Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Real Unemployment is over 30 Million

The storyline being sold to the American public by the White House and the corporate mainstream media is that the economy is growing, jobs are being created, corporations are generating record profits, consumers are spending and all will be well in 2011. The 2% payroll tax cut, stolen from future generations to be spent in 2011, will jumpstart a sound economic recovery. Joseph Goebbels would be proud.


It was another wise old man named Ben Franklin who captured the essence of what those in control are peddling:
“Half a truth is often a great lie.”
The economy is growing due to unprecedented deficit spending by the government, fraudulent accounting by the Wall Street banks, the Federal Reserve buying $1.5 trillion of toxic mortgage “assets” from their Wall Street owners, various home buyer and auto tax credits and gimmick programs, and Fannie, Freddie, and the FHA accumulating taxpayer loses so morons can continue to purchase houses. Jobs are being created. According to the BLS, we’ve added 951,000 jobs since December 2009, an average of 79,000 per month. Of course, the population of the US is growing at 175,000 per month. It seems that there are millions of jobs being created, just not here as shown on these graphs from the NYT.
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  1. Bush denied the amount of unemployed under his regime. The Obama Administration has to clean up the job lost pandemic that Bush caused.

    What a the patriot? Well the Republicans like to call themselves patriots, they can't support the president so can they call themselves patriots?

    If people complain about Obama one more time I swear I could lose my mind. Obama has reversed the mess that Bush created with his anti free speech rampage andfd hatred for gay people. Obama is tolerant to all and helps many. Bush arrested people for being brown. Where's the Constitution?

    The biggest criminal in the last few years was Ron Paul. How bout him conspiring against America while Obama, and even worthless suckers like McCain - give credit where credit is due I suppose, went out in public like heroes as they vouched for presidency.

    Ron Paul sat in the shadows like a crook would and savored his strength for some kind of disaster where "God" would step in. "Jehova told me to, I vas jus vollowing orders." Right Ron?

  2. The biggest criminal in the last few years was Ron Paul. How bout him conspiring against America while Obama, and even worthless suckers like McCain - give credit where credit is due I suppose, went out in public like heroes as they vouched for presidency.


  3. Obama Rips Russian Tycoon Verdict and defends the American oligarch system
    After a Russian court found Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky guilty of embezzlement—and tax evasion of 10s of billions in US dollar terms. He now faces a few more years in jail.

    Of course the prosecution is widely seen as “politically motivated” by western business leaders as reported in the American MSM they own.
    The oil and other billionaires of the often dual national oligarchy in Russia got super rich when the drunkard Yeltsin handed over the national assets to them as cheaply priced loot. Now they widely engage in globalised tax avoidance as all normal big business does.
    While the US enonomy itself is now perceived to be riddled with criminal fraud it is all backed by “ legalized “ government approved accounting scams to hide the rot ,there are no big prosecutions ,as the government SEC itself runs cover for American oligarchs .

    None of the top US billionaire oligarchs and bankstas are ever punished under a Bush or an Obama beyond the odd financial slap on the wrist fine ,after which they get to keep the loot and have even been granted additional free money and extra bonuses to bail them out of trouble when their ponzis go belly up.

    This freedom to do business in America without bureaucratic interference or ‘exessive regulation is contrasted by Onama to the legal conditions in Russia , where it seems there are some anti-business hangover sentiments of legality from the old State Capitalist period .
    —President Obama in a sharp defence of the oligarch system issued a rare reprimand to Russia, calling the case ;

    “an abusive use of the legal system for improper ends.”

    This is shocking case for Obama ,where in the US the rule of law has been exchanged for a law by rule and where a handouts bribe system of the Yeltsin type now exists to plunder and hand over middle class assets and savings to Americas own billionaire oligarchs .

    A prosecution like that of oligarchs could never happen in America under Americas own Yeltsins ,Bush and Obama.

    Recently Obama was able to extend the Bush tax cuts for the better off while tightening up on austerity for working people in partnership with Republicans .
    Comrade Troupe the "Lefty" ideologue applauds .Just as long as the “brown people’ keep their food stamps without any Austerity discrimination on whether they are gay or not and as long as unemployment benefits are not extended beyond 99 weeks.
    Even though the jobs do not exist ,despite Obama managing the Bush started bailouts for the oligarchs so well but trickle down isn’t working so well.
    No matter says comrade Troupe, Obama is a great patriot and “fixer”and plays the patriotic card demanding support for the- commander in chief –of the “left” not for country or constitution.

    In America billionaire criminals or bankstas are never ever sent to jail, as America believes in free trade , the prtinting press, prayers and handouts for automatic economic recovery and a Messiah for bankstas.

    America is after all still THE LAND OF THE FREE for Bankstas and criminal oligarchs.

    Americas oligarchs are safe with Obama and comrade Troupes Brownshirts types out to defend the rights of the “brown people” of the "left" Corporate state of bailouts.

    Singalong now .
    "we are climbing Jacobs ladder."

