Thursday, December 2, 2010

No Job, No Money, No More Heat: Hundreds Line Up For Heating Assistance

A Marietta nonprofit group that helps people pay energy bills was forced to turn away dozens of people after it ran out of funding.The Tallatoona Action Partnership opened its doors Wednesday to find hundreds of people -- some who had spent the night in the parking lot -- waiting in line for assistance.The partnership disperses federal funding to people in need, said Sarita Johnson, the group's Cobb energy coordinator. She said 570 people were granted appointments. The others, including people who showed up at the Mansour Center Thursday, were put on a waiting list, she said.“It breaks my heart to have to stand out here and tell people that unfortunately, I cannot see them and that funds are exhausted,” Johnson said.“It’s kind of cold. It’s getting around Christmas, and I was in need of help with my energy assistance,” said Niko Northington, after she was turned away.Michelle Buttler was also disappointed. She recently left her job as a hair stylist after clients stopped scheduling appointments to save money. “I took on a nanny job with someone that’s starting a business," she said. "Unfortunately, they called me Sunday night and told me they no longer can assist me because they’re financially broke.”


  1. What has America become. Where's the Dad? Hell, They need housing, they need more unemployment, They need food stamps, they need heat bills paid. They need free healthcare so they can kick out more fatherless kids. They need their kids fed twice a day. Two places within a few blocks of me with help wanted signs. Too much free in this country. Every restaurant and bar crowded with people living off welfare. When do we say "no more"? When everybody is broke and we're a third world nation?

  2. I live in Florida,,,,, whats a heating bill/???

    Chop some wood you dumbasses

  3. 2:39 yes chop wood and burn it in your living room you bozo. If you knew how houses were built not every house has a WOOD BURNING FIREPLACE! Dumbass

  4. Banks led gains in the S&P 500 after Goldman Sachs highlighted JPMorgan Chase & Co., Citigroup Inc. and Bank of America Corp. among its “top stock ideas across financials,” triggering rallies of more than 2.7 percent in each.

    All 12 stocks in an S&P gauge of homebuilders advanced at least 2.2 percent after the National Association of Realtors said its index of pending home resales jumped a record 10 percent in October.

    Abercrombie & Fitch surged 11 percent, the most since March, after same-store sales topped estimates at the clothing chain. November comparable store sales rose 5.3 percent at U.S. retailers, compared with a 3.5 percent estimate, Retail Metrics Inc. President Ken Perkins said in an interview.

    Ten stocks rose for each that fell in the Stoxx Europe 600. The ECB delayed its withdrawal of emergency liquidity measures and bought more government bonds as President Jean-Claude Trichet pledged to fight “acute” financial market tensions. The ECB will offer banks unlimited loans through the first quarter, he told reporters in Frankfurt.

  5. Who gives a crap about Abercrombie and Fitch, it is all shit made in China that used to be made in America by people who are now unemployed who rich Republicans could give a crap about......until they say enough is enough and they rob their rich asses

  6. 416 govt shill, a son of a whore

  7. I bet you, it is warm in Kabul and Baghdad, fuckers. I am sure, they would have enough money for a one way ticket. ha ha ha .... feel the burn!

  8. Yeah, this is the time to tighten our belts. You need to make some minimum payment on your bills to stay out of collection. Then you can get your unsecured debt reduced by around half. Then your credit can start to rebuild. Believe me, I know.

  9. I'm at what they call "Empathy Exahusted."

    I don't care...If they are not old or animals...I don't care.

    If they are young and had too many kids with some guy who left...I don't care.

    If they have never worked and recieve aid...I don't care.

    If they are smokers/drinkers/drop outs/overweight...I don't care.

    I know things are getting bad and soon the real robberies will start...But besides being prep for that...I don't care.

    If you are poor and cold as is the norm EVERY FRIGGEN WINTER..Buy some thermals, rent a room and use that for heating bill, wear sweaters, seal the doors and windows, take iron, exercise, downsize from an apartment to a rented room if you can, drink warm drinks all day.

    When I was younger, my mother and I were so poor we rented a tool shed and garages to sleep in...Never asked for aid...So not exactly feeling sorry for these people.

    Aid is there to help you get you on your feet not as a lifetime commitment...If you have your hand out all the time you can't use it to pull yourself up.

    I'm willing to bet 80% of those people have always been on aid, are misspending their money, lie about their poverty to recieve aid.

  10. 11.47 advises belt tightening and frugality for the poor and sets himself up as a suitable baby boomer miser model:
    When i was young and poor we lived a tool shed .
    If that was good enough for me its good enough for you too !
    In that tool shed you only learnt to be a tool ,a miser and apologist for capital.
    Drink more warm drinks ?
    In old poverty stricken China the poor who couldn’t afford tea drank poor mans tea -hot water!

