Friday, February 25, 2011

Either I Rule You Or I Kill You

Abdurrahman Shalgam, an ally of Gaddafi since the pair were teenage radicals in the late 1950s, compared the leader's actions to those of Pol Pot and Hitler and backed the protesters in Tripoli.
In an emotional speech to the UN Security Council in New York, Mr Shalgam, who had previously remained loyal, said: "Muammar Gaddafi is telling the Libyans 'either I rule you or I kill you'." He told the 15 members of the council, who are considering an Anglo-French plan for sanctions against the Gaddafi regime: "We need a courageous resolution from you".
Outside the chamber, he gave another speech in which he pleaded for the outside world to do something "within hours, not days" to stop the bloodshed in the country.
Mr Shalgam said Gaddafi had lost the support of "90 per cent" of his diplomats and predicted further revolution in the middle-east.
"Slavery and the rule of one person is finished – it's finished," he said


  1. Guess he was smart enough to get out while the getting was good. He enjoyed the ride as long as he could and now that he sees his friend is fixin to lose power he is turning against him. Funny how people will stab you in the back when necessary. He's a scumbag too.

  2. Background .
    The oil backed dollar hegemony enforcement system and Libya …getting gaddafi out of his Libyan camel tent and back under the US “protection” dollar hegemony umbrella ?

    Gaddafi as the next Saddam up for regime change and hanging by a desperate America ?

    After Saddam switched from dollars to Euro Pricing Iraqi oil, war quickly followed!

    We see a rehash of the same kind of "pol Pot' murdering his own people 'hitler" propaganda.
    But ,where is General Colin Powel and his bottle of Anthrax, WMD Stories ?
    or see:
    1. America's Financial Crisis: China Argues to Replace US Dollar ...
    Several other oil producing countries have also agreed to sell oil in euros-Iran , Libya, Venezuela, Russia, Indonesia, and Malaysia ,soon to join…


    “ The unprovoked "shock and awe" attack on Iraq was to serve several economic purposes:
    (1) Safeguard the U.S. economy by re-denominating Iraqi oil in U.S. dollars, instead of the euro, to try to lock the world back into dollar oil trading so the U.S. would remain the dominant world power-militarily and economically.
    (2) Send a clear message to other oil producers as to what will happen to them if they abandon the dollar matrix.
    (3) Place the second largest oil reserve under direct U.S. control.
    (4) Create a subject state where the U.S. can maintain a huge force to dominate the Middle East and its oil. (
    5) Create a severe setback to the European Union and its euro, the only trading block and currency strong enough to attack U.S. dominance of the world through trade.
    (6) Free its forces (ultimately) so that it can begin operations against those countries that are trying to disengage themselves from U.S. dollar imperialism-such as Venezuela, where the U.S. has supported the attempted overthrow of a democratic government by a junta more friendly to U. S. business/oil interests.

    After September 11, 2001, Islamic financiers began to repatriate their dollar investments-amounting to billions of dollars-to Arab banks, as they were worried about the possible seizure of their assets under the USA PATRIOT Act. Also, they feared their accounts might be frozen on the suspicion that such accounts fund Islamic terrorists. Iranian sources stated that their banking colleagues felt particularly hassled as Washington heated up its war of words and threats of military intervention. This encouraged Tehran to abandon the dollar payment for oil sales and switch to the euro. Iran also moved the majority of its reserve fund to the euro. (Iran is the latest target of the U.S., which has interfered by stirring up opposition forces, and making covert threats.)”

    Butsmall Libya seems like an easier first target !

  3. Bad, bad, Bad BAD AMERICA !

    Gaddafi good man ! very good !

    Eqyptian president Hosni Mumbarrack even better man!

    USA been very very bad bad bad to both these good and better men

    Best Best Best man is Iranian ElPresident Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - he is the best of the best and USA is very, very bad to this nice man as well

    USA is just plain BAD! With their dollar hedegey schemes that are only paying these 3 nice men whom have never turned their backs on their peoples like USA does a measely One Hundred dollars per barrel !

    What a rip off for these nice gentlemen - no wonder their peoples continue to starve - after all with a combined production of just over 12 Million barrels a day


    OH Boo Boo Hoo

  4. ..for a minute there I couldn't tell if this was an article about Obama or Gaddafi?

  5. February 26, 2011 5:25 AM

    And now back to school you are bad very bad.

  6. I did not speak to the support of your “3 gentlemen” of the elite.
    I only spoke to the necessary empire war politics of the dollar hegemony system.

    The same Empire Fiat money printing system that previously was a strength of America but that has now has bankrupted America itself.
    And in the past involved America in many deficit financed wars to protect the oil backed dollar hegemony system .
    So yes Bad , Bad, Bad!
    And bad, bad , very bad and costly for ordinary Americans too ,now bailing out an insolvant system with increasing ‘austerity”for and housing and savings losses for the middle class.