  4. Even otherwise brainless celebrities like Ashton Kutcher are speaking out about the coming implosion of the economy.

    Hopefully the helpless twittering twits who can't go a day w/o their little electronic I-pad toys are listening to some degree.

    Never before has such a deluded populace gone so far. The banker media and our puppet government can only cover up reality for so long. When the Oligarchs decide to pull the plug, Holy Crap.

    I am a very upbeat person, but I see no reason to celebrate the arrival of New Year 2011. If I celebrate it will be with other like minded people who will 'celebrate' being smart enough to prepare for what is coming.

    To party among the clueless sheeple as they prepare to walk face first into an economic chainsaw doesn't sound that appealing.

  5. We have a tendency to judge our sanity by what others think about the choices we make. Since 98% of the population is in a mindless, irrational, drugged haze, that urge must be put on the shelf.

    While your friends are buying new cars and TVs and you are in the back yard filling water barrels and storing away freeze dried food, you must come to terms with the solid truth.

    That is you are living in a Matrix of sorts where every ridiculous and blatant lie is 100% truth to the deluded masses. If you are among the 2% that can think for themselves, count yourself very fortunate.

  6. My brother is a doctor and even he thinks everything is good in America. He is making 40 thousands a month and not a single dollar has gone to buy silver and gold. I have told him about getting into precious since 2009. I hope one day his money will be useless due to hyperinflation. He will learn his lesson about trusting the government.

  7. 12:34: Completely delusional. Accusing Ron Paul of being the bad guy. Wow, you're seriously cuckoo, man. Disinfo agent mayhaps? Provocateur of the day?

    5:18 Says his brother is doing well (a doctor). Well, of course he thinks all is well; lol, I suspect right now the only people who are not scared or worried are those who have their jobs and think they are secure. There are two types of people, regardless of intelligence level, I.Q., etc. Two types of people -- these are optimists and pessimists as they are traditionally called; I suspect the latter today are realists, but people like to call them pessimists, doom and gloomers, etc.

    People who are doing "okay" and are optimistic by nature probably aren't worried. But that's their problem in the end. We are all born with a different kind of intelligence quotient and attitude in life. People who are both smarter AND realistic (careful; observant), are naturally going to pick up on what's going on right now.

    So no, not everyone is going to see what is happening. But that's the way things have always been throughout history. You cannot save everyone, and in the end, it really is "every man for himself" in some ways. Those who have eyes to see will see, and will at least by psychologically prepared if they have no other means to do so.

  8. It is absolutely over. It is just a matter of time now. The Manufacturing jobs have been going overseas for decades now. Then the white collar jobs have been going overseas or given to H1B workers from India in our very own country for almost 2 decades now. When there are no jobs, the SHTF! No doubt in my mind.

    I'm guessing we have about 2 years before the big collapse comes, if we are very lucky, maybe 3 or 4 years.

    Prepare now, Buy non perishable food, keep enough water on hand in case the col;lapse come early. Guns, Ammo, a radio, batteries, and if you are optimistic that we will one day recover, then precious metals.

  9. 5:18 - Your brother, the doctor, sounds completely clueless. I guess he has hasn't heard about Obamacare and the impending nationalization/socialization of the American health industry. Don't worry, he won't be making 500K/yr for very long.

  10. Hope the new Year will bring some jobs to the American people, who are devastated by the job losses.

  11. Most doctors don't make that much unless they are high-level surgeons. My uncle is a doctor and does basic family practise type stuff and he hardly makes that much per year. Maybe $100,000.00 per year, and remember, they take taxes out of that. I had a neighbour who made about the same ($10,000.00 per month) and after taxes, his wife said he only had about $7,000.00 per month left. This neighbour also was affected by the economy, lost his savings and 401K and had to move. These are not really rich people, the really rich people are making millions per year.




  13. Under the sickness of affirmative action, Obama will get a pass on his incompetence and all the damage he spews upon the "57 states." It's not his fault, the white European man held him down.

    Status by EEOC points, not intelligence and ability. Obama and his followers are the poster children.

  14. Jacob Troupe...Can I get a hit of that bong please?

    ubama is sadly enough financially worse than Bush...He might not have caused so much damage to our military or other countries as Bush but financially he has pushed us past the edge of Dollar Collapse.

    We are for a simple analogy Wiley Coyote and we have gone passed the cliff and are just floating in midair...ubama is either a huge liar or a huge idiot...Pick one.

  15. think they started tinkering with all numbers big time, employment too, with kennedy, and nixon, carter,ford,reagon,bush sr, clinton all did some tinkering so..
    i like it when they exclude food and fuel from gov inflation food and fuel costs don't matter, nope, but they use it to count sales so sales appear
    so this new 2% payroll reduction, a money shift from your check to food and fuel with you as the middleman, and if food and fuel doesn't get it all, prop taxes, fee's, healthcare..but no-you won't get to keep it, it's just a shifting of some money to others
    :)) happy new year


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