Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wikileak Questions

Julian Assange has been forced to hold a online chat with The Guardian, a front for MI5 and the CIA, after a US company removed the Wikileaks domain name.
I so wanted to ask him some questions about his connections to the Economist and the Rothschilds, but it seems ordinary readers do not have access to the „online chat“.
One open question concerns the shadowy WauHolland foundation in Germany that is the main funder for Wikileaks and has collected 750,000 euros for his lavish operation over a Commerzbank bank account. Who is contributing the funds?
Who is Wau Holland directr Bernd R Fick who claims to have worked for IBM and who says his programmes were used by the German secret services on his CV
How come Assange’s lawyer, Mark Stephens, works for a „foundation“ run by hedge fund manager George Soros, who has profitted from the engineered financial crisis. Soros also has significant interests in the media, including the Huffington Post and his network reaches into The Gaurdian.
The Guardian is also playing a key role in promoting Max Keiser’s bid to crash JP Morgan and so try to destroy the global financial system.
Max Keiser admitted on an Infowars radio show that he sold his office space in the World Trade Centre just before September 9/11, indicating inside knowledge of the attack.
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  2. Bollucks. Show me the connection between the CIA and the Guardian. Viacom, sure. Fox and CNN: they are pretty controlled and/or watered down. Clear channel: all right. In a world where everyone is out to get you and everything is by design by some hidden force, by necessity there is more confusion than truth.

  3. Who has access to secret communications between US Embassies? It sure as hell ain't 'hackers'.

    It's MOSSAD.

    Either that or it's another planned US Military OP to allow further controls on the internet as well as further other NWO type agendas.

  4. Hi 5:52.

    A few years back I had a dream almost like that. I was watching television and a black president was on saying how "Mars" was coming for us. It was a feeling universal that the world was ending in a Biblical style. So all the families got together and sat out back. Me and my family were outback and we were watching Mars coming to the Earth. A big red ball was coming when suddenly it stopped.

    After it stopped billions of skeleton dragons came out and fought each other. They killed many humans. My dad shouted out, "What!? You want some!?" And then they came and ate him. lol.

    I curled up into a ball saying, "God no! Help God!" So somehow I was spared...

    After the destruction the survivors, me being the only one in my whole area, went outside to find each other. I realized no one was left but me and a few others somewhere else. I got excited! I got in a car and started driving. Suddenly my family popped back into existence. We all got in the car and started doing miracles. Everyone had magical powers.

    Pretty neat ending?

  5. And Mars is the roman god of war.


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