Monday, January 3, 2011

Bans Of America Desperately Trying To Hide Wikileak Corruption Announcement

A team of up to 20 Bank of America officials, led by the chief risk officer, Bruce Thompson, have been reviewing thousands of documents amid a threat that it may be a target of WikiLeaks, The New York Times reported on Sunday.
The director of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, previously said he had intended to "take down" a major U.S. bank and reveal an "ecosystem of corruption" from data from an executive's computer.
Bank of America has been reviewing cases in which any computers were lost and was looking for signs that its systems might have been compromised, the newspaper reported in its electronic edition.
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  1. Wickileaks claims to be a website where whistleblowers can get material on criminality published.
    So far it has delivered up a mixed bag , some dramatic real exposures to gain credibility and then "top secret" diplomatic gossip that is released in dribs and drabs after censorship by the elite MSM cooperating with national security organizations to ensure that it is relatively harmless .
    Many suspect then , that that is the true role of wickileaks a set up to serve the interest of some particular countries and their economic system ,while acting as a publicity seeking ,trusted collecting point for whistleblowers material , but selectively only releasing some relatively harmless material, so that real leaks and any important whistleblowers can be plugged up.

    Somebody apparently leaked the dirt on the frauds and criminality of the insolvant bailed out Bank of America to Wickileaks ,with the intention that it be published in the public interest.

    Wickileaks has apparently had this Boa whistlebowing material since last January and despite the urgency of a world wide economic crises effecting all humanity ,has chosen to sit on it ,not even partially releasing it in its usual censored dribs and drabs manner .

    It promises to release some of this material sometime next year.

    By that time BoA may have already gone belly up and it will be "old news" if quantative easing government money printing for bankster handouts fails to save the bankster system from its own criminality and debts proves to be ineffective.
    As expected.

    Thus Wickileaks appears to be involved in protecting BoA from exposure by keeping this material under its protective wrap.

    For a whole year so far !!!

    Wickileaks has betrayed humanities right to know in a timely manner of the extent of fraud and criminality in the American bankster sector internationally .

    And has not kept faith with its intended whistleblower in publishing this material in a timely manner even by dribs and drabs.

    Why has it not released even one document from this leak so far if it is as important as it claims ?
    BoC as as shown above ,is clearly hunting down any other whistleblower sources and has time to try covering up its tracks under the protective wing of the SEC.
    Forewarned by Wickileaks it has had a whole years time to clear away any other more incriminating documentation.

    The timing of the still THREATENED future release of this information may be more connected with the plans of other Banks for a “managed collapse” and takeover of the good assets and dpositor base of a clearly rotten BoA , by other , in comparison “good” “more responsible' non exposed "safe banks” .
    Or taken over by the Fed in the 'national interest" after the other TBTF banks first load it up with as much of their own dud debts and financial derivitive bond frauds losses, for the future taxpayers to pay ,with BoA as the nominated TBTF ,because to big to save, fall guy and scapegoat ?

    Just like what happened with Bear Sterns ,Lehman brothers and AIG?

  2. Assange rocks. Run, Julian run. Audit the world!

    You are the taxpayer's hero and advocate.


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