Monday, January 3, 2011

We Are Living On Borrowed Time


  1. Got Gold you Beeches !!!!

    You betta you betta you bet

  2. so today say india they'll use yen and arab drac..(whatever currency the arabs have) to settle oil purchases with iran, china russia using yuan, brazil and venezuela soro's geitner sarkosi forcing global currency issues, iran heads opec starting this year..could be interesting year

  3. It needs to happen, my toilet paper isn't getting any softer. :)

  4. I am not a beeche. And I haven't got the money for gold. But for now, money,dollars, will buy food and ammunition and other things that will come in very usefull. Some of us , like MOST of us simply haven't got the resources to buy gold. Some of us are awake and are going to have to prepare ourselves in other ways. If "things" get really bad, I will not trade any of my rather large ammunition supply for gold, nor any of my food supply. I have a rural cabin that needs no electricity that I can go to and I won't trade that for gold either. I will eat just fine and I will be warm etc etc just like people did for centuries and all without any of your stinking gold!!!

  5. 5:48 the elite own GOLD so they can buy the land that your cabin sits on. As a matter of fact with the massive corruption going on today AND tomorrow, and since you don't really own the property you live in, EVER (only the air space), the person with the most GOLD will be able to buy that piece off the Government ( WITH GOLD) and KICK YOU OUT..

  6. i got gold beeches

    golden rule
    those with the gold make the rules

    those in the cabins better have vaseline

  7. So much for all you idiots believing in depression:

    "The Institute for Supply Management's national factory activity index rose to 57 from 56.6 in November, marking the 17th consecutive month of growth in the manufacturing industry, with a rise in new orders providing momentum for further growth.

    A separate report on Monday showed construction spending hit a five-month high in November, more evidence that the U.S. economy picked up steam in the final quarter of last year.

    "These good numbers continue the story of an economic recovery," said David Carter, chief investment officer at Lenox Advisors in New York. "For the market in general, we're off to a new start and people are optimistic."

    Monday's data dovetailed with strong readings on employment and consumer spending over the last few months of 2010, leading economists to bet a fragile U.S. recovery may this year finally turn into self-sustaining growth."

  8. 654
    we have reached the 2001 low
    and thiers no new jobs
    so take your bag of crack and smoke it
    delusion is alive and well
    the bottom will come quickly and you will be bent over in some cabin with a guy with no gold

  9. 6:54 you delusional nut, what else do you expect them to say.. so you can go into DEBT and spend money while keeping the ELITE RICHER. Just lie and put out an article so fools like yourself can believe it. Now run out their and get a CREDIT CARD

  10. Stop panicking and first ask yourself
    ---WHO was behind the video?

    Yes there are severe economic problems, however the jury is out whether this will result in inflation or deflation.

    For those who need a translation of the above;
    many savvy people think that the deprecation
    of real estate assets more than offsets what the (private bankers organization that BRIBED its way into controlling US money supply) known by the term the FED .... has created as credit & money.

    Don't let this video fluster you. 90% of the 'money' supply is not dollar bills. Rather it's Bank Credit. There's a huge ongoing debate over if this creation of 'money/credit' will in fact result in even 20% per year inflation...much less the 1000% plus per year hyperinflation that some are screaming about.

    Ask WHO is behind this video. WHY? Because there are some Billionaires who made their money via the corrupt status quo that seek the US to cut costs ...ON YOUR BACKS!

    That's right, Trillions go to bail out the Big Banks.... but when it comes time to cut, why its Social Security, or Medicare that need to be cut.

    Before those two are cut:
    1) Congress should have their lucrative Pension plan eliminated ( in case you did not know, only 5 years in Congress gets them a pension for life, and medical benefits for life). Is that a complete scam or not?

    2) Congress needs to arrange public financing of elections (so the rich can't buy them off in 'campaign contributions'. HaHaHa... that's a polite term for BRIBES!

    3) TERM limits for Congress.
    No life long CAMPERS who are merely proxies for the rich.

    4) Recind the Trillion dollar bailout for the top 6 banks. They are insolvent and corrupt.
    They deserve and NEED to fail.