    "I'm willing to bet 80% of those people have always been on aid, are misspending their money, lie about their poverty to receive aid."

    Well this is the way America functioned and wealth was distributed after de-industrialization and debt was extended for people to live the American lifesyle on credit.

    This living on Credit and high government handouts system was only possible under the dollar hegemony system until credit supply maxed out .

    In fact 50% of americans pay no taxes and most receive subsidies from government in one form or another. In family income and food stamp supplements etc

    More than 80% of the working people were simply supplying services to other americans at their value in order to keep mostly foreign cheap created material commodities value circulating and extracting a profit or living directly or indirectly from that economy.

    High waged productive industry like car manufacturing is now being bailed out .
    The housing construction jobs are fast disappearing and its cheaper labor hard workers are leaving the tool sheds and heading back to Mexico.

    Some still employed, even retired hard working workers ,believe that the unemployed are living on wealth from their own work and taxes.
    That they are exploited for contributions for the lazy who now cannot even find work.

    But ask yourself if everyday wealth appears to be an enormous collection of physical commodities ,houses ,car, food etc Just what physical wealth are you yourself actualy creating in your own services or government job?
    Physical commodity wealth and profit is mostly created in industrial production.
    Not in commodity circulation or in exchanges of equal value.
    So, American capitalism once got most of its profits from industrial and agricultural production, transportation of goods ,housing construction etc physical stuff.
    The finance sector made profits loaning and investing industrial capital , from mortgages and rents on the houses and from commercial property . Not primarily from fraudulent bond sales and derivative bets and now foreclosures on bad debts of debt peons.
    So what work do you do now ?
    "Adding value" in Advertising, selling ,insuring ,credit arranger, security guard for commodities ,lawn mowing, fingernails or other services commodity provider .

    That is, just what new value are you really creating 'value adding" in services in the goods and wealth circulation sector of the globalised system of production and wealth distribution?

    Pre crisis ,after paying costs, including wages costs ,after tax corporate profits of all US corporations including in the finance sector were only equal to the foreign supply of invested money . Money for financing consumer goods/trade deficits and for government deficit spending, as well as f trillions in investments in recent years in dud sub prime and other fraudulent AAA bonds.

    Insufficient exchangeable wealth was being and is being created to exchange for foreign commodity wealth. Old Disney copyright products and offshore profits from a Windows monopoly, are now mostly transferred to offshore tax havens .
    America is now a failed Ponzi capitalism unable to pay its promised interest and dividends on its past debts.
    The value of the dollar is in the process of being inflated away by wild money printing
    Despite the personal belief that your own particular job is productive of wealth ,the total figures show that in the whole economy America, is an unproductive of profits economy.
    So you are too on average a wealth taker not a giver.

  11. When I was younger, my mother and I were so poor we rented a tool shed and garages to sleep in...Never asked for aid...So not exactly feeling sorry for these people.

    The reason why you and your mother lived in a tool shed when you were younger baby boomer , was actually that America did not even have a halfway decent social security system or housing or other help for single Moms until Johnsons “Great Society reforms began to change things.

    The reason why you claim to take pride in not asking for welfare “aid” at that time ,was it was bad for your pride and dignity to be refused , because in the America of that time little government help was available .

    And a waste of time and loss of dignity in asking.So you didnt!

    When you did got older industrial America was still in your day , in the “long boom” jobs ,incuding unskilded low education jobs for you were readily available , if you were willing to work hard you could do well and even save for your old age .

    That is not the case today, in de-industrialized , now welfare dependent America their is capitalist unemployment and overpopulation because many cannot be employed profitably by capital instead of a long boom a longer depression looms.

  12. hes idiot if comine from time libreraries not exist. he thinks he s tough and hardn. How hard is it to find job. no jobs exist stupid baby boom man. youi listen to me get in street and tjhrow rocks, eggs, items, objects, practice freedom. you like hard times try it here with me. Now we have bad goverments taking over oil and army, money printing, car wires. help me find gold. Thanks.

    - Sam

  13. The number of illiterates and vicious people who comment here and elsewhere never fails to astound me. I read the newspaper article (about Atlanta, GA) and then I read the comments too. The entire first page was nothing but disgusting comments about blacks and women with kids.

    You assholes remain clueless about the corporations who control us and who make money from our misery. Instead of coming together to fight them, you eat each other.

    Yeah, you can survive the winter if you live in one room with a single heater, but so what? Is this what future generations can look forward to?

  14. moving out of my apt. and living in my car for a year.


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