Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gene Simmons: Keep The Government Out Of My Life


  1. Yeah well Gene - like every other dumb ass who voted for this ignorant community organizer --

    Live with him another 2 friggin' years ! By the time he's done ObamaCare will look like a girl scout cookie convention - we ain't seen nuthin' yet - this dude is as dyumb as abox of rocks and surrounds himself with more of the same.

    Ron Paul is over qualified and makes way to much sense - but he ain't a negro and doesn't photograph well

    Now; there's 2 qualifications you can take to the bank ( if it's still there in 2 more years)


  2. sex and rock and roll
    was that met for spitzer or gene simmons?
    speak about what you know about?
    ask spitzer whos the best lay in nyc?

  3. You see; Barry could learn something from Gene Simmons.

    He guided a Rock N Roll band that couldn't sing a lick into one of the biggest grossing acts of all time - hell; at one point these guys were merchandising from cradle ( Kiss condoms) to grave ( Kiss Coffins )

    The dude knows business and how to beat the competition.

    Sadly; subjects Barry knows absolutly nothing about and brother is it ever showing - now it comes out we the taxpayer are subsidizing McDonalds?!

    What a Crock ! As in Ray

  4. business is always imagining that the market is society and wants government to but out as long as business is good. But, when things go belly up they demand handouts and their losses socialized.

    Government and world copyright law made the kiss showmen and his promoters rich.

    Obama appears to be as much as a creation of big business as Kiss ,only as a left Blackface Actor .

    Another “Ex” CIA man like Osama.

    His promoters are getting rich . After all they had to spend 600 million to get this lackey elected and expect a return on their investments .

    All that was seen of Simmons was his makeup costume and tongue.

    All 4.40 sees about Obama is the color of the actors skin .And wants to play the race card and what he sees as the “great white hope”

    Perhaps he might tell us about the skin color of the great bush dumbo and his great qualifications in overseeing the economic collapse and bailout of American business before the black face actor even got to play his turn at crisis management .
    It was good theatre to have a black face actor as front man for the system wherever he might have been born
    No full birth certificate questions or work history questions were allowed ,as that might have shown the history of his work .
    Thats illegal .
    A Valerie plame might be outed for political reasons by the Bush Cheney mob,
    but the Obama was still a protected agent.
    A useful idiot.
    Once Obama got to play he had to promise Obamacare bribes for the benefit of the insurance companies as a sop to head of any potential fear of unrest in the economic crisis from the poorer working people and those losing their job related health insurance. As millions hit the ranks of the unemployed under employed and those on food stamps The new underclass Black and white underclass !
    And you think he was just a ‘community organizer” and not a good ,experienced ,fully qualified and trained “Afro American” black face actor with years of pracice ?
    A charmed career that proves anybody can get to be president of the USA as long as they serve the ruling elite.
    It wasnt Ron Pauls turn.


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