Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Passed 3-2: Internet To Be Regulated

The FCC has voted 3-2 along political lines to extend the government’s reach and regulate the internet via net neutrality.
The vote to institute net neutrality rules marks the first time the government has stepped into the world of internet regulation. Proponent’s of the net neutrality rules say that the move allows the government to stop companies from controlling too much of the internet, while opponents view it as a scary example of government control and an impediment of private business.
“As we stand here now, the freedom and openness of the Internet are unprotected… . That will change once we vote to approve this strong and balanced order,” FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said at a commission meeting on Tuesday, according to The Hill.
The paper says the new rules “create new transparency standards for wired and wireless carriers,“ while also preventing ”wired carriers from blocking lawful applications and services.” For example, “wireless carriers are prohibited from blocking websites as well as applications that compete with their services.”


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  3. These people are scum, WHY WHY take over the internet. Believe me its not for your benefit because they care about you. They are dictators, they make chavez look like a saint.

  4. Chaves has now copied the American Bush/obama system ,semi-monarchial rule by decree or executive orders.

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    And I do not think Chaves has voted or decreed tax cuts for the rich ot time limits for state payments of unemployment benifits for the masses.
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    Comrade Chaves appears to be opposed to the free money for capitalist bailout system and prefers simple nationalization.

    Chavez likes playing the popularist role of "peoples benevelant dictator", while an American President can now only promise austerity and hard times to bail out the rich.

    After all the Chavez goverment still has oil income revenues to divvy up and spend, while bankrupt America has wars to pay for and any falling future tax revenues are already all promised as dividends for the treasury bondholders and for other banksters scams.
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