Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Americans: 2011 Is Likely Your Last Year to Defect

Americans, in general, aren't aware of this but with few exceptions they are the most oppressed, controlled and freedom-less tax slaves (citizens) of almost any tax farm (country) in the world.  Sure there are a few worse ones.  North Korea, Venezuela and Iran come to mind and maybe a few dozen other "sovereign states" that you've never heard of.  But, really, we are talking the bottom of the barrel.
I just spent the weekend in Phoenix, a place I think I can quite fairly call a police state - not just because I was in handcuffs within hours of arrival but also because the local Sheriff, referred to by all the locals as Sheriff Joe, operates his own "tent city" which he actually is on record as calling his own private concentration camp.  A place where, if caught on certain crimes such as drunk driving you will be sent, without trial, for 30 days into the desert in a pink jumpsuit.
But that isn't why I consider Americans to be the most oppressed of all "first world" tax slaves.  The reason Americans are, by far, the most oppressed and controlled is because even if you leave the US you are still under control of the US Government and obligated to pay taxes in the US, for life, no matter if you never return to the US.  Even if you surrender your US passport, something which is highly recommended but difficult to do, they still claim a period of 10 years whereby they can tax you.  And that's not even to mention that it is illegal to leave the US in order to avoid paying taxes!
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  1. This guy is fooling around right?

  2. We live in a totalitarian country

  3. Those rules only apply to the citizens. Corporations and banks can offshore whatever they want and not pay taxes on any of it.

  4. Anyone caught driving drunk should be put on a chain gang! As long as law enforcement can prove someone was over the legal limit perhaps a months vacation in sheriff Joe's spa is a good idea. We have a big problem with that here in Texas, idiots driving down the wrong side of a freeway, etc blown out of their minds and usually killing someone in the process. The guy who wrote the subject piece sounds like a looney!

  5. Totally 2:17!

    In Arizona here I can't tell you how many people, especially pot smoking young types that all dress like rappers on TV or perhaps the skinhead types drive around at 100 MPH even on weekdays.

    I've known people who went to Joe's "spas", which they are exactly that. They described how it was easier than regular jail. It's so easy there they didn't learn their lessons and came out to do it again.

    Drunk driving isn't a fucking joke, but enough people think it is.

    The police in Phoenix tend to be city trash cops. Some aren't, but most conform to the brotherhood mentality. The sheriffs in Pinal County are much different, and seem to be more human than the Phoenix cops.

    I don't know what this idiot is even ranting about. Arizona is doing better than most other states despite the flood of drug dealers and rapists that came across the borders in the last 20 years and helped devour our schools.

    The schools have already been wasted, the youth have as well. There's no cure for that. The next decades will get worse and worse since Generation Y will grow up to operate society in place of the new "Republic".

    We aren't the best state, but still the lesser of evils like Texas. I was thinking AZ and Texas should secede together and form up their own nation. Maybe New Mexico and Utah can join us.

    I think we would need to quarantine Mesa, Scottsdale, and Phoenix first however. The worst people in the world make up those cities. They're like miniature Californias. Drug users all over the place along with undereducated, violent juveniles.

    I think the Progressives understood well how to annihilate our country. They didn't need to take over every city, just the inner cities of each state. Detroit, Chicago, Boston, NY City, LA, Trenton, and such would only need Progressive rule to create "Black Holes" within the state that would consume the prosperity of the entire country.

    Notice, black people are not a problem, but the inner cities contain mostly African Africans who live in poverty. How easy for these Progressives to keep getting elected by those who can't read and are promised wealth? All the while this ghetto life style has spread to the other cities in each state.

    Now regular middle class kids, white, black, and brown collectively, who would have had a chance to excel will be weighed down by the education system in grade school and universities. Why? Most kids now experiment with drugs, while most are heavy drinkers. The smart kids (normal), are a distinct minority. Broken families create broken children. Broken children become crap citizens.

    Each future citizen then no longer seeks family values, but will seek the state for it's parent more so than any kind of good role model (which they never had any). So politicans wanting to legalize marijuana for example, will find this agenda key to getting elected again by the new generation of citizens eager to send themselves into a fog of unreality to hide from their wounds.

    What happens to great individuals in a collective like this!? They vanish! How could you maintain your own strength when your holding up 10 others? You'll break at some point.

  6. We are doomed because people actually think drugs and the like are actually problems. Drug use has only been prohibited and in the US recently. Prior to that, all the great civilizations used recreational drugs.

    Out in Europe children also drink alcohol. The US restricts everything and it doesn't actually improve anything, it's just an excuse to bully around citizens.

    The vast majority of people do not have any problems driving at 100 mph, having a few drinks, or smoking weed, despite what the media wants to convince you. A good idea might be to restrict driving licenses only to the people that can actually drive correctly, as the reason for most accidents is crappy drivers (usually women) and drivers driving below the speed limit and ruining the traffic flow.

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