Friday, January 28, 2011

Bombshell: Underwear Bomber Government Operative?


  1. This was a False Flag operation from the beginning. Now his handlers are "suggesting" to him to represent himself.

    He will fry in the end. Too bad he trusted his handlers when they told him that nothing would happen to him.

  2. Those who actually LISTEN to the news and ANALYSE them, figured long time ago that it was a falls flag operation. What do you think was in Davos, that explosion? Evil Arabs? No, so called terrorists are sitting and laughing at how our corrupt politicians destroy all Western countries and bend over to the banksters. At this point they do not need to move even a finger-just keep on laughing.

  3. and it is sure funny, that within days of this event, the naked body scanners were installed. That naturally means the R&D, testing and manufacturing must have happened years prior to this event. All they needed was a reason (False Flag operation) to bring them into the airports.

    Next we will see them at train stations and shopping malls. That means to me that I will not go to any mall that uses these machines in the future and I will let mall management know why I will never visit their mall ever again.

    This is not about public safety. it's about CONTROL of the people. I always carry a pocket knife for plenty of good reasons, from opening my mail to cutting my sandwich or halving an apple. I would expect soon that we won't even be able to enter a store without passing through a metal detector. I visited a Credit Union once and it had double doors, after the first door closed, I was scanned for metal and the second door automatically locked. I had no way to enter the building, I could only exit and go back to my car and strip myself of a key ring and pocket knife and then try it again. It's sad to say the inside door opened the second time I tried to enter the building.

  4. LOL, talk about old news. Did the admin of this site just figure that out? This was known within 72 hours of the incident and the government confirmed this with their own docs within a month and a half of the incident.

  5. who brought down the twin tower?


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