Friday, February 11, 2011

The Elite’s 10 Pronged Attack on Freedom

I have never witnessed such a multi-faceted attack on Ron Paul, the Tea Party and the Freedom Movement as I have seen recently. The Elite are not taking any chances for the next “Most Important Election Ever” in 2012. For a guy that the Republican Establishment say can’t win, they sure do spend a lot of time attacking Ron Paul. The Elite are broadening the attack on Ron Paul and the Freedom Movement before the political pre-season even begins. Donald Trump fires the latest shot across the bow of the Ron Paul R3volution at the Conservative Political Action Committee today.
From       He got his loudest applause, though, for a shot at perennial presidential candidate — and CPAC star — Ron Paul. “Ron Paul cannot get elected … I like Ron Paul … But he has zero chance of being elected,” said Trump.
I called Donald Trump out two weeks ago in my article, Donald Trump- Hypocrite, Elitist Tool and War Monger. I saw that Trump was raising the trial balloons for a Presidential run with his fiery rhetoric against China. Since then, he has gone on Oprah, just like the other establishment candidate Obama, to polish his gaudy, comb-over, abrasive, arrogant image. Trump is not a serious contender, though he will make a big impact for the next year as a media circus clown saying outrageous comments that more serious candidates would not say. His role is to bring the outspoken and pissed off Republicans who are angry at the world, back into the Two Party Control Paradigm. He will be successful in bringing a lot of “yeah what he said!” people back into the controlled opposition camp. Ultimately he will fade during the primaries but his job will be done as a clever political opportunist whose main job it is to bully Ron Paul.


  1. While the privately owned Fed acts like plundering criminals robbing American savers with its enforced by counterfit money printing “LOW interest rate for the foreseeable future”.
    Austrian economics that has a fetish about interest rates ,as the be and end all of economics offers no way out for working people with their directly opposite method of saving American capitalism in crisis
    Austrian economists aone trick golden pony attempt in economic crisis to jump from the frying pan into the fire as a way out!
    Their plan to clear up the mess that capitalism made ,that they blame solely on the fed and bad socialist ethics in congress, not on business is to “RAISE the interest rate for an extended period of time.”
    In order they say to force the TBTF banks to take their medicine in a great cleansing process .
    Sounds good, theoretical pure capitalism to bankrupt the banksters, but the collateral damage resulting from that high interest policy will be the millions of home buyers are now unable to pay off their mortgages in this low interest regime ,let alone a high interest regime will be bankrupted.
    Same with many small businesses,

    The song and dance about the evils of the fed and socialist government and opposing any regulation that spoil the profits of honest hard working capitalists in a free market Of backed by to call for even harsher Austerity for working people to bail out the system.

    Do Austrian economists even support any unemployment benefits schemes for those thrown out of work and unable to get a job ?
    No mercy!
    There is ,nothing much social or of human value in Austrian economics.
    Just freedom for capital in free trade that is called individualist freedom and choice with the unregulated market themselves appointed as god to govern humanity in a capitalist heaven forever and ever Amen.

  2. The real reason Ron Paul has no chance in hell of being #47 or 48 or ever is what we have proved over and over and over again during the last 50 years in this country.

    That 95% of our population are dumber than a box of rocks and twice as gullible.

    How many times have people posted here saying that voting is for idiots, a waste of time ! Now, these same people have a chance to make things right with a man they know will put America first, is not corrupt and will make the hard choices we need to make ( see his recent comments about Egypt)

    Well, he cannot get in with people thinking this way! And yet these same people will continue to bitch and moan when some robot idiot like Romney gets in

    And turns out to be Obama all over again

    It gets really, really old when the truth is staring straight in the face and what to we do?
    Go to Walmart to purchase some more Chinese shit we don't really need

  3. "I voted for Obama, because he's black"

    "I voted to McCain because his VP is HOT!"

    "I voted for Obama because he's young and handsome"

    "I voted for McCain because I was to have wet dreams with Sara"

    5:35, you got it.

    Add to that voting the party line no matter what, who cares of the other guy is more qualified.

