Sunday, January 9, 2011

9.4% Unemployment! How The Government Lies.

Hooray…Happy days are here again!

That is exactly what the elite would have us believe with the 9.4% unemployment number in this huge CONfidence game otherwise known as the USEconomy.

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” -George Orwell

We were having dinner at my in-law’s house and I had overheard the TV playing in the back ground. At one point, I thought I had heard the squealing of teenagers who were fawning over Justin Beiber. Instead, it turned out that it was someone on the news reporting the new, much lower 9.4% unemployment rate. I could hear the panting of excitement spoken by the breathless reporters who were interviewing very serious economists about this new 9.4% rate. The news aired their personal interest piece about a girl who was just hired at an internet company. She commented with the utmost confidence that the economy was getting better!! You have all heard that saying, “it is a recession when your neighbor loses a job, but when you lose a job it is a depression.” Well, according to her, we are out of her depression.

But alas, this is all a dream and the media is using their very best, tried and true propaganda to keep the people from getting too upset with reality. Let me just state that the real rate of unemployment is much, much more than the 9.4% and if the government really reported what was really going on, there would be revolution in the morning. Allow me to destroy this fictional 9.4% number and the billion dollar propaganda machine that provides cover for the trillion dollar banking and government schemes. I will accomplish this magical feat with writing a blog post in my pajamas. That is real magic!

“There are three types of lies: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics.” -Mark Twain.


  1. While the government fudges the numbers, the country continues to fall apart.

  2. Please leave the 911inside wackjobs at the Alex Jones site. I thought this was a web site on leavelheaded economic reality. Not a site chasing boogeymen in the night. This type of stories make this site look like a not so credible source of info. Forget my ever making a donation here. My money goes to reality. See yah
    bye bye for good............

  3. OK, bye, bye...for good.

  4. 1246am I agree leave the conspiracy veal for the freaks at prisonplanet this is a site for groups. Not kids in mommies basement smokendope

  5. If I didn't have dope to smoke then how would I know what time it was? Leave Al Bundy out of this please. Thank you. The problem lies in the one's who decided it was TIME to get to work.

  6. 12:46 I guarantee you never gave a nickle to this site. Beat it.

  7. I live in Iowa, where the published unemployment rate is 6.7%.

    I've been unemployed since March, and in dealing with unemployment agency reps, they will privately admit that they believe the true rate to be 30%.

    Peak unemployment during the Great Depression was only 25%

  8. When I come across people in real life (not TV) it seems half of them don't work (every other person). Young people and the extra old especially seem to be the least employed.

    I'd say for ages 35 to 50 the employment rate is the highest. The future isn't very bright for today's youth. If you're a young intellectual for example the world doesn't have much to offer you.

    Years back the American Dream allowed young thinkers to go to school, come out and get a job where they could work their mathematical or scientific insights to the fullest extent and
    get rewarded for it.

    No jobs now, no rewards either, and schools have become a place of dumbification thanks to the countless propaganda machines infecting the universities under the facade of "social programs".

    Hopefully a crash comes and any strong young minds out in the world (if there are any left) will be able to employ their gift to rebuilding the world on a better foundation.

  9. IGNORRANT : VOTED FOR CHANGE, now we have 1 in four out of work, or yes, underemployed,ha ha what bs. This country is falling down, government too shall fall, private sector pays for low life's in government , seiu etc. NOW WE GOT THE CHANGE AND MY CHANGE HAS RUN OUT. THANKS OSAMA OBAMA, SUPPORT THE MUSLIM TERRORIST'S, THEY LOVE YA MAN !


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