasive pat-downs with little fuss. Resignation has replaced fear.
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  1. Pubic schools at work. You can rest assured little Ms. Robyn can place a condom on a banana in the dark without using her hands and find public funded abortions though.

    Freedom? meh

  2. Well, maybe people will start becoming resistant to the goonish behavior of the TSA squad when they begin marching through your front door to 'pat you down' and search your belongings. Do not trust any 'polls' from MSM - they always say the same thing - SUBMIT! In any case, the TSA situation is merely a test point to see how far Americans allow themselves to be shoved around. There is, except for Greece, a major blackout on the protests and riots in Europe in response to 'austerity' measures and the Europeans' knowledge and understanding that their wealth also has been distributed upwards to the gangsters and banksters who created the economic 'downturn'. Speaking of downturns, it will be quite awhile before the sheeple in the USA finally begin to do anything about the ripoff of not only their last shreds of wealth, but of their children's futures. How do I know? How's about $143 billion in bonuses for the thieves this festive holiday season.

  3. Dear Santa,

    All I want for XMAS is a pat down.
    I want a TSA officer with a forceful demeaner,
    the meaner the better.

  4. This sounds like a familiar pattern…let me see? First they acquaint us to illegal search and seizures by Thugs…for conversation sakes let's call them the… SA or Gestapo. The masses learn to “submit” to random harassment. (Let’s turn the water temp with the frog up to almost boil). And then we’ll move this search into Schools, Work…hey…maybe the home. And anyone that causes trouble is volunteered to Chateau Camp Fema with a great welcome sign with Arbiet Macht Frei…it may have been 85 years…am I the only one seeing a pattern here?

  5. all of that and get them to fear and suspect each other too-for free

  6. this is terrible !
    I was hoping to pick up a patriotic 2 party same -same matched pair of snowglobes in washington soon .
    One with Bush and one with Obama and both surronded by flags .
    With both snow globes dispaying the logo of american wall st $$$ democracy.
    "This is new boss -same as the old boss.

  7. You are being conditioned by degrees to accept the rule of the thieves. They know they can hire low brow thugs to harass you and scare you. There will always be those who will line up to sell themselves to their masters for a few pennies. They have great excuses, I had to feed my kids, my job was gone, etc, etc. But the real word is collaborator, same as the thief at the top only paid a lot less.

    America is gone, it has been gone for 30 years. When will you see that to get it back we have to take it back. Ok go take your pill now.

  8. I want to report that the other night my neighbor was either beating his wife or having sex. She's a screamer. Also, their kid is a little strange. One of his eyes is higher than the other. He has that shifty look about him. Although he's only 5 years old, just thought I'd do my part and report nonsense. I love being a rat and feel important. I feel like I belong to something now. Yaaahooo!


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