Thursday, February 24, 2011

BMW To Pursue Hundreds For Massive Debts

BMW is pursuing hundreds of Australians in bankruptcy proceedings over luxury vehicles collectively worth up to $18 million, as dreams of enjoying opulent lifestyles crash.
The social aspirants now face losing their luxury vehicles and possibly their homes to repay massive debts to car financing giant BMW Finance.
The company took 226 Australians to court last year, up almost 37 per cent on the previous year, while overall national bankruptcy figures remained stable. A further 21 actions have been launched this year.
BMW Finance offers loans for all makes of luxury cars under several schemes, including a fixed instalment scheme that ends with a big "balloon", or final repayment.
One Victorian man owes the company $167,000, while a Queensland man owes $190,000 for a car loan he could not afford.


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  2. I like this asssie Quote from the main story:

    A woman earning $36,000 a year said she was a victim of "sexually transmitted debt" after her ex-husband had her sign paperwork for the car loan, then left her.

    "They repossessed the car, but they still want $25,000. I don't know what to do," she said.


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