Saturday, December 11, 2010

Celente: American Empire is Collapsing

Trends forecaster Gerald Celente joins RT to discuss unemployment with college grads, the wide income gap between the rich and the poor in the US, and the coming bust of the American Empire.
“You have millions of college grads that haven’t entered the workforce yet that haven’t been able to get jobs out of college and they have degrees in worthlessness, and they’re $25,000 on average in debt.”
Celente predicts the collapse to come in US cities will rival what’s going on in Ireland right now and what’s going to happen in Portugal. “The American Empire is unfolding and collapsing in front of everyone’s eyes,” he says. Celente’s solution include bringing production jobs back to the US, shutting down military bases around the world, ending the wars, and cutting massive overseas spending.


  1. Paper is now caught in a deathspiral; even as bonds "appreciate" they are abandoned. Insider selling v buying has reached ratios of 100:1 and going higher. ALL paper is a Tertiary Asset, following Primary [arable land, water, mineral and timber resources] and Secondary Assets [crops, potable water system, iron and gold and processed lumber ...] The worlds parasitic monetary system is being revealed as it comes up against hard left walls and hard floors, speaking graphically

    Manipulation of PM paper has reached a tipping point; every time brokerages try and short, and set the floor back down, the Physical Metal Purchasers are swooping in to pick the carcass.

    This won't last long. Prepare accordingly.


  2. I quit caffeine two days ago. My gosh I never expected to feel this crappy from it. I quit smoking back in January, quit watching all television in March, ceased joy riding at night, and stopped most computer usage in april. I have been working out five days a week since I quit smoking, I read often and only read intellectually complex material (exempting the dictionary), and I try to avoid entertainment.

    Next I'll remove the "need" for sexual release. Perhaps cut off my ballsack, start a universal trend among the coming generation of modern Stoics (Haha).

    No but really, this caffeine thing is really outlandish. It is lurid how something that common and simple can cause so much pain when you don't get it in your blood any longer. Perspicuously, the long term effects are highly beneficial for not taking so much caffeine (coffee, energy drinks, etc.), the short term withdrawal symptoms are wretched. This actually feels worse than the nicotine, not emotionally, but physically.

    The vast majority of Americans are hooked on multiple addictions (physical and psychological). How will they respond, uncontrollably in some cases, when they can't get their fast foods, soda, narcotics, aspartame, tobacco, caffeine, t.v shows, myspace, and electronic toys altogether!?

    Better withdraw from some right now. Better now than later. Better one at a time than all at once. Prepare accordingly indeed.

  3. 11:09

    Bullshit brother; it's 99.9% in your head.

    Really - it is.

    I'm 51 and quit chewing snuff ( Copenhagen ) 7 years ago - I started chewing when I was 15.

    It was the hardest thing I ever did in my life and took me 4 tries to get it to stick. I was so addicted that at one point I got so pissed off I couldn't quit that I threw an entire roll of snuff in a dumpster.

    4 hours later; I was literally crawling around the inside of that dumpster looking for that damn shit!

    Once I was ready though - I mean I was ready ! It really wasn'tthat hard and I never, ever had one actual physical side effect from quitting - none. My doctor told me that chewing tobacco is harder to kick than Coke.

    I still say - nobody kicks nothing until they are ready - and unlike a physical addiction to Herion; caffiene and tobacco are mostly just really bad habits that you think you have to have.

  4. In the UK (England)we can see protests by students against rises in fees and payments to attend Universities that have in many cases now been tripled.

    The lower middle class cannot afford these fees and the cost of student loans to pay them ,only the children of the upper middle class and the ruling elite will soon be able to continue with higher education.

    As government support for higher education is cut,with 'austerity " in the US too , the student loans needed will increase and the government backed student loan usury business will turn many who have taken loans into lifetime Debt Peons ,that in an economy is deep recessionn /depression in a de-industrialised ,failed ponzi capitalism , will be unable to find the jobs they were educated to do.

  5. alot of schools/fields are mills...designed to make the corporate money and that's it.
    so no more free(as of 1997) or low cost education in england? thought you all paid for it in your taxes already..double taxation or don't attend it seems

  6. Like waiting for a punch since late 2008...Fuck it lets get it on...Make the adjustments and let the pot be stirred...Change IS needed in this semi-ignorant, wasteful, unethical, lazy country.

    Damn it...Now I have to give up cigarettes and women of loose morals. :(

  7. This is 11:09 again.

    3:17, there are physical sensations that are unpleasant when your body is detoxing from something it is used to having in its bloodstream and nervous system.

    Quitting smoking for example, the emotional sadness can last a very long time depending on one's length of use and how much they put love into the habit. But the lung clearing can last for a whole year for long time smokers.

    You'll cough more when you quit because your lungs are clearing out crap they've acrreted since the habit began. The caffeine leaving your blood will start to unrestrict the blood vessels. This can cause the nervous system to act up. An agitated nervous system causes feelings of headaches, flu, anxiety, depression, fatigue, etc.

    Also, the subconscious, specifically the brain receptors, can trick the person into going back to the addiction source. Besides the personality, each person is actually a carrier of many living beings within them (organs and cells). This is why the emotional symptoms occur in the first place! It's the living being inside of you separate from the personality (part of the subconscious), which tries to make the person feel impelled to use the substance again. That's why coughing more when people quit might make people think it would be healthier to keep smoking.

    Now obviously it won't compare to the extremes of a narcotic. Still, it creates something. Even Zoloft will cause horrible sensations when quitting. And Zoloft is just a petty antidepressant. Electrical dendrites and axons in the brain spark together again after being blocked off thanks to the worthless psychoemotional suppressant that those in the irresponsible medical system prescribe to their gullible patients. When these receptors and nerve endings connect again and send electrical signals/circuits PROPERLY (despite the patient being told they had a "chemical imbalance"), they might get a buzzing sensation in their head, or a feeling of being zapped.

    You are right as far as most things being crap people just insist on having. But the facts of addictions and how the brain and body will react is something humans are very much under educated about. Science in general is poorly construed by minds in the masses. They'd laugh if you told them that every moment and in every space you're interacting with infinite frequencies that come from a spectrum of infinite layers of complexity and symmetry/symmetry breaking, and the brain itself can only perceive these frequencies with the force of 4 (sleep) to 30 (awake and energized) amperes, whereas each radio wave carries nine billion amperes, or Hertz or electricity.

    4:00, true if it turns out that way without an absolute crash. That's why the best thing we could hope for is anarchy along with both a dead Dollar and a dead Euro.

  8. The Bush tax cuts have been in effect, unaltered, since 2001. They do not work to create US jobs. End of discussion.

  9. Wake Up- you mean the british empire-they are collapsing your country! WAKE THE FUCK UP! Get your constitution out from under their filthy fuckn asses!!


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