  4. 5:35 you're dreaming if you think VOTING makes a difference. The Elite put in "their guy" and there is NOTHING you me or "your people" can do about it

  5. 10:45

    Oh really ?

    Tell you what dude that's the biggest cop out in the world - it's easy to blame these elite
    for all our ills when we do hold the key to the fix

    You'll never find out

    Know why ?

    Becuase for once we have a legit candadate in Ron Paul; for a position that still carry's some serious weight if wielded correctly; with many new conservative Senators; they could really do some good.

    Won't happen because 40% of our stupid fucking population won't even vote.

    That's exactly what the elite are counting on; yet again, and again, and again. Out of the 60% left; 40% are on the Gov't dole somehow; they'll vote! They like spending your hard earned dollars for access cards and free cell phones; public housing and pimpin' on the street corners and they sure as hell ain't gonna vote for the likes of Ron Paul! he'd have their asses back to work in a month!

    No; we're fucked because we cannot get a legit candidate into the office - not because they aren't out there; but because of people like you who help hand it to them.

    We have 23 VERY qualified Senators, Congressmen & women and Govenors who recently were ELECTED to office DESPITE the Elitests best efforts

    Don't tell me it cannot be done - get the fuck off your ass and vote for Ron Paul in 2012 !!!

  6. 12:20 are you that clued out? Voting is rigged, its always been rigged, you and your votes are worthless. Goggle it. Voting was designed to make you feel good. If NOBODY voted, I bet you would still see 10 million votes going across your CNN screen.

  7. Yeah, I guess your right

    let's all just roll over and play dead; they've got us beat.

    What a piss poor fucking attitude

    Sure as hell ain't the one that got this country started I can tell you that!

  8. The anglo-zionist axis owns the media, so voting is probably a waste of time. Still, I voted my conscience for Mckinney, and I'm sure many people feel the same way about Dr. Paul. He probably watched what happened to her and tempered his public utterances about the mossad 9-11 scam.

  9. 2:54 it's fun living in a world of make believe, isn't it?. Lets get out and vote for our favorite guy..stupid sheep.

  10. Well, I don't know a damn thing about your anglo zionist axis deal; but I do know a little bit about computers and can tell you that regardless of what these conspiracy therorists tell you; when you touch a computer screen in a certain space within a given parameter; it's just like a keystroke and I'm sorry to tell you; once the ASC11 has been interfaced - regardless of what ANYBODY tries to tell you; there is a retrievable binary digit footprint.
    That is to say; you cannot from that point, change the original parameters or thereby change what was originally entered. In other words - there is a "trail".

    Nowthen, what is actually done with said data; is a whole different story!

  11. Ron Paul favorite in conservative Straw Poll.
    The elitists are "unleashing" this scum called Donald Trump because they fear Ron Paul and the MILLIONS who follow and adore him. He stands for freedom and for the common man. He stands for the U.S. Constitution.

    I'm with you 10:45. People get up and DO SOMETHING. Rally for Ron Paul. Send e-mails to others telling them the truth. Oppose the false conservatives - Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Mitt Romney, McCain, Donald "comb-over" Trump, Mike Huckabee....

    Let's save our country, and our freedom. Ron Paul for President, 2012.

  12. 5:55 if you view your address bar you will see an address with a bunch of numbers. Take your mouse and hold it down along the address bar to the end, you can view your permanent footprint.

  13. I dunno, trump has stage experience, lots of camera's and hollywood types, round it off with underdressed women and handsome men from the porn industry, music...he may go along ways. it's like american idol, who'd of thought people would watch such crap not to mention that show he himself has..(whatever that is)...a minority doesn't pay attention to popular culture, doesn't shop til u drop...the country is sick. yeah I think voting is rigged some but I still vote IF there's a worthwhile candidate and for many local issues, but same time the country is lost, in a fog of flashbulbs with sounds and glamour. typical with the rich. guess we're rich as a whole still, not enough have been effected enough to actually wake up. we're easily fed, overfed, have access to clean water, can drive around and do whatever, go shopping, sit idly and watch the tube, but with the unfolding of actions done last 30yrs plus now in the last 2 years, and worsening, as standard of living declines, I think more and more will come to their senses. when food is harder, water is more expensive-the basics are more difficult and freedom to even lit a wood fire are restricted(they don't notice until they have to use such means then find out there are fines for things like that already in place)they'll wake up. probably too late but yeah wake up. so things will get worse, but being not trapped by the culture, some are aware and prepared

  14. Totally 9:16.

    I'm uncertain who is right between the argument of voting versus not voting (12:20 V 2:25).

