Sunday, January 2, 2011

"These Guys All Need To Be Fired, Trialed, Hung, Burned! They're All Freaking Terrorists!"


  1. I'm pretty sure Max was trying to do his best "Drinking With Bob" impression that he could. (Drinking With Bob is an emotional commentator on YouTube.)

  2. While I agree with him, these are all checks we have been writing for a some time now that are coming back to haunt us. This derivatives and other double dealings are all part of the ponzi scheme house of cards that in my mind will eventually come falling down. While these thugs are fire-selling and getting fat bonuses and screwing tax-payers, the other side of the coin is that they must feel like this is the only solution to fix the problem - keep doing more of the same - borrow, spend!

  3. 12:51
    Max has been on TV before "Drinking With Bob" created his account on Youtube. You should see Max on foreign TV shows. Bob is copying Max.


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