Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Donald Trump- Hypocrite, Elitist Tool and War Monger

Donald Trump’s fiery rhetoric is designed to appeal to middle America, who has been raked over the coals, in this worst downturn since the Great Depression. In fact, it almost sounded like a guy who is going to run for President.  This interview is a trial balloon the Elite use to test ideas out to see how the public will respond. So get used to this type of talk because you are going to hear a lot more of it over the next 2 years.
I predicted this would happen at the beginning of the year in my 2011: Doom is Always 6 Months Away article.
In fact all of our problems will be blamed on China. High interest rates… blame China. $5 gas… blame China. Bridge collapse… blame China. American Idol sucks… blame China. Erectile Dysfunction… blame China.Into the shadows laughing. It will infinitely easier for America to kill millions of Chinese than to admit that we have been lied to for decades by the Elite. Nowhere will you see the Elite’s faces for their decades of manipulation, abuse, and destruction of this once great country.
What Donald Trump should be ranting about is his own Elitist class, that has created the China beast and more importantly has gutted America. China is not the cause of our problems, they are only the result of our problems. Our problems lie much closer to home and they are the very powerful Elite that control our paradigm.
China would have been a third world Communist cesspool, had it not been for our Elite empowering them..


  1. Make no mistake, China is not our friend.
    Did a Chinese sympathizer write this article?

    Everyone here is so open-minded to conspiracies, we need to take some time to consider that the Chinese propaganda machine is manipulating us.

  2. 10:12 you honestly believe that CHINA hates the US? You have been mistaken. In business people use each other for their own gain. They supply the junk, we buy it. If things don't work out, blame each other. The Elite are using us for their own benefit. You're the sucker who bought the junk, because we were FORCED to! The elite made a business deal, they could care less who it hurt as long as it made MONEY, end of story.

  3. China wants to crush us, after they get all they can from us. How hard is this to understand? We have been #1 far longer than any country ever thought.

    Is it not a matter of course to take down #1? What #2 sports team does not want to be #1?

    As for the non-existent birth certificate, it really does not matter. The Constitution requires BOTH parents to be US Citizens as well as the child (as in future president). Obozo's dad was NOT a US citizen! No matter how you look at it, Obozo is NOT the President of the United States and Congress and the SCOTUS care not!

    Are there any History majors who know how we can remove every member of Congress and the POTUS and the SCOTUS without without being accused of treason?

  4. yep the rich got richer. it's business and it's global now. when new systems currency comes along they'll simply switch to worshipping that one.

  5. I thought, if we could (and should) get rid of Congress, the POTUS and the SCOTUS and start over, we would have to basically tell our allies to phuck off and understand that our bottom line, our security and our economy is priority one.

    We will have to become an isolationist nation and stop being the world's police force.

    If the "elite" really do exist, we will have to go to war against them and the New World Order crowd. It will be long, bloody and complicated, but we will prevail in the end! The 2nd Amendment is the reason we are the MOST POWERFUL NATION IN THE WORLD and this will never change!

    Any questions?

  6. Bugs Bunny on steroidsJanuary 25, 2011 at 9:25 PM

    10:12 = truly open minded
    10:29 = small minded
    5:11 = somewhat right
    5:53 = bucktooth redneck

    The Chinese people do not hate Americans. The Chinese ruling class do however. The Chinese are now a much stronger military than the United States. They have computers faster than anything the Pentagon has to offer. Superior submarines, jets, and a workforce of 800 million.

    There would be very little the American marines could do against that. Sure, our infantry men are bigger, stronger, and tougher. But that is moot against their technology which is steadily making America's obsolete and with a population of 1.3 billion.

    And how exactly will the Americans afford to deploy for another war to defend any colonies? Sorry South Korea but you guys are doomed. Israel is going to be screwed too. America is screwed, Britain is screwed, France is screwed... the world is screwed.

    The only ones who have any chance for a mighty future here at this time are the Chinese. I'm not some stupid Progressive either. I don't hate my country or love it, I'm just telling it how it really is without any superstitious attachments. (i.e, "God bless America!")

    Americans are stuck to the television, internet forums, and cell phones as their brains rot away. Our discipline is so poor, our attention levels so low, our health is horrid, our intellects malfunctioned, our spirits decayed, and a large percentage of the population hooked on drugs.

    I was watching Glenn Beck earlier. My jaw nearly dropped and I don't think I'll be watching him any longer. He defended building more Walmarts as part of the solution for unemployment.

    Glenn how hypocritical! It was only last week you excoriated a Chinese business for its low pay, slavery like treatment to huge amounts of Chinese workers (slaves). WHAT THE FUCK IS WALMART!?

    I'm sure many Americans will be so eager to toil for the recovering economy as they make seven bucks an hour to purchase some bread and make payments on a home they are losing. Brilliant idea Glenn... more Walmarts please!

