Friday, January 14, 2011

Economic Hitman Reveals Shocking Truths About The Government

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  1. Russiatoday? Haha... what a worthless source of degenerate haters of the USA. They'll make up any kind of lie to boost their self esteem.

    Go on a gaming forum and watch how some of the Eurotards will present their nations. Some Medieval topics, people like the Georgians or Serbians will discuss how they conquered this, invented that, created the first XYZ...

    sad. They have nothing now so they need to look to some inconsequential event and embellish it to feel better.

    And no I'm no patriot. There were great times in America in which Americans did great things. Today America is dead. The people in this lame ass country are generally impulsive, brain damaged barbarians all hooked on dope. To make other "lesser" peoples like us all you'd have to do is put them in a room filled with vaporated GHB. Have them breathe it in for a year while having their neurological chemistry malfunction as they watch electromagnetic images of fictional criminal investigators studying the bodies of murdered girls. Three in one! Physical depletion, mental deterioration, and sexual degradation. That's pretty much where the average modern American gets their education and perception of life anyways. I know people that actually believe Law and Order or CSI are realistic. People are quite delusional. I knew a guy who believed Spartacus on Starz was the actual history of Spartacus and it represented the Romans accurately. Damn, go read a book for once in your life you dumb Amerkan.

    I hate my country and I hate this world. The only thing keeping me going is the trust that the Great Spirit will wipe out this MESS and I'll be able to help create a new world with many other REAL humans.


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