Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Unemployed Slaughtered: 13 Month Extension A Complete Lie

This President just stood in front of the nation and told an outright lie. This is only the continuation of a mass slaughter for unemployed Americans. He specifically wants to make people think that he’s giving the unemployed thirteen more months of unemployment monies for those that are on unemployment now. Nothing could be further from the truth.
No one, but the people who are affected by this, will understand it. The Press knowingly keeps this lie and charade going. This is not thirteen more months of unemployment the way they would have the public believe. This is only a continuation of what is called “The Date Game.”
Everyone who is on unemployment was being cut off, no matter where you were in the process. No matter how many months you got, they were cutting everyone off. All this extension does is allow the people who did not receive (the “up to”) 99 weeks, who were going to be cut off before the (“up to”) 99 weeks, to obtain the rest of the money that was funded for the (“up to”) 99 weeks.
I’m going to try to make this as crystal clear as I can, because they purposely make this so convoluted that almost no one can follow it. The first victims of the economic collapse happened in November of 2008. And 800,000 plus people were laid off. In December of 2008, another 700,000 plus. January of 2009, when Obama was sworn in, another 1.2 million people lost their jobs. Just to make it easy, I’ll just focus on those nearly three million people.
All of those nearly three million people that I just spoke of will not get thirteen more months of unemployment. They get nothing. By the end of this month, all, and I mean all of those people will have reached their (“up to”) 99 weeks and will be thrown off the unemployment roll and they will no longer be counted as the unemployed, thus the unemployment number will go down.


  1. Interesting article until it got to the part about the Bush tax cuts.

  2. government lies? that is the reason why we need wikileaks

  3. More lies from the govt and MSN, yawn. Just in case you haven't figured it out yet, if you live in the goodoleusofa, YOUR SCREWED.

    So SHUT UP SLAVE and go watch your tv and eat your big mac.

    Or go to walmart and report suspicious activity to your Deutschland Security bitch.

  4. I read the rest of his article. It states: "Among the 2% of the rich, let’s just take these three people, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. They will receive nearly 10 million dollars, collectively and personally, from the Bush Tax Cuts."

    That is a LIE. They will not "receive" ANYTHING. The government merely won't "take" it from them. Does he think the government owns everyone's salary and that they send them what they think they should earn? Pretty backwards if you ask me.

  5. I need a date. Do you think Obama will hook me up? I need a good match and someone that will take care of me as my 99 weeks ran out and I sired 4 babies, 2 of which already went to the dumpster.

  6. I think they opened up pandora's box when they first extend the benefits. Now, everyone just expects the government to pay out-of-work people indefinitely.

    Yes, indefinitely. They keep extending it and extending it again. When will it stop? 2 years, 3 years?

    I know, someone is going to say "When unemployment falls, dumbass"

    Well, I ask you, "falls by how much?" When we are down to 5% unemployment? Well what about those 5%? Are you going to "throw them out in the cold"? Really, you must draw a line somewhere. The fact that we are broke tells me that the place to draw it is now.

  7. The important thing here is that the rich and connected get to keep more of their money so they can speculate in the markets and try to accumulate more. They also use the near 0% interest rate money to drive up commodities and slam the jobless and little people with increases in their cost of living that will bring additional hardship. The middle class is being wiped out and when it disappears so will the USA.

  8. 10:59 I agree with you but I think the point here is the hypocrisy in cutting off benefits for those in need while giving tax breaks for those who have much.

    Cuts have to be made...Accross the board...The Military-Complex needs to be cut by half...billion dollar jets/planes...862 military bases...over 5000 nuclear weapons...Weapons that even the military DOESN"T want.

    Save the cash...Pay down debt...Use some for benefits and pay into retrofitting the US...Taking care of the several million troops that came back hurt or honestly f*cked up...Deport illegals...Tighten the border...Audit books on people on benefits 30% probably don't qualify...All that I've said would change society but at this point they risk either pissing off some people or letting the system collapse.

    Which of course means they'll just let it crash...Politicians the last bastion of cowardice.

  9. LA '92 x 100000. The American Dream is over and you'll all die with eachothers hands around your throats -The logical extension of the economic cannibalism that is capitalism. Have a nice apochalypse- No rapture, just rupture.

  10. Nouriel Roubini
    is a tool of the nwo
    marc farber is dr doom
    roubini is an ass a proped up figure by the machine of lies.
    he couldnt get a real job so became a economist

  11. This tax cut was part of the trickle down BS that was claimed to raise all boats. Guess what....the middle class boat is sinking fast.

    We need to reculture and take the high road of shared sacrifice to turn this mess around and guarantee a sustainable future.

  12. but ,but, but ,

    this is the "boot the rich" Democrat wing of the "two party" same -same system .

    The "pro- worker ,pro- ordinary hard working people of the the middle classes ,the "left" parasites joe six pack party wing .