  7. 6.25 says
    "Glenn how hypocritical! It was only last week you excoriated a Chinese business for its low pay, slavery like treatment to huge amounts of Chinese workers (slaves). WHAT THE FUCK IS WALMART!? "

    Apart from the finance sector WALLMART IS AMERICAN COMMERCE.
    The original all our products are "made in america" Wallmart is long gone .
    That ended with the de-industrialisation and export of most of the productive jobs that American capital and wall mart farmed out to the third world .
    Unable to make a profit from un-competitive high waged American industry produced
    Commodities, Wallmart patrioticaly makes its profits in ‘America” for its American shareholders from selling cheap labor products from the third world.

    For a few years ,under the US dollar hegemony /military backed great Ponzi economy Americans benifted from system that as long as the credit rolled out ,Americans even though they produced little real world wealth , benefited in improved lifesyles from that.

    That benefit to you was the benefit delivered to you from Free trade in capital!

    70% of the US economy GDP was driven by consumption the rest was mostly profits from credit supply to finance consumption and from property bubbles ,extra credit incomes from using the house as an ATM ,incomes from services including financial services profits on supplying the credit to keep it all functioning.

    Be grateful, Debt Peon !
    Capitalism provided all that to you because it is the best of all possible economic system in the best of all possible worlds.

    Especialy in America where the ,bankers patriotically engaged in wholesale fraudulent sales of dud bonds just to keep it all going for all Americans .

    The poor Banksta buggers even went to the extra mile , even to the extent of bankrupting themselves just for handing out loans to poor Americans to buy houses or Mac Mansions and extending credit card credits, even though it was clear that that the consumers in the end couldn’t pay them back.
    They were the real american heros doing gods work!
    Look at the benefits and good times they bought to You.
    Naturaly it is good ,once this ponzi economic system imploded that the government on behalf of taxpayers should allow the banksters to keep all their past profits and socialize current loses because of their well known spirit of self sacrifice in patriotically expending credit way beyond any normal ,or prudent levels of traditional banking.
    After all a Ponzi economy has different rules. Fiat paper has its uses.

    Look at the benefits of Wallmart to You.

    Wallmart is the biggest employer of labor in America providing the best of all possible wages in a competitive world, that delivers great choices in different qualities of Chinese products to American consumers.
    At truly great prices!

    What the market demands!

    Its not the Banksters fault that irresponsible Americans grabbed at the cheap credit supply the banksters unselfishly pushed at them .

    The people /consumers had a free choice,on whether or not they would become debt peons just to keep up with old american lifestyle standards and the Joneses.:)

    Consumers refusing to spend just because they are running out of credit is the main cause that the American economy is so slack not the banksters or the fed printing money like crazy.

    So its no good whining that the quality of the Chinese goods in wallmart is so poor , it’s the best quality what a american debt peons can afford in today’s markets , even though the goodies they sell are the best produced by American Wall mart company buyers from near slave labor paid Chinese workers.

  8. 10.12 said:
    Everyone here is so open-minded to conspiracies, we need to take some time to consider that the Chinese propaganda machine is manipulating us.

    Good thing you are smart enough to get on to that .
    A thinking patriot

    Its clear you are no dumbed down Sheeple!

    Yes, its well known since they made the first Fu Man Chu movie that the Chinese clans own or dominate American banking ,the central bank , Hollywood , the American news and cable services.
    The only truly American free press resistance opposing this vast manipulative propaganda machine they do not own is only Fox news, CNN and the like MSM.
    The small ,but true ,free world resistance news services .

    The fed using their clans agent Bernanke
    probably secretly prints money for them, how else could they own so many treasury bills enabling them to blackmail America in the spirit of FU MAN CHU and Sun tzu too .
    A real conspiracy plot in order to create this economic crisis in preparation for a coming sneak military attack.
    Keep your eye on them patriot!

  9. The question is not whether mystery man Obama is eligible as “natural born” American, or born in Kenya , was registered as Muslim ,or had various unregistered name changes ,passports from other countries etc.

    But how the Elite controls American democracy .
    No questions allowed at all.

    The only thing the missing birth certificate proves is how the elite and their political and court agents manipulated the American election system to get their selected candidate elected by the money power ,whatever the eligibility requirements of the constitution.

    The mainstream news services and the republicans and Clintons went along with that.

    This is made clear in that Mc Cain had to PROVE his eligibility to congress and the chosen ‘left” Messiah did not.

    Obama was clearly and deliberately and knowingly let off the hook.

    And still treats Americans as stupid fools his protected arrogance is justified by past practice.

    If there was nothing to hide and no lies America could easily still produce his records instead he just laughs at America and the courts laugh with him.

    The political controllers and congress knew what was constitutionally required but did nothing. Not only his birth certificate was sealed but the rest of his important documentary history even his academic records and the name he used in college is sealed.

    Americans have the right to know nothing about the real facts of Obama whole life except what they are told.

    A ‘left” messiah confidence cult was created by the elite and the MSM ,like fiat dollars created out of thin air, neither has a basis in reality.

    Pelosi provided the faked up eligibility ‘certification” cover for the Demrats and the repuglicans and the courts went along with that, with no real questions allowed.

    That’s bi-partisan American democracy managed for the elite not 'we the people"

    Obama ,just like the old US constitional rules, belongs to no known for certain country now .

    Both are just manipulated tools of the international globalist money power.


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