    2:25 is very much into reality as far the stuff in the world being a scam. I can't even begin describing the unreal bullshit on television and radio, and of course the internet that people will fall for. It seems at times that all we do is rigged. Manipulation of our desires so we can give our money to the scammer.

    12:20 however does make a rather startling point. What if the Elites just don't want us to vote? That way all the Communists and Neocons will continue getting elected by headless people.

    It could be that voting is our freedom, as we are told. What better way to lose it then to believe it doesn't serve anything?

    Back to 9:16 - regardless if voting counts, there is no possible way anyone like Ron Paul will get elected. People today in the USA are so dumb it's... unreal. Only by Divine Intervention would it be possible.

  15. Well then ---

    Maybe it's time for a lightning bolt or 2

    I know one thing; the path we're on is totally unsustainable; even for a few more years.

    I also get the feeling that there are more than a few people that for reasons beyond my comprehension, would just love to see this entire country crumble. I am wondering if these people have ever read true day to day diaries of the depression era - it was brutal for millions and we then lived in a time when 60% of the people lived on or near a farm - heck, today tens of milions would starve. Nobody wants to see someone starve to death - do they?

    If you live in a major city; one week and 75% of the city would be starving, they have no garden, no chicken flock, no well water and nowhere else to go except another city that's in the same boat.

    Maybe it's time for that intervention

  16. Ron Paul will do shit. Remember his emergency landed plane ride last year? He and the other CONgres critters on that flight got the scare / warning of their lives. A repeat of what happened in Egypt when all the poor are starving to death will be the only thing that works, won't happen so long as they have cheap beer, diet soda, pizza and American Idol/New Jersey Wifes etc. all paid for with welfare checks.

  17. EA - With the current wireless technology available; anybody within' 500' of your URL
    router can basically be anonymous on your address - and that range is expanding monthly - to the point where it's getting scary and while it's true you can encrypt your signal, wireless or otherwise;you cannot totally hide it from the network & there;s always a Kevin Mitnick just looking for somehing to do. Which brings me to e whole vote fraud thing - that original information I gurantee you is secured somewhere - where and who has it and what they do with it are up for debate I guess.

    Also, did you know that if you have access to a digital uplink ( like a military router ) you can quite easily replicate the downlink - basically anywhere in the world. The modulators
    convertors and wave guides are available at any good electronics shop and then all you need is a
    satellite dish.

    So, you might think somebody is in Oregon

    But- they might very easily be in Sri Lanka

  18. People still think voting matters? The elections are rigged. Even if they weren't, do people really think anybody can stand up to Corporate America? Obama actually did try, it's just impossible.

  19. Critising the Fed , Fiat paper and fractional reserve banking using paper is one thing ,but to imply from that that everything that Ron and Austrian economics “solutions” imply is a completely different thing.

    Just what would Ron “Hope and Change” different from the current crowd ?

    Tougher anti socialist Austerity?
    Gold and silver currencies?

    Fractional reserve banking based on gold currencies was normal in the american past before the Fed too.
    So were reoccurring economic crisis

    Is Ron Paul on record for supporting democracy?
    Or does he believe that Democracy only incites government to interfere with the proper functioning of an ideal for capital unregulated pure 'free market" .

    With a 'natural" non- fed dictated interest rate!

    One can see by looking at the clean hands of Wall st. business today in an economic crisis they created ,that unregulated capitalism doing 'gods work" as in recent decades is best for the future!:)


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