Friday, January 28, 2011

New World Order Conspiracy Coming True?


  1. The Debt Peons of the First World in the US now fear the creation of “A New World Order” !!!

    What they really mean is they fear a change of status in the existing New World Order to
    that of Third World Debt peons.


    They fear that they will live and be treated like ordinary Chinese wage slaves as an overpopulated, unemployed mass, unwanted by capital ,because they as high waged unproductive Americans cannot produce a real profit .

    The economic basics for the current New World Order imperialist system have existed since WW2 as formalised at Bretton woods for peaceful competition between the great powers with the dollar hegemony ,the IMF and WTO set up. To ensure domination of the small countries and Third World peoples with neo-colonialist control through promises of economic development through ‘free trade” in service of the First world.

    Politically the New World Order was established internationally by the victorious powers of WW2 , by the creation of the UN with Veto rights of the big powers to ensure their control and to manage the competition between powers.

    This supra national power of the New World Order created UN was quickly demonstrated by its creation or invention of a new sovereign nation of Israel with a map drawn and imposed in Palestine by the UN.

    When the US was actually a profitable big manufacturing power the dollar based
    system had some economic basis,as was shown with the Marshal plan in Europe.
    Dollar denominated debts issued to Europe kick started their economies again.

    Earlier difficulties with using a US gold backed currency in a dominant world role were resolved by creating a Fiat dollar value system ,the US dollar was backed by subservient oil exporting puppets pricing their oil for sale only in that dollar currency, creating a worldwide demand in all countries needing oil and its derivative products.

    The old Soviet Union had been integrated a couple of decades ago into the western capital dominated NWO after an orgy of looting by oligarchs .
    China too has now been integrated into the free trade for capital dollar hegemony
    system as a major source of cheap labor profits through the export of its labor created wealth to subsidize the First World peoples incomes and consumptionist lifestyles.

    But as a real world result ,the other side of the coin , most of the people living in today’s anglo /imperialist dominated finance and trade system world , must subsist on a couple of bucks a day.
    In the end the First World US was consuming more value ON CREDIT than it created , the cheap labor created wealth being transferred to America from third world countries in exchange for dollar hegemony paper. It was in fact a paper backed Ponzi that proved to be unable to pay out its promised interest and dividend bills on its own government ,commercial and private debts.

    The credit supply for dollar denominated debts died in 2008 and the US now only runs on confidence in the money smell of its own printed paper.

    It prints its credit supply for government, bails out its banksters and prints its profits.
    All its banking sector “assets” are “marked to fantasy” value.

    Other countries from Ireland to Spain also have had their banking system ruined mainly by the purchase of trillions in dud US “AAA’ bonds and losses on derivative bets associated with those bonds.
    So, after years of making huge profits from this ponzi the banksters now demand a refund on their losses and taxpayer funded bonuses to boot.

    The US and its major British partner in particular, are insolvent and demand ‘austerity” for paying out on the huge losses of the finance sector by the governments socializing their losses, with bailouts not only from their own taxpayers but from other countries too.

    It will take decades of this Austerity to save the existing financial system they know and love ,as the Americans are converted to another cheap labor third world people sector in the old/new New World Order.

  2. Real freedom is in our handsJanuary 29, 2011 at 2:29 AM

    The governments, despite all their tools of suppression, are losing power. The global revolution is gaining more steam. We have to stand together and throw aside our differences in order to be strong. We have to refuse the same old forumula of governments that dont serve the people and puppets that quickly jump back into power, even after a strong movement has ridded the old bastards that camped out for years controlling our lives.

  3. People standing together for 'changing governments" united by Twitter as we will see in egypt only replaces one frontman puppet for the elite run economic system .

    Even by elections as we saw with 'hope and change "lies ,american politics.
    5o % +1 vote rules OK only keeps the elite in power with a divided and ruled people.

    Throwing aside "differences" in seeking strengh through "unity" withour a social and economic analysis of the reason for those differences and without changing things at the economic basis of those differences ,can acheive nothing meaningful
    Except a feel good unity of the 'brotherhod of man"as the 'unity in diversity" of the good old USA
    The same old shit.

  4. Oh looky.. a Fox news story...
    Surely everyone knows by now, Fox has ZERO credibility !
    Infowars ? Good old Alex Jones paranoid conspiracy theory shi-ite.
    When Celente speaks the same words, I shall listen...

  5. Real freedom is in our handsJanuary 29, 2011 at 6:08 AM

    Don't be so pessimistic 1:47. Did I not just say if we refuse to accept the same old formula of allowing puppets to come into power and control our lives? Throwing aside our differences against elites in power will precisely achieve something meaningful. The issue is we need to seek a new reality. One without pig-headed rulers, in fact one without governmental pyramids of power. We are our own power. Stand up together or step aside.

  6. Yeah, right... these governments are so friggin' big and lethargic now that they cannot be run effectively.

    Name any company that ever existed that got uber succesful

    Look at what eventually happened to that company

    Governments are the same - as soon as your delegating power down 20 rungs on the ladder

    Bad shit starts to happen

    Could you even imagine how inneffective a whole world anything would be !

    What a joke

  7. We dont need no stinkin' governments

  8. new world order conspiracy...hmm so all the leaders, men of regard, elected educated monied with power who have spoken of such a need for a new order be ignored. it's just a
    in other words it's real and here, those at the steering wheel talk of it yet some still add the word conspiracy in the title


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