Thursday, January 20, 2011

New York To Lay Off 10,000 Government Employees

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is weighing plans to lay off more than 10,000 government workers, rivaling the number of pink slips handed out by his father a generation ago, according to individuals familiar with budget discussions.
While Mr. Cuomo has not settled on a figure, the governor in recent days has told lawmakers and other officials that he is looking at dismissing 10,000 to 12,000 workers, or more than 5% of the state's public work force, the individuals say.
Not since the early 1990s, when Mario Cuomo was grappling with a recession, has a New York governor threatened layoffs of that magnitude.
Talk of layoffs has escalated as Mr. Cuomo prepares to submit his budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Since taking office on Jan. 1, after a landslide victory in November, the former state attorney general has enjoyed robust public support and has courted..


  1. ny state dems calling for extending the temporary tax at what point do temp taxes become permanent? oh...never(officially) just extensions in perpetuity
    wash rinse repeat as necessary

  2. News:
    “FBI Rounds Up 127 Mobsters in Biggest Bust in NY History...”

    But no ,don’t get exited.

    All is well!

    These are only the small timers, mosly nickel and dimmers, on the fringes of the economy .

    Just the FBI and “Homeland security” pretending to do their job of ‘saving America”

    But its O.K.

    The Bankster mafia of wall st. are still free to continue looting the American middle class savings for trillions.
    And running a TBTF mafia bankster bailout protection racket at the Federal Treasury.

    Bail us out taxpayers , socialize our losses ,accept austerity. or else we will take you all down with us!

    Nobody gets charged or goes to jail from that lot.
    Just the odd slap on wrist fine .
    Its all “Legit”
    As the SEC protectors are on the job at “saving America” too .

  3. banksters robbing us blind is ok though, they are the ones responsible for this depression we are currently in.


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