Sunday, December 26, 2010

Economic Rant: The Silver Vault Is Empty..And More

We are running out of physical silver. That’s great- if you own a lot. It is getting harder and harder to buy silver bullion anywhere in the world. Soon you will not be able to buy silver at all. Silver stocks are a poor second. The silver stocks have performed poorly and erratically. The HUI to silver ratio has fallen to a mere 19 to 1. Bullion has been outperforming the miners for years now. Gold bullion is a poor third. Silver ETFs are a scam. The COMEX is empty, just like Ft. Knox is empty. Both are self auditing, which is the same as no auditing at all. Soon only the industrial users will get silver, and consumers won’t get any.
You want to know how stupid the sheeple really are? Only 1% of airline passengers demand a patdown when told to go thru the Pervert Scan X-Ray machine. 99% get irradiated. Hopefully it is a secret delayed death ray, and all the sheeple will fall over dead six months down the road. What is wrong with people that they will get dangerous X-radiation for no reason? Refuse to go thru the Pervert Scan! If everyone did this, they would all be removed tomorrow morning. 99% of the brain dead sheeple go right thru them without any hesitation! This is real world proof they aren’t human.
U.S. homes will lose a total of $1.7 trillion in value in 2010, according to real estate site The value lost this year will be 63% more than in 2009, and will take the total value lost since June 2006 to more than $9 trillion, Zillow said on its blog.

"Since the peak of home values in June 2006, more than $9 trillion in values has come out of the housing market,"

"As a comparison, that's more than the cost of 12 wars in Iraq, according to a study by the Congressional Research Service."

Real estate will keep collapsing for at least three more years. The average home will fall to $120,000 and you will be able to buy it for a mere 600 ounces of silver. Maybe even 300 ounces of silver. Yes, things will get that bad.


  1. silver physical vs silver miners..isn't it so if you check price history-silver futures vs miners stocks- that it appears many(not all) miners stocks appear to be hooked up to an HFT robo machine and as dow s&p go so go miners although their product they "dig up" rises in value their stock drops. This stock market is a joke

  2. I bought 400 ounces of silver. The market price was $18.00 and I paid $22.00. In less than one year, the market price is now near $30.00.

    If you can't afford silver, buy lead, as in ammo. Even if you are an anti-gun person, even if you don't own a single firearm, buy ammo in the most common calibers. I have 1,000 rounds of 12 gage shotgun shells and I don't even own a shotgun. These days, .45 caliber is hard to find. Ammo will be hard to come by, once the country collapses. Ammo will be a new form of currency.

    Any extra cash you have, should be invested in things that matters, non-perishable foods, water filters, water, coffee, tea, Kool Aid, Tang, dried milk, sugar, salt, flour, rice and beans, OTC medications, toilet paper and ammo. After the collapse, those who don't surrender to FEMA, will have to barter to survive.

    Are you prepared?

  3. I like the piece until he said the earth was not set up to handle 7 billion people. I am so sick and tired of these God complex ego maniac telling us that God is wrong about how many people this planet will support. Not mention anyone with a clue or open mind can watch the DVD Demographic winter and see that the Population in the world is going down we have peaked. By 2050 the forecast is for 50% less people then today. From Demographics only. Watch the DVD and stop supporting the evil Green Nazi propaganda about human over population.

  4. If there was a god he would be an evil bastard for letting what is going on in the world happen everyday, what a evil bastard, doubt he even exists.

  5. 7:13,

    Statistics coming from futurologists are as impotent as prophecies coming from John Hagee. By 2050, the rate of change that occurs in this day and accelerates every year, no one in their rational mind would even pretend to know what things will be like.

    I know many young couples, under 32, they each make less than 30,000 dollars, already have a child or two, and can barely maintain their sanity as it is. They insist on continuously pushing out children and get excited about being pregnant. Go to stores and look at all the former high school party girls now in their 20s with four or five kids running around them. They all have no jobs and have husbands who don't have an interest in them.

    The world population was only three billion prior to WW2. What happened? A generation of idiot breeders (Baby Boomers) came into our world and produced two far worse breeds of people (Gen X and Y). Seven billion humans alive now, two billion which are babies or small children.

    You think the Baby Boomers were dumb? Generation Y is beyond belief in stupidity. What the hell do you think their children will be like? Those little babies and kids you see with the idiot 25 year old girl on Welfare? A future of criminals right there!

