Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jim Rogers: 'Britain Is Totally Insolvent'

US speculator Jim Rogers is known for his outspoken views but today went further than usual suggesting Britain is 'totally insolvent'.
In an interview on business TV channel CNBC, Rogers, who made his name making millions while partnered with legendary financier George Soros, suggested Britain was the true sick man of Europe. He said: 'Greece is insolvent, Portugal has a liquidity problem, Spain has a liquidity problem, Belgium has been cooking the books for a long time, Italy has been cooking the books for a long time and the UK is totally insolvent.'
Rogers, who has repeatedly warned that inflation and commodity prices will race ahead in coming years, was being interviewed about the next stage of the European debt crisis.
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  1. Something that always makes me wonder, if these countries are so F'ed up, why is the British pound always worth more than the US dollar? why is the EURO worth 20 to 30 cents more than the dollar?

    Seems the Dollar should be worth more than either if they are so F'ed up.

    Instead all I see is dump the dollar and buy EURO's. Weird

  2. 12:21
    You should not compare one fiat currency to another because they governments around the world are competing to devalue their currencies. You should compare precious metals to fiat currencies.

  3. Well, you could do that comparision if you want

    Name me one instance where you don't come up with a negatibe sum ?

  4. The Euro and Dollar are both screwed. The UN has been trying to slam all of Europe together into one big happy family under the Euro. Each country there is now falling one by one, well, more like all at once piece by piece. Across the Atlantic, America, we have been stupid enough to actually believe the Europeans are all a happy unified people. How mistaken. China and India are also portrayed as happy and prospering. Truth is quite different. Funny how the US, government run media is the reason for this distortion.

    Britain was once an awesome nation, like America, all of these Eurocentric Aristrocrats (now called Socialists) annihilated it. The United States was done in by Progressives. But Socialists, Corporate Capitalists, Progressives, and Eurocentric Aristocrats are all the same thing.

    In both countries they destroyed the people with drugs, mass media, dumbing down the education by employing endless social programs to keep the kids neurotic and stupid, inculcating them with celebrity glamor and other debauched (un)realities, and interfering more and more with people's lives. Now both nations are becoming prisons, but worse than that, they are filled with violent, immoral, overly diversified people with low incomes and addictive tendencies. What a perfect recipe for doom when cops are no longer in service and there's no ability to purchase anything.

    For anyone in America hope to the heavens you are surrounded by congenial, family oriented people. Forget gold. Food would be wise to stock up on as well as ammo. Water isn't important, it's easy to get. A half an inch of rain in a 24 square feet area will give you seven gallons of water. All the trees and plants around, just stick a plastic bag around a small branch and in the morning you'll have a gulp of water. For those who get snow, take the snow, melt it, then boil it for 30 minutes and its drinkable. Soap would probably be wiser to get than you'd expect. If you have to ration water, due to no faucets, then you'd really want to keep clean in some way with soap. You won't be able to get showers like you used to.

    But when you get dirty though and start smelling, under such distress, with all the danger happening, the pain endured, I predict this can make a man and woman get really hot for each other. You suffer and survive together like that you'll stay together forever. In the Great Depression you probably will find few divorce cases that followed a couple like that. Whereas today's spoiled sick people, married couples appear quite content knowing they cheat on each other.

    In other words when we have to go bare bones, we find our souls, hearts, and deepest levels of consciousness that has no nonsense attached to it. This is for the best. It is Divine what's happening. It is meant to bring Life back to this world. Albeit, a positive outlook on this destruction we're in for may seem strange at first.

  5. Oh lovey you're making me hot for you. My bone is bare, so to speak, my soul ,heart and deepest level of consciousness has no nonsense attached to it either. I want to bring Life back to this world in so many ways. Oh so many ways my love.

    Come to POPPA!

  6. it's ok, the queen will attend theater during the crash, the play is titanic, and the best part is the band heroically playing on as the crew rearranges the chairs..truly heroic, something to marvel at


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