Monday, January 10, 2011

Gerald Celente: Everyone Will Know Its A "Greater Depression" Soon


  1. Yesterday I bought 25 pounds of sugar for $14.80. 25 pounds of rice, $8.60, 25 pounds of pinto beans, $12.00. I expect these prices to rise very soon.

    I also bought 2 Israli gas masks at a military surplus store. You can have a gun and a thousand rounds of ammo, but it won't help if the police state gasses your street.

  2. While I agree with most of what Celente said, I don't agree with his organic food take. Perhaps he's referring to an underground black market type of scenario there because I don't the likes of the USDA/FDA giving everyone the green light to grow whatever they want and then sell it. If anything gov't is clamping down through onerous reporting requirements on independent food growers making this trend contracting instead of expanding. The mega agra corporations hand in hand with regulators are working towards eliminating competition under the guise of increasing food safety.

    I think what Celente is really saying here is maybe mass-disobediance when it comes down to the distribution of food products at the local level will expand regardless of newly enacted laws.

  3. yeah if people getting poorer they'll grow their own from necessity so..but funny that it'd be termed-disobedience
    government of the people for the people etc who say's it's illegal to have a backyard-or frontyard garden?

    I noticed his mystery thing was alt energy..just read that the UK's big investment in wind power is nil in cold army surplus wool pants

  4. Nothing is wrong. President Obama is the greatest leader in the history of the world. He will see us through this. If you believe otherwise then you are racist sexist homophobe.

  5. Google "S510" to see how the government plans to control the citizens' right to grow our own food. They have all ready arrested and fined people in various states of our "free" country for growing gardens. A Georgian man was fined $5200, last year BEFORE the bill was passed. Google it. Also, if you want to know who's behind this push:
    This is why organic foods are going to be more desirable. As people wake up to what "they" have been doing with our food supply, through pesticides and GMO's, consumers will want to opt for the more nutritional, safe alternative - ORGANIC food. Do you want to know why our honeybees and butterflies are dying off? How does one grow food without pollination? If this is killing off the insect life, what is the short and long term affect on humans?


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