Friday, January 7, 2011

Ron Paul: U.S. Government Must Admit Bankruptcy and Stop Cheating People with Devalued Money


  1. Oh here we go. Ron Paul. Biggest crook of them all. How bout it Ronny? Sit back and watch the nation be destroyed by Republicans then claim it was a moderate? Are you enjoying the popcorn Ron?

    Hero... ha! My ass! You're a fraud and a conspirator. You robbed millions back during the Clinton years and called it "preventing a contingent problem".

    Repubs will come back now thanks to your game plan. Mudslinging all the lefties and pretending they caused this with Obama. How much money did you loan to the right wing media outlets Paul? You didn't even show your face in public until now.

    Congratualations! You wasted so much energy killing the career of moderate Obama, even though he's done alright so far. It would have been good if we could have had him be an actual Liberal, unfortunately he seems compromised at this point.

    Can we blame him? No. He's facing so much opposition from the people... futile. Keep up the work shadow man. Agitate the people and get them scared of the Communists so then they are forced to vote "right" again. Good work mate.

    As for devalued money, Alan Greenspan left Bernanke with the mess he is in now. He might as well keep printing and just hand it out to his buddies so that they can grab escape routes to other countries.

    Gold and silver are worth nothing. No culture ever used these unless they were in coin form. You should try to win some currency elsewhere, like try moving elsewhere. I would if I had the bling.

  2. 211
    your funny
    ron paul scares people like you because hes honest and wwants less coruption

    you must be one of the losers that left congress
    ron paul rules
    and in the end will help save america
    thank god we have ron paul you can have george bush and his wackos

  3. 2:11 U R A SICK,SICK PUPPY!!!

  4. 2:11 (Jacob Troupe) You are a sick, deranged puppy. No - wait, that's degrading to all the cute little puppies out there. You are a sick bastard. Ron Paul is the ONE true American and Patriot in Congress. He is the ONE who puts values above money and greed. I'm sorry you are an agent of disinformation. Either that, or you are just clueless.

  5. Oh I'm clueless yeah!? Around Christmas I had trust in the government that it was starting to get things right. Obama was going to be on schedule with his Greening of America, jobs would be created, oil men could happily convert to the new energy factories, and we'd have people using natural gas to travel much cheaper in a day's work and stop the penguins from roasting.

    But alas! it turns out that Bush's hatred for brown people ended up being stacked so high for us now, there is no possible recovery. Plus that, Obama was obstructed in getting his wonderful benefits done for the USA by the very people he was trying to benefit!

    Read between the lines dudes and dudettes, Ron Paul suddenly shows up after failing horribly in his last campaign. Now he sees failure everywhere, Americans are getting desperate, and are in pursuit of a hero.

    Hitler anyone? This is what Hitler did believe it or not. Hitler was a criminal, an outcast, and considered a lunatic by the majority of Germans long before he took head of the Nazi Party. After being imprisoned for conspiracy he conspired some more. Eventually he became the new cool since the old was getting bad. All the can't-fix-it chumps that loitered the system became increasingly unpopular. So guess what? That forgotten lunatic became the new hipster when he condemned them all publicly.

    Notice how popular Ron is getting now? Such deception! Take it or leave it. It has logic, it matches history, and in my own being feel something's off about him.

    Don't you know they can make monsters look like angels? Do you believe what you see in movies? The actor who plays Jack Bauer for example, do you really believe that chain smoking drunkard can pull off what he does in 24? It's called acting - and there are scripts with neat technology to paintbrush the scenes.

    I would have rather had change bring a Socialist in to take some of my income so that I could better Gaia and those less fortunate. But this Neocon will put an end to the planet. He'll start war with Iran and North Korea too.

  6. 3:33 - You are SO drunk on the poison kool-aid, and quite possibly one of the dumbest wannabe history aficionados to ever post drivel like this in a public forum. Ron Paul compared to Hitler? Is this REALLY some kind of sick pathetic joke? Perhaps you should take a little bit of time to research and get your facts straight before making such baseless accusations. Try starting with the legislation that he's tried pushing forward and that should be a pretty good indicator as to where this supposed Hitler-esque demon-spawn stands politically.

    Arguing Ron Paul notoriety when a complicit media jizzed all over itself to report a "black" man won the presidency? Obama's little brownshirt army of brainwashed minions is a perfect parallel with the likes of Hitler, not to mention the draconian legislation that's been churned out by THE most corrupt administration in history (who incidentally claimed he wouldn't rule by executive fiat, but has done quite the opposite), next to the Wilson administration (federal reserve act). Highly suggest you research HR875 and what's REALLY in the health care legislation.

    Lastly, words cannot describe how incredibly STUPID you are. This is why libtards should be the recipients of eugenics practices to the nth degree. "He'll start a war with Iran and North Korea"??? WTF? Right there is the clearest indicator of your insatiable desire to remain willfully ignorant of anything other than your lust for an administration that ultimately wants to turn you into a 3rd world peasant. Ron Paul is the ONLY conservative who has not only advocated pulling us from ALL unconstitutional wars, but out of most every country around the world.

    You are a f'ing douchebag.


  8. Jacob Troupe - You're a friggin' leftist wacko who needs to be taken back to the asylum as soon as I can get the men in white coats over to your house. Talk about looney tunes...WOW!

  9. Jacob Troupe - "Moderate Obama"? Surely you jest. I think you meant "Marxist Obama"!

  10. 1150 you mean Neocon Obama dont you, cont wars, create new ones in pakistan, yemen, obama is a war monger, you righties should love him, the way you loved war mongers cheney, bush and rumsfeld.

  11. What planet does Jacob live on?

  12. I just finished reading "Trickle Up Poverty". It"s a very convincing book that demonstrates just how much of a pure Socialist Obozo is. That man is dedicated to the complete distruction of the middle class. He is not an American!

  13. what sort of corporate state economics and credit banking did Hitler actualy practice during the depression, financing employment on autobahns and such before he created an Empire war slaves economy.

    Did he set a powerful Cental Bank to do this job creation ?
    Was it financed by creating a national debt through deficit spending .
    If so who owned that national debt.

    Or ,did he use spending from government credit creation issuance ,not national debt creation .

    Was the Reichmark backed by gold?

    How would ron paul "austrian" economics match those of the real world austrian fuhrer anyway?


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