Friday, December 24, 2010

To All Loyal Readers: Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


  1. Thank you for all the hard work you do keeping us informed! Once I get a frick'n job -- this'll be the first site I support!

  2. Appreciate your efforts and I enjoy reading this blog. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Ken

  3. Merry Christmas to TCD. Your hard work on this site is very much appreciated. For those of you out there that read this blog...If you have not donated to this site, please do so.

  4. yes THANK YOU, for the hard work,the selflessness, the foresight, patriotism,just to scratch the surface. merry CHRISTmas....

  5. Hope went out with the cornation of the communitty organizer. May the new year bring change.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  6. Peace on earth for all men, would best be acheived by an end to consumerist economies that depend on militarism and financial hegemony.
    Economies ,that are run for the benifit of the few at the expense of the vast majority of the people ,particularly the vast majority in the poor Third World ,now living in countries of restricted soverienity that have as a result no economic security and vast underemployment for their potentialy productive labor that resticts the economic developement of the whole world .
    Unless their is profit flows to the already rich.
    Not only in the poorer contries but underemplyment and stagnation in the now insolvant debt ridden rich countries too.

    But ,in religious terms the growing collapse of the satanist world temples of bankster usury are creating a worldshaking wind of internationalist change and hope for humanity throuout the world this Christmas and in the year head .
    Best wishes to the providers of information that operate this website and to its knowledge seeking readers.
    Knowledge of information on the state of the real world gives power to those who will organise to make the world a better place for the lives of themselves as individuals and for all humanity.
    In order to have construction there must first be destruction.
    Wasnt this a truth said to be known to Jesus?

    So, rejoice and be merry in this season of hope ,for humanity ,the future has never looked brighter. !

  7. christmas is a sham, everyone I know is struggling, losing everything, hardly have food or any monny, losing their homes, cars everything, christmas a total sham waste of time and distraction

  8. 9:17 I agree 100%. Save your money (if you have any) or exchange it for SILVER and or GOLD. Screw gifts. Merry xmas everyone!

  9. Life sucks, and than you die.

  10. Religion results in a natural giving thanks to the Lord or a God in the good times of divine provenance ‘god bless America”
    But is also touted as being a great help and consoler in hard times too .
    This is not the truth, how can one have faith and confidence in continuing benevolence when the good Lord is clearly withdrawing support and times are getting tougher in an insolvant economy where there are less and less jobs to be found .

    Consider the pessimism and lack of religious faith in Americas economy and its economic messiah system shown in the comment above ;
    The sheer shock that God blessing the usury debt based economy is failing to deliver increased property values and wages and are falling .While unemployment and debt rises to biblical doom proportions .
    Even faith in Christmas itself is denied!
    “christmas is a sham, everyone I know is struggling, losing everything, hardly have food or any monny, losing their homes, cars everything, christmas a total sham waste of time and distraction
    December 25, 2010 9:17 PM

    There are two sources in the hope for change by humanity .
    The first :
    Divine intervention at end times, or divine intervention to help sinners or on a practical level via a just or socialist Messiah leading to the eternal good times .

    As America is a capitalist country socialism in America is socializing losses for the rich.
    Even the mission accomplished, Decider guy, finished up being a bit of a washout ,after all he was ,with his tax cuts and pharmaceutical benefits scheme for the pharmaceutical suppliers the biggest socialist Messiah for the rich of all times.

    He topped it all off with the great TARP bailout that only bankrupted America as the finishing touch.

    The current American democrat Messiah is not doing well so at keeping with Bush in the building of confidence for saving America. But is doing a good job ,the best he can ,of delivering value to the rich at the middle classes expense.

    After all with his Medicare scheme to help the insurance companies he cannot compete with Bush in large scale socialist national debt creation.

    The tax revenue Treasury kitty bag was already cleaned out by the Bush socialist coup before the Barry manager even took office .
    So, top prize in national debt creation still goes to the Bush pharmaceutical benefit scheme and the bailouts system .

    He ,the current Messiah and promiser of hope and change started with an empty kitty ,unable to compete with Bush ,he has had to stand aside and play the role of John the Baptist and concede the field of “hope to save America”, to the alternate Benjamin Messiah now left to simply create/print money debt from fresh air and by heavenly drops of money by helicopter on wall st and rich investors .

    Gifts of free value jobless “recovery” blessings much greater than ever contemplated by a mere Santa wish list as delivered from his sleigh.

    The second method of hope and change is a bit more down to earth.
    But appears to be now Un-American.

    It depends on people deriving hope from the potential of improving and sharing in the productivity in human labor ,by actually, creatively , creating additional wealth from the materials found in nature. Not simply wealth from god or fresh air Ponzi scams .

    To make for example tool making tools ,able to make more tools, in order to extend the power of human labor ,of making human progress in physical productivity .
    No god, prayers ,or Messiah required ,just some organised hard industrial work and then some real distribution and sharing of extra new wealth problems.