    Cell phones, internet, MTV, Hollywood, mixed with divorced parents and corrupt leaders produces horrible people. This world is becoming a living nightmare. America is a nightmare. The greatest nation that ever existed has become a culture of living dead.

    The Green Movement is a scam, make no mistake. The fact is however, that just because a bad movement likes to protray themselves as righteous by pretending to be against various bad things, doesn't mean those bad things don't exist.

    And far as God goes, he didn't tell men to stick their dicks in random girls. Yeah we have cocks to impregnate women with. But we also have lips and lungs, does that mean we are supposed to smoke crack? It is clear that the pressure they put on kids in television, magazines, radios, and other Corporate and Liberal owned media outlets that they WANT youth to be focused on sex.

    How quickly they can erase any intelligence if the youth are too busy focusing on "how to get laid" and are paranoid about what their friends lie about. Then they come to find that the only way teenagers will get any kind of sex, which they usually don't but the stats like to twist it to make it seem like people have sex everyday, will be done by alcohol use.

    What happens after that? The girl who would let herself be used like that has no self esteem, might end up pregnant, and then you have another Welfare slave or debt peon added to the list. Another burden for working Americans.

    Meanwhile the boy who did it will grow up to be a typical modern guy; drink, football, drink, fuck a girl from a bar, and basketball. No books, no thought, no discipline, no exercise. A senseless, thoughtless existence, those in rule can then expand their power easier.

    Each year we lose more and more. We've gone so far that Spirit is now given away in the name of greed. (See Oprah, Law of Attraction, Eckharte Tolle, New Age). But we have cell phones, we certainly have a better life than those sixty years did. Yeah... haha, young people have nothing that those in any other generation had. They don't have the brain power to imagine that though.

    You don't need to deny that there is a big FUCKING problem with the multitude of babies popping into this crumbling world. The only reason the baby boomers, Gen X and Y were able to make it this far in the world, the seven billion pop, is because they had good people running things. But those people are dying now or are senile in retirement facilities.

    The Baby Boomers, many who are hard workers and aware of things, are getting old... another 20 years from now and this planet will be a literal Hell.

  6. There are some pretty confused individuals that come to this blog. Even the author of this article makes himself out to sound kind of silly when he talks about terrible marxist programs and disinfo agents on the radio and tv everywhere you look. I dislike this kind of watered down useless programming as the next person, but come on. They are just brainwashed pundits, nothing more.

    You think environmental awareness is a "1Nazi Gree" initiative? You must be living in a cave. Look around you. If you rely on the bible for your scientific awareness, it is no wonder you sound kind of lost. This kind of logic of "god determines the right population" could be applied the same way in saying "god determines the right number of rapists and murderers in the world, so do not interfere with god's plan". What a bunch of shit.

  7. ...a Nazi Green initiative.

  8. Sorry Anon - 7:51 - BUT...
    The baby boomers lived in a free country and then after they had their fun turned U.S. into a feminized joke of a nation. These are YOUR kids that are currently ruining U.S.. So get off your high horse and take responsibility. Hopefully, it all crashes down b4 u all are peacefully removed from this earth. That way you will reap the seeds you sowed, jerks....

  9. A free nation how, exactly? You mean when blacks were segregated and people were being drafted into a drawn out bloody war? When the CIA was supporting state terrorism in Latin America and other places around the globe? When MK Ultra was dreamed up and when civilians were being sprayed with chemicals and experimental biological weapons? Come on, tell me how much more free everyone was until "the feminine side of the coin" made it so much worse.

  10. The gold is still sitting inside Ft Knox. They will massively devalue the dollar against gold, and then use it to service the debt and future liabilities, backing the USA with credibility.

  11. The gold is still sitting inside Ft Knox.

    Is that really so?
    No Tungsten?
    Nothing leased out?
    Did you actualy audit the fed?

    Oh,So you just have 100% confidence in Benny and the inkjets?

    That the US dollar value can regain instant credibility after all its billions in money printing?

    So how come Nixon bothered to even take the dollar of the gold standard anyway?

  12. Hey ,why raise that racist and anti-imperialist stuff 11.04

    Why get real ?

    Its clear he is talking about the other, majority sector of the economy, the white salt of the earth of America , back in the glory days when the white majority sector of the population had good access to jobs and to buying the American dream house on credit .

