Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jim Rogers: Social Unrest Coming

Rising commodity prices could trigger social unrest in some countries in the future, says noted commodities investor Jim Rogers.
Supplies for many natural resources low and demand for them high, pushing up prices. Most commodities values from corn to copper saw significant rises in 2010 and prices continue to hold solidly.
The last time commodity prices, particularly agricultural prices were strong, was in 2008. There were riots in some countries as some of the poorest people in certain countries were unable to afford basic staples. Prices for raw materials are rising again and if inflation starts to take off that will only stoke the flame, Rogers said.
“You’re already starting to see some unrest in some countries as prices go higher. It’s going to cause a lot more social unrest as prices go higher around the world. Some governments will topple,” he said.
He said commodity-rich countries like Australia and Canada and those in South America and Africa will do well if prices rise. Farmers will also benefit.
“You will see some governments topple. Is it the end of the world? I don’t think so. It wasn’t in the 70s. But there will be more political instability everywhere,” he said.


  1. There will be more social unrest. There will be more riots. Food prices will go higher. The price of gold will increase. Isn't this all pointing out the obvious and a bit redundant at this point? It has already been said a thousand times. Maybe they should be discussing more solutions.

  2. Yes...its redundant to you and those "awake" but how many close to you are just now suspecting somethings up? If one more warning from a Major Player wakes up another person or group or nation let it. Stop being so Damn Selfish...this is the life/death of humanity and civilization we're talking Grow UP and warn as many as you can!!!!

  3. LOL, how about you calm down and stop being bossy. This site does not cater to "warning the masses". It is rather more often suited towards preaching to the choir. But that is okay. What most of us are looking for is important news or information regarding the turning and slow decline of the economy. If you would stop preaching and think for a moment you would probably agree that anyone here that is not "in the know" is quickly labeled as a moronic sheep and told to take a hike. So much for your big warning the masses idea then.

  4. When I see canned veggies on sale for less than 50 cents, I'll buy as many as I can afford. The same is true for "Rice a Roni"-like products, dried soups, pastas, anything that has a long shelf life. Don't forget tea and coffee and Kool Aid for the kids and Tang (lots of vitamins) forget sodas. I buy Apple juice and V-8 and pure fruit juices. Today I bought 10 pounds of carrots for $4.00 and juiced them. I got 3 quarts and preserved them so they have at least a 1-year shelf life. In a few short months, you may not be able to buy fresh carrots! A couple days ago I canned 8 quarts of pinto beans. Do you have any idea how much natural gas it takes to cook pinto beans? Better do it now, as long as you still have gas to cook with! I used a pressure cooker, better buy one ASAP, it reduces cooking times and later when all you have is a Coleman stove or a fire pit, you'll love your pressure cooker.

    I have perhaps 6-8 months of food stored. I am likely the only SOB in my neighborhood of 220 homes that is prepared.

    I have about 50 gallons of water on hand. I still need to invest in one of those "Big Burkey" water filters or that machine from Aqua Blue. The Aqua Blue won't work unless you have enough solar or wind power to keep it running.

    You have little time left to get ready.

  5. Meh.....the people and you posters have been foaming at the mouth for several years now, I just hope the shelf life of all those canned goods is not about to expire,LOL.
    As for me, I will continue to go and buy fresh foods at the grocer.
    Time to sell a bunch of physical metals, since I have made a handsome profit to date.

  6. Yeah and since 2009 the dollar lost 50% of its value, products of every kind have risen in price consistently and gradually, nobody has been getting hired anywhere while many have lost the jobs they had.

    Net Neutrality was passed, more banks and businesses have closed down (see which is more than the year before that - even more failed in 2010, the Healthcare and Wallstreet Reforms were put through (thousands of economic regulations and burdens), the Euro is dying and those in Europe and Asia have been rioting like mad hell, the Credit bubbles have not popped yet neither has the Tuition debt, and the housing market is being pulled under even further with record foreclosures last month.

    The Fed is accelerating the printing process, about a trillion dollars each six months. Cap and Trade will get pushed through, and Immigration Reform as well I'm sure.

    Okay so anyways the country has been decaying for 20 years, now it is being roasted. It's falling apart more and more each day, there's nothing left to save except the lives of those you can around you. Notwithstanding blind individuals like 8:14 who think nothing is happening just because a meteor hasn't fallen.

    What are waiting to see anyways!? How foolish you were to get rid of your metals? Which I doubt you have. You're probably just joking to get a reaction out of people here. You succeeded. Now please go back to your World of Warcraft fansite and talk about the imaginary playboy centerfolds you banged with other high school potheads.

  7. 8:14, FYI, canned foods have a 30 year shelf life, perhaps even longer. If you are not prepared, I'll be happy to sell you a can of corn for fifty bucks.

    Keep buying your fresh foods, I see tomatoes are three dollars a pound. I'll just go into my back yard and harvest them.


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