    5) Stop the endless wars. The Military/Industrial Complex is a partner with the big banks/Wall St in raping this country.
    Note how there is always this bogeyman, this war on ... (fill in according to need) that America needs to stop. The Powers in Control always are fear mongering... stop the commies, stop drug lords, stop terrorists. This is all to get you to give them a blank check and sign away your freedom.

    Ask yourself .... who is behind this video and
    what their agenda is.

  11. bottom line.. gold and silver are after beans, bullets and band-aids. hard to fight the fact that silver went from 8 to 30 ..

  12. 654 and 734:

    We undertsand you're "intel" but also know that turning around this "Titanic" is way too late... The "RESET" is coming...the "ride" of your life is about to have (2) simple yet difficult choices...(1) Accept the New Order willingly or (2) Join the Patriot Movement, rebel and die a "Free Man" as opposed to live as a slave. It's that simple...even the Co-Intel guys that write on this Blog know whats coming!

    The choice is yours...

  13. To the person calling me 'intel'
    Get a brain.
    And improve your reading skills...'cause if you had read and comprehended my post it is hardly supportive of the status quo.

    In a 'reset' as you call the government goons
    will be 10 times more oppressive than now.

    They'll easily deal with your type.
    Can you take on a trained squad of soldiers?
    I seriously doubt it.

    But it won't even come to that. Likely you'll be driven to the hills where you'll deplete your stores in time, and ultimately end up cold,hungry,insect ridden and just plain worn down.

    Brains will win this battle.
    But there one aspect to your argument that has validity. It might take the anarchy of a 'reset'
    to level the playing field.

  14. 2 million trained squads are going to take on 100 million armed Americans now that is the funniest thing I have read all day. LMAO you are so right trained squads are so scary LOL Before you start there is 40 million of us trained Veterans In America.

  15. I think the agenda of the persons who made this video is to present the facts in a way your government would never do.
    Interesting you should start talking about agendas, considering the agenda of those that are in power in this country.
    An agenda that more and more Americans are waking up to the fact is quite real and highly unethical.

  16. This is 5:48, I'm back. I had to go to work ya know. I was wondering what kind of response my comment would get. I just so happen to have a full size battle rifle and a lot of ammunition for it as well as other tools like that. I also, like some of us, have an attitude. If some asshole thinks he is going to steal my humble little cabin while I'm in it I'm going to go out shooting! If I live on (IF) I"ll go hunting. 111 we are everywhere... and WE will not be beaten. If "it" happens it will be something like the world has never seen before...You can beat down good men only so long and only so far...........................

  17. A trained squad is something different than an individual. Cops get their asses pounded all the time, more often than they take on criminals fairly. A cop without his uniform is the same thing as anyone else. It's the illusion of power that's granted when one has a badge, a weapon, and buddies to back him up. On their own they usually can't fight their way out of a box.

    A gun is a gun, if you know how to use it then anything else is pointless. You could be the biggest, strongest, and hardest bastard, yet a 10 year old girl with a gun can waste you. Strange how guns are the equalizer of combat.

    No group of people would take on a prepared team though. Soldiers wearing armor, having the highest quality weapons, and having the advantage of observing the place they are about to assault will easily brush off people who have no gear and are using pistols or lesser rifles. And yes the team would know unit cohesion and the discipline of order through the commander, whereas ordinary people would be attempting to work on their own.

    In ancient times places like Gaul - the focus was the warrior (individual), but this failed miserably when they faced a well organized group of soldiers who focused on the UNIT(Y) and only the officer's orders. The days of charging into battle to be number one even existed in Japan during WW2. Of course that didn't end well when they tried to charge machine guns with swords ("Bonzai Charge").

    NWO... the government could never accumulate that much manpower. A destroyed dollar... who has the ability to pay anybody? Stores are going to be emptied so why would cops and soldiers stick around for money that can't do anything?

  18. Guns are the equalizer of combat?

    That's a good one.

    Is a death squad of 100 trained men shooting up civilians an equalizer of combat? Is a blackwater contingent of paid mercenaries killing little kids an equalizer of combat? Is a man robbing you with a .38 to your forehead an equalizer of combat? No. Are two men pointing rifles at each other at point blank and firing and equalizer of combat? Yes.

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