    As a general rule the corrupted reactionary elites of the middle east ,like Mubarak or the kings of Saudi the old Shah Etc are only kept in power by American and British military backing and military “aid”.

    As for your “Three gentlemen”.

    Any opposition to the US support for reactionary corrupt elites even by the middle class is forced to take a “nationalist” stand .
    In Iran that was expressed in the imposition of an Anti American and Anti-communist Theocratic management regime inn order to head off any “Socialist” control of the distribution of wealth by the poorer or communist elements in Iranian Society.

    There is now a great deal of corruption in that elite the Theocracy and its middle class supporters and now increasing opposition often from the middle class itself ,with a demand bigger share of the oil incomes.

    Gaddafi apart from any personal, family ,or tribal corruption in the division of the national wealth is now taking a Lincoln type stand , to “Preserve the Union at any cost” against breakaway secessionist ,or tribal elements .

    Civil War to control the national oil incomes if necessary.

    It is interesting that (shia) Iran and that other gentleman Iamadinnerjacket are not supporting the Sunni Gaddafi but supports the opposition as you can see at the Iranian Web site Press TV.
    “Here's a short quiz: which head-of-state dresses like one of the more flamboyant rock stars, has been referred to as a 'mad dog,' but styles himself as a 'king of kings,' and wields greater power over his oil-rich state than most kings ever dream of possessing?

    If you are not sure who he is, here is another hint: shortly after the overthrow of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, this leader announced to the world that he definitely had WMDs. In fact, he had an active weapons of mass destruction program, but no one need worry about it because he was inviting international inspectors to come see the weapons and programs for themselves and dismantle them. As it turned out, he wasn't bluffing. When the inspectors actually came to his country, they discovered not only several tons of chemical weapons but an arsenal of nuclear ones, as well.

    Still not sure who we are talking about? Well, the following hint should be a dead giveaway. This same leader, who had, early in life, according to a profile on him by the Daily Telegraph, sought to become the Che Guevara of the age,” later came to be known for his increasingly bizarre behavior and megalomania.”
    As for members of Gaddafi”s own corrupt family acting like rats and abandoning a sinking ship seeking safe haven with the loot ,Shia Hezbollah influenced Lebanon refused landing in Lebanon to a Gaddafi family owned private plane apparently containing Gaddafi family members . One son is apparently married to a Lebanese .

    As for the family members of another son,Gentleman and designated heir and strongman Saif ,
    “Saif took the awkward manner of an international plutocrat, forced only by circumstances out of his usual exalted milieu of Blairs, Deripaskas, Mandelsons and Rothschilds, to address Libya’s “little people”(UK telegraph) That future safe haven refuge might be covered by marriage and the “law of return” in another M.E country?

  7. To in ANY way compare the even rudimentary thougt processes of this drug induced egomaniac
    who's sole purpose in life is to become " the Che Guevera of his age" to Abraham Lincoln is to totally negate all other commentary in aforementioned diatribe on this Lunatic and his fellow cronies.

    Liberal Progressive panderings to these obvious murderous dictators around the world seek too inform our young generations that somehow, in the great scheme of things Mao and Che and Saddam and Jim Jones and Ahmadinejad and Gaddafi and Hitler and Mussolini and Hosni and castro are somehow legitamized because of other larger forces being exerted from other countries.

    It's wrong, it didn't hold water then, won't now and no matter how hard you spin it - these
    tyrants are merely 2 bit dictators who all had one thing in common.

    Anybody who dares to compare their like to our founding fathers should be flogged in the town square.

    Maybe then, they would appreciate what they have; and how it got here.

  8. Exactly 6.05
    The way real American democracy should work.

    The US military backed Tyrants like the national "founding fathers" of the Saudi royal faminly , their Wahabi Taliban enforcers and now a corrupted Gaddafi would agree with you that .

    'Anybody who dares to compare their like to our founding fathers should be flogged in the town square.

    Or then shot if they atill persist?

    Or just tarred and feathered or lynched Redneck Jim Crow style?

    But, does Lincoln "The liberator" ,realy belong in this "stands above all permitted critisism " "Founding Fathers" class?

    Trie,Lincoln could be seen as at first fighting a defensive war , after all it was the South that first militarily attacked the northern States.But defense then quicly turned to Offence and into a "Civil war" .

    But, what about Bush "liberator of Iraq" rr Obama the "Liberator of Afghanistan'
    And now Pakistan and all the known muslim lands (exept for the Saudis?)

    Heil Obama !
    The New Alexander of Kandihar.

    Just how long before they too will join your above all critisism "founding fathers" Class?


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