Thursday, December 30, 2010

Silver Will Be Worth More Than Gold


  1. Ok where are the you cant eat it morons?? YOu also cannot eat worthless us dollars, that are printed round the clock and become more worthless, every minute.

  2. I'm expecting criticism from all the wild west minds here after this one.

    Guess what people? Silver has never helped society. It sits in bags and just looks good on the shelves of wealthy snobs. How many times have you seen anyone do anything with silver?

    Back in the Carter days he was only given such blame thanks to these kinds of speculators. The real source is always panic. When someone panics, the rest panic. This is what causes depressions.

    Right now we face Global Warming, overpopulation, a lack of water and trees, a debt crisis, and a temporary shortage of jobs. Obama is getting the planetary cleansing models outlined.

    As soon as he can fix it up the population problem will decline, we won't have so many worrying about water and trees running out.

    Then the debt crisis will submerge and we all will get some green jobs. But don't bank on silver. Silver is not gonna happen.

  3. Jacob, you are very ignorant. You say silver ain't gonna happen, but then where were you when it was at $8 per ounce, and now it's over 30. Have you hugged a treee lately? You appear to be drunk on the kool aid of the global warming scamers. There will be a shitstorm coming and it's going to be ugly. You will no doubt be one of those looking for a handout at camp FEMA and licking the boots of your masters, while those that hold metals and other tangibles will look like genius material.

  4. But can you be so sure about that? All currencies are about to die. When it happens how will there be anyone there to be the judge of precious metals and there worth?

    Those with gold, if they go up to somebody trying to give it out for whatever they think they can get with it, what will stop somebody from shooting them and walking away with the gold pieces they had?

    There will be nobody working at stores, no cops, no politicians. The entire system is collapsing. Who the hell will be working at FEMA? For what pay? And who would be left to be the work horses for the elites? There, the concentration camp theory is debunked by logical questions.

    So if the Alex Jones/FEMA nonsense is true, what will the 2% who have precious metals, along with the fraction of a percent of elites do after the rest of the population is wiped out? So maybe six million people will be left who had some trinkets, coins, and the billionaires that stored up gold bars and what not.

    What will they do after that? Sit around and drink tea admiring their collections? Are they going to import 100 million people from third world countries to make up for the middle class they just annihilated?

    FEMA lol.

  5. @ Jacob Troupe

    you have so much faith in obama fixing things that you fail to realize obama has no power to fix things.

    you obviously don't understand the system and how money is created. and it's clear you have no understand of the fundamentals of silver.

    I hope you clue in, sooner. rather than later.

  6. Judas turned in JESUS to get his hands on some silver...

  7. wouldnt food be worth the most? i mean i dont really see people fighting over silver or gold but i can see riots happening over food and water to keep themselves alive.


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