Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ponzi Metal Paper Scheme To Collapse Soon


  1. I feel sorry for the 99% of the lemmings that are holding paper currency and the traders, when this ponzi paper scheme collapses..well maybe not

  2. Marc W. - Los AngelesJanuary 18, 2011 at 3:45 PM

    For 4 or 5 years now I have been preparing for the crash. Im seriously beginning to think it may not happen -- that it amounts to a bunch of fear mongering to sell silver and guns and ammo and seeds and whatever else.....

    BRING IT ON ALREADY so we can heal and get past it!!

  3. Marc the crash is slowly proceeding like a cancer. Cancer spreads slowly. The drugs from the Doctors keep you alive as you suffer, just like the FEDS. But you ALWAYS die.

  4. And you haven't noticed how bad things have become!?

    Weird people. The crash already happened. Since the crash happened, the country and world have been steadily breaking apart piece by piece. What exactly are you waiting to see happen?

    You certainly don't sound like you have the brain power or focus of the average prepper. Preppers who have been preparing for years would have noticed things happening already - prior to beginning the prepping.

    You on the other hand sound like you just decided to post that for the heck of it. I could be wrong but it honestly seems to me like you either live under a bridge or just dropped by via myspace.

    What exactly made you begin preparing five years ago if you didn't notice anything happening? Things were somewhat decent five years ago (relatively). So what would have inspired you to go to the store to buy food or whatever if this panic wasn't here on large scale and you didn't notice anything wrong? You still don't notice anything anyhow... so why are you really posting here?

  5. Yes 1:31 - if we were the size of Argentina or Zimbabwe it would be over in a flash. The Redshield banksters didn't invest decades prepping us with the media, drugs, and propaganda to perform a full and sudden assault.

    The plan is a slow parasitic draining of American until we are groveling beggars.

    Abandon THEIR systems of control. (Worthless) fiat currency, religions, politics. They are all frauds in place to enslave you.

    It is too late for us as a nation, that is done. One can only prepare on a personal level now. Water, food, self defense, real education. Don't live in fear. Fear comes from the unknown. Be aware of exactly what is happening and deal with the best you can then continue to live the best life you can.

    There is a good video out called The American Dream. A cartoon on banking. EA should post it up.

  6. Let me tell ya WHEN...JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!! BUY GOLD AND SLIVER BULLIONS!! NOT GLD, GDX or HUI...coz, they are NOT real gold bullions. To those who buy GLD, GDX or HUI are just like kids playing fake paper game when they were young...since they are grown up but still playing fake paper game...

  7. I had a dream ,
    perhaps inspired by bible prophesy ?

    It was 9.11 again.

    But no NY or New Jersey firemen turned up to help the people after the explosions.

    There wasnt any firemen and not many police as they all had been laid off by the new Homeland Security Department.

  8. Without aid, DPS may close half of its schools
    Class sizes also would swell under proposal filed with the state
    Jennifer Chambers / The Detroit News
    Detroit — Detroit Public Schools would close nearly half of its schools in the next two years, and increase high school class sizes to 62 by the following year, under a deficit-reduction plan

    From The Detroit News: http://detnews.com/article/20110112/SCHOOLS/101120356/Without-aid--DPS-may-close-half-of-its-schools#ixzz1BSdRB0gr

    Its no good pussy footing around with these partial cuts .

    And what’s the good of all this education anyway for a future generation of minimum wage Wall Market workers and underemployed burger flippers, who can’t even afford to take a decent student loan to finance their own education without government subsidies.

    All government education spending ,overpaid teachers pension and student loan subsidy rackets should be cut immediately .

    Teachers and school janitors are clearly overpaid in an economic depression and a good
    system to save.

    Government and the socialist /liberals should stop handing out all this free candy to children. They only grow up improperly educated with no concept of the old fashioned value of money.

    Next thing you know the teachers will be playing on your heartstrings for your
    childrens education “needs’ and will be demanding a ratio of teachers to students of 20 or 30 students to one teacher ,like they say they are bringing in for bankrupt Cuba.
    More ,useless Job and poverty creation schemes at taxpayer and parents expense!

    Government should get out of the taxpayers pocket and the states should get out of the education business.

    Austrian Libertarianism demands that all education and the student loan business should properly and patrioticaly belong to free enterprise, that is for those that have precious metal hoards to invest, in the true American way.

    Full Austerity now to create opportunity for free enterprise profits.

    Lets get it done now so we can start the healing process .

    It’s the only way to save our system .


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