Thursday, January 13, 2011

Silver: From $30/oz To Over $500 by 2020?

1.  Silver is more scarce due to 30 more years of industrial consumption.
2.  Paper silver scams are more abundant.
3.  Baby Boomers will be retiring, cashing out stocks and draining pension plans that have not yet invested into silver, causing other investments to vastly under perform silver, making silver ever more attractive.
4.  More trend investors today will notice the silver bull market and continued gains in the silver price, and invest in it, and carry it to further highs.
5.  The US government and political leaders are spending like never before, and the people, even the world over, lack the political will to control government spending which will ruin all currencies.
6.  There are no "safe" currencies to run to, leaving gold and silver as the only alternatives; and gold and silver have been in bull markets in all major currencies for 10 years now.
I'm sure you can think of many other reasons, but that's enough for now.
So, the true skeptic may ask, "Yes, but this guy is a coin dealer, he's just pushing his product because he has plenty of silver he wants to dump.  Besides, what kind of argument will he come up with to sell silver after it hits $500/oz.?"
Let me answer this two part question.  Yes, I do have silver!  I have it, because I believe that the price will go up a lot, thus, it makes perfect sense for me to carry it as inventory.  I sell it, because few people are able to buy it in bulk like we can, so I use my own stash, and industry connections, to enable others to buy it.
But what will I say after silver hits $500/oz., or nears that price?
I'll say, "Obviously this bull market in silver is just getting started.  Only 1% of American public money is buying silver per year.  Just wait until at least 10% of US money is buying silver in a year, the price will be well over $2500 to $5000 per oz. for silver."  
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  2. The only reason to invest in silver is the commercial use of the metal. Buying the stuff thinking the world will be using silver as currency is a fool. IF the industiral demand for silver drops, the price of the metal will follow. You may believe it will be used as money, but if you do not understand the industrial use of silver, then you are only speculating, not investing.


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