  13. Paying people forever to not work does not work. It's be tried with welfare and that did not work either. Statistics shows that most people on unemployment will get a job shortly after benefits are cut off. This increased our tax base and they are no longer a drain on the economy. Not to mention that the longer people are on unemployment, the harder it is to find a job. Many employers will not hire people who have been out of work too long.

    It does sucks for those that do not find something. But we just cannot afford it.

  14. So the problem arose due to the extension of benefits according to one anon poster. Well it will stop when the exporting of jobs stops, and when the importation of cheap labor stops. Also when you realize that if only some are able to eat then the hungry will be your guests at dinner. Sure you will defend your castle do you know how many unemployed there are ? A whole lot more than your government is telling you. And here is a clue to think about, I am unemployed and i plan to eat. Every day, with or without money, and the more comments like yours i hear the less I care how I go about it. I wonder how the millions of others feel ?

  15. Not at my table you won't - your a freeloader and think you have a right to be on a 80 year program.

    I got news for you asshole - life is a gift; if you don't want to embrace it ? Simple --------

    next !

  16. those that have managed to keep a good job or a good income in services in this insolvant de-industrialized system now consider those who cannot find a job and who must rely on government handouts because that is the only alternative way of making a living ,-free loaders- a scum - an unessesary burden, overpopulating and spoiling a good economic system.

  17. The real truth is that everyone wants to get out of work: some the people on unemployment taking longer to look for work, the manager or ceo who wants to delegate all of his work to his underlings, the stock market guy looking to gamble big in the casino and retire. I say get off your high-horse and stop beating up the poor guy doing all the work and acting like he is not doing enough. Its his back the rich rest their feet on. We should all boycott work at the same time to protest the criminal wars still in process, of which our taxes go to and our efforts propping up this war and destruction economy. Let's all go on permanent retirement from the system.

  18. Yeah - there you go welfare mentality bum

    Let's all fuck off for the rest of our lives on someone elses dime

    Only problem is fuckhead

    Ain't no someone elses left 'cause you lazy fuckwads won't work fer nuthin' less tha 50 bucks an hour

    When the fuck will all you idiots ever learn EVERYTHING COMES AT A COST


    Wanna swim/ You'll get wet
    Wanna Eat/ you'll shit
    Wanna drink/ you'll piss
    Wanna live/ you'll breathe

    Yada Yada Yada

  19. Unemployment payments end after a maximum of 99 weeks period for those who even qualified to begin with!
    Any new extensions just keeps that emergency extended program of 99 weeks in place, no new additional weeks will be added, GOT THAT!

    It gets to me when I repeatedly read comments by others lucky enough to still be working whining about how many endless years people will be able to collect unemployment checks.

    Simpletons and people purposely trying to distort the truth continue this disinformation campaign.

  20. 6.07 said;
    "Yeah - there you go welfare mentality bum

    Let's all fuck off for the rest of our lives on someone elses dime

    Only problem is fuckhead

    Ain't no someone elses left 'cause you lazy fuckwads won't work fer nuthin' less tha 50 bucks an hour

    When the fuck will all you idiots ever learn EVERYTHING COMES AT A COST


    please clarify your post

    Are tou talking about the bailout welfare system of the banksters and their economic systems supporters lucky to still have a job pigging out on the crumbs at the bansters cheerleaders table?

    Something has to indeed be done about these rich lazy wefare bums.

    The country cannot afford these parasite tax dodgers and their endless wars for empire system .

    Lots of ordinary people can not find a job now and are reduced to food stamps at their table in order to save the great economic system.

  21. 4.40 says
    "Not at my table you won't - your a freeloader and think you have a right to be on a 80 year program.'
    Dont exagerate .

    The great money printer says the job problem will all be over in 4 or 5 years.
    he is 100% confident in that.
    I mean ,its not like the war in afghanistan that has nearly lasted a decade so far and looks like lasting for a few more decades yet .

    If the US government can afford these trillions to pay for endless wars ,what does the cost of 4 or 5 year program for unemplyment benifits and food stamps matter amongst friends and needy fellow americans?

  22. 6:07 you are encourage to participate with civilized comments, thank you.

    While you were having a coniption fit you managed to completely miss the point, my kind intelligent equal:

    WE ARE SUPPORTING the bankers and the war mongerers! Do you get that?

    In other words, stop supporting THAT system. Nothing I said included being lazy and preying off of OTHERS WORK.

    Now if you don't mind I am going to go smoke a cigar and count more of my blood diamonds that my adopted children brought me.

  23. All part of the plan.
    I'm going to tell you I told you so.
    Government is moron management devoid of fealty to the American People.
    George Washington's vision at Valley Forge seems to be correct.

  24. Well if this is true,, we should be hearing from the 99rs very soon,, don't you think? I will admit that I got the impression that even the 99rs would get more.

    How are they going to afford thier cell phones and weed?


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