    True ,some did some like the blacks didn’t .
    But ghettos solved that problem

    But the good times were all made possible by those great American wars and programs of Empire and segregation you mention, and when cointelpro kept everybody including the Blacks and women in their proper places in society.

    It was the profits from racial discrimination flowing to American business that made the old American dream and high wages for tye salt of the earth sector possible .
    Segregation was just the popular majority democratic expression of support by the salt of the earth in everyday life for that great economic system.

    Just traditional amerikanism .
    It was all well meaning nothing personal.
    Just everyday economics. Just support for the system and status quo in the economic interest of the majority.

    Those were the golden days of Great Amerika as any old white baby boomer who lived through the long economic boom up till the early 70s will tell you.

    Once the Blacks started to cut back on the profits made from discrimination with equal pay and racist demand stuff like that, the profitability of American manufacturing and some other businesses was lost.
    And the ruling elite had to put into place the shipping of jobs and industry offshore to make a profit out of globalism.
    It was all a downhill run after that.

    Its clear that mindless and racist egalitarianism of the minorities ruined American industry and the American dream economy for the majority salt of the earth too.

    And that was probably only the result of sabotage of the American system by people misled by liberals and communists conspiring against American industry during the cold war.


  14. 7:51 I've noticed that as people get older they start to focus on sex and are overly obsessed with the sex that younger people are having. Perhaps these older people are wishing they were young again and could enjoy sex. I do agree that society is oversexed, but it always was to some degree. There was a time not too long ago when my own grandmother married at a very young age. It was considered normal back then.

    The answer is not to focus on sex but to focus on the fact that we are all being distracted by various things. It's not just sex. I would say most people are obsessed wish shopping and purchasing high tech gadgets before sex. What about all the older people who aren't watching their kids because they are too involved with their own material obsessions?

  15. I have a Gen Y brother. He's got the kid with the baby momma. He's 25 and finally got a half ass job, no car, lives at home still. He makes less than 20k a year. So he qualifies for the earned income tax credit. HE GETS ABOUT $5000 FOR HIS TAX RETURN!!! WTF.. Thats about 3 times what he pays in. His friend has 3 kids, only worked a few months this year and he is expecting close to $10,000. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Heres the BEST part, he said he going to buy an airboat. WTF!!!!!!!!!!

    Glad my tax money is going to a good cause

  16. Is that really so? YES
    No Tungsten? NONE
    Nothing leased out? NO
    Did you actualy audit the fed? YES

    Oh,So you just have 100% confidence in Benny and the inkjets? GOLD will provide a tangible means to support (not gold 'backing') a severly weakened dollar and massive debt. It will be be revalued upwards of $50,000/oz.

    That the US dollar value can regain instant credibility after all its billions in money printing? USA creditors will not be entirely satisfied, but they will accept it.

    So how come Nixon bothered to even take the dollar of the gold standard anyway? He needed to protect the remaining 8,000 tons. Remember, there is always enough gold when it is appropriately priced.
    BTW, paper gold is not gold, and will not benefit from the upcoming revaluation.

  17. 8:36am sad but true...It be ok if it was an exception but I know of several people who underwork and wait all year for tax season to get back waaaaaaaaay more than they ever paid into.

    They then take their EARNED Income Credit and go buy junk toys for themselves or their brood...Makes you want this crisis to hit just to wake their ass up.

  18. 7:41 - I can assure you that you will be the first to know. I only see one evil SOB and that is you. Take a look at the man in the mirror (you)

  19. 12:42 If the shot fit wear it. That reverse crap will not work. Get real mo fo

  20. Here we go again with secretly deleting comments! I posted a comment that was a joke and making fun of our bullshit policies and it got removed. I guess EA doesn't have a good sense of humor.

  21. Maybe he's racist. You never can know who anyone is for sure these days.

  22. Hard to blame the baby Boomers when they at least have work ethic...Most people under 35 seem to have lost that gene...Were the BB greedy and materialistic? Sure but they built things and worked unlike most paper pushers today.

    They don't spook me unlike Generation X and Y...Lack of skills/work ethics and seemingly greedy as can be.

    I'm a Generation X and all I see is my generation doesn't take responsibility for it's short comings instead blames everyone.

    PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY...After age 12 there is no one that should say "I didn't know that was wrong."

  23. 12:39 - You're full of BS and are a complete fool. You write racist comments and then tell us they're were ONLY a joke. You're the joke - grow up and act like a responsible adult.