  11. Christmas is for children right ?

    And what a present they are getting for their future as hereditary Debt Peons from uncles Santa Ben , G.W, Barry and the bankster gnomes of wall st.
    Their future is being stolen , all they will have is A failed Ponzi services economy loaded up with old debts.
    And with debt laden underwater mortgages and falling house property values as an inheritance .
    As the current adult generation continues to borrow itself into oblivion.
    As the automatic earth says: @
    Merry Christmas.

    “This can't go on forever. You live on the money your governments have borrowed from your own children (90% of which went to the banking sector to begin with).
    Now, I don't know how many children you already have or are planning for, but there will be a perceived limit to what your offspring can service in debt, and when we cross that limit, the international financial markets will either make us stop it altogether or force us to pay interest rates we can't afford.”

  12. 6:10/1:14

    You sound intelligent. But you sound either insane, or totally brainwashed by Socialism. You should really consider some self inspection so you may empty your cup some more to dig deeper into your mind/soul.

    I don't know if you're young. I've seen your posts often on here. If you're young it should just be a phase every thinker goes through. If you're matured then that Progressive indoctrination would disqualify you from being a thinker.

    I hate both capitalism and socialism. I know that we are in an End Times Cycle like you said. But if you really are looking for a human as a messiah you won't be able to receive the Gnosis/Tao offered to humanity at these crucial times that allow us to reclaim our True self (God). Which by definition implies there is no other being except yourself. The same being in me is the same in you, it's just unable to understand it since the biochemical processes consume it along with the flooded EMF field that clogs its perception and senses.

    In order to receive the full clarity of mind (purity of heart), one needs to remove all belief systems and can hold no side in the polarity fields of consciousness. That means removing not just the patriotic stances but also the antiamerican stances. Attain absolute neutrality so that you can rise above the coming Armageddon. Do not partake in it by siding with the multifarious groups and divisions which, even though unknown to them, are only helping spread delusion and fear in the billions of souls incarnated at this frantic time on earth.

  13. Oh brother - you deep thinkers really kill me !

    If TRUTH is what your seeking; you only need to read 3 things; all created with divine providence. The Declaration of Independance, The Constitution and the Bible.

    Whenever people start mentioning "other great people like Stalin and Tao and Castro run like hell the other way. Their line of thought started out just like yours and unfortunatly for all their "believers", they bled red, pissed yellow and shit brown; just like you and me.

    Somwone else posted here not too long ago stating there is nothing new under the sun - what a revelation that is! 'cause there's not; NO ONE here can come up with ONE ORIGINAL thought - NOT ONE

    Therfore; you are reling on someone else's conjecture. Same with books as well; it's someone elses point of view and in alot of cases
    merely copied material from yet another who has gone before.

    Use your own mind - but remember these 3 documents have never and will never be disputed by any human and the greatest minds this world ahs ever produced all agreed on that.

  14. Oh my goodness. After reading the comments I'm more concerned about some of the people who read this site than the economy.

  15. The best present you can give is the present... because the future looks so grim.

  16. Wow. 725 I agree. Theres some people on here that need more thinking and less anger. Socialism and Corporate Capitalism both
    repress the creativity of the individual...
    what fool would want it?
    The USA hit zenith at Nov 22 1963. It has
    been going down since and whoever says its
    best days are ahead is a sucker or a shill.
    We had a good 180 years of progress, and we
    will soon find out if this is a planned
    collapse, or the result of desparate delay attempt by scared career politicians, corporate influence and an ignorant electorate.

    917, Frank Capra was right when he showed that
    no man is a failure as long as he has friends,
    George Bailey gave up what he thought was a
    great future to stay and help in Bedford Falls,
    that happens all the time in real life...if you
    have your health and strength, youre way ahead
    of those less fortunate, like some of our vets
    coming home seriously wounded.

    Thanks to EA for this great site and the
    work you do to keep it that way, from

  17. So true and pragmatic 5.48
    It was so good and timely for the Supreme Deity -divine providence- to intervene with laws for his new chosen people and inspire a forever Constitution with more practical details than the old 10 commandments or the positive or negative forms of the golden rule ,all boiling down to laws for the liberty of property owners to be selfish and to call it freedom ,with equal rights ensured via contract laws .
    All American critical “thinkers’ only have to contemplate their inner souls or just read it to know its eternal pragmatic truths and universal validity .
    Only insane nutters or socialists could even think differently or question the Supreme Being or a Jefferson and co. exspressing and writing down the eternal spririt of the universe and our own inner souls , the human nature of god as americanism.

    "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men,
    they create for themselves,
    in the course of time,
    a legal system that authorizes it,
    and a moral code that glorifies it.”
    – Political economist Frederic Bastiat, The Law [1850]

  18. Happy holidays!!!
    Thanks for the site and keep up the great work!


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