  24. No, you're full of BS, idiot. If you even read the comments then you are incapable of detecting sarcasm and irony. Relax, grow up and get a sense of humor.

  25. Every new generation born into a society must try and make a living from the economic and cultural value conditions established by previous generations, in the easiest and most comfortable way it can. They learnt values from their parents too.

    The baby boomer generation started off being productive workers in a productive of profits industrial society ,say by working at GM, or as mechanics and carpenters .
    They valued hard work and gained access to credit to finance the old American dream.
    Some even retired after a few years on high pensions in Florida.

    In the early sixties Blacks were paid on average about a third less in wages.
    That got better after Johnson’s Great Society responded to minority peoples struggles against discrimination .
    But ,If you count the profits made from discrimination against Blacks and other Minorities including Hispanics against the profits made by business right up till the late eighties. Using even government figures , you will see that, the profits of business together with the profits made from foreign investment and ‘Aid” that the profits of discrimination were still the primary source of US profits.
    Not “White workers”
    When US industry ceased to be profitable much of the old commodity producing industry ,except for subsidized military defense related industries like cars and aircraft ,were exported offshore for getting cheap labor profits in the US marketplace.
    The American economy was then converted, under the dollar hegemony system ,into a services based economy, financed by foreign credit supply and government deficit spending ,including military Keynesian spending for wars.
    This was a Ponzi, fake , post industrial economy, where the finance sector ,usury credit, and the housing bubble scams and frauds accounted pre-crisis ,for more than 40% of US profits. All backed by cheap money supply from the Fed.
    Investors of the Baby boomer generation benefited from that.
    It was in the interest of business to pump up retail commodity sales with welfare benefits and tax concessions and credit for the middle class so that profits could be made from imported cheap labor commodities from the third world being sold to Americans.
    Those were the economic conditions that the younger generation was born into, easy credit supply and where many of their indulgent parents had accumulated asset wealth in the past.
    A few top paying , even hard work jobs were available for the banksas getting bonuses from fraud ,but not many good jobs at GM are left .
    Culturally the youth was bombarded with sex stories, gossip and culture in the MSM .
    To see their own success only, in me ,me ,sexual image gratification and high profit fashion goods like Jordans celebrity sneakers and to seek their 15 minutes of celebrity fame. That is success for the younger generation.
    The conditions of American life in a Ponzi economy created by the proceeding generation .
    Now the baby boomer generation that had themselves mostly shifted to the services sector, bewails the lack of hard work ethics of the young!
    But where are the hard working real physical wealth producing jobs in the GMs or for carpenters of today anyway?
    Americas big industry now only produces Big Macs and a side order of coke and fries.

    The only hard working jobs available now in the bankrupt Ponzi are burger flipping at burger king working for baby boomer franchisees ,security guard jobs at Wall Mart, or
    for the really creative as fingernail painting entrepreneurs .
    Some went to University to get an MBA on time payment student loans usury and are having a hard time finding jobs. None of these jobs add much value to society and therefore the services sector jobs that can be found pay little.
    Work as hard as you like and the old American dream house, the old values standards of the past will remains a dream , so why bother?
    Let the baby boomer rave about the youth, that nobody will work hard to pay taxes to pay for their pensions now !

  26. buy silver and gold before the prices double

  27. Hello sorry to have to say this,I am living in London UK, and it now reminds me a little of the vibe I got many years ago when I made my first trip to new york,in the late 70s,we in the uk,now have all the inner city problems that the USA had 30yrs ago,and still has,the only way the system keeps the lid on things is by spending as we know and giving money away,People that have big money are moving out as they can see whats happening,Tourists in London are now staying away,because of all the gang crime.where ever you look in london you see gangs ,and its costing the country just to try and keep law and order,people with big money are not investing can you blame them,many want out while they still can get out,I feel that London could be a time bomb,like DETROIT.PROPERTY VALUES real estate will lose nearly all its value,and thats only the start.our bad neibourhoods are getting larger and spreading.Yes Gold and Silver investment has to be the safest because of all the GROWING problems,I pray it does not end in all out war on our blessed streets. I for one want out before it gets any worse.muggings shootings drugs and even our Royal Family have been attacted God please bless us all,how on earth did it ever get to this ,hell on earth.

  28. buy silver and gold before the prices double



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