Monday, February 21, 2011

Global Revolution


  1. 'And now live, in front of his bedroom closet is the very influential .....'
    Ha Ha, great reporting.

  2. hair is on fire....the world is ending!

    Zerohedge is the most pessimistic site of all time. If people have listened to this site they would have lost a ton of money and a huge opportunity.

    This Mike Krieger looks like he is on the pot in a production home. HAHAHA!

  3. Those doomsters at Zerohedge predicted the crash of 2008 nimrod just like Max Keiser and Gerald Celente did while every other moron expert out there was saying the market was sound.

    So here's an apple, go sit by the BBQ, and turn for awhile because your lack of intelligence is showing out from your rear end.

    nothing personal - {big grin}

  4. Hey nice touch with the nimrod name calling. Shows how much of a real classy person you are. It is because of negative energy like this, America is in the shape it is.

    The people at Zerohedge have been predicting a crash everyday since their inception, including 2009, 2010, and even last week. Didn't happen. They have been more wrong than right.

    It is like living in Tampa and predicting everyday it will does ONCE... and then people like yourself think it is amazing because it happened and some guy predicted it. Gimme a break.

    Guess what, here is my prediction, the market is going to go up soon and then down soon.

    I am going to start a website will you subscribe? I will make sure it has a lot of negative energy just for you.

    Instead of bloating your mind with the Zerohedge BS that never comes true, why don't you try being a productive positive person in society?

  5. Is ZH pessimistic or realistic?

    for your info ,Junior Sunstein Ranger 10:02,8:06 and 2:03!
    Comments over at zero hedge show that all are very happy with their P.M profits especially the silver bugs.
    They are not complaining about “lost” opportunities on a share market manipulated by high frequency computer program ‘traders”.

    Every week figures show that the small investor is abandoning that Market and pulling out their money in droves.They are not all Dumbos.

    No matter how mant Junior Sunstein ranger trolls are on the internet to try to inject market confidence.

    So here's an apple!
    As first prize for a Dumbo troll junior Member of the Benjamin , sunstein and Kramer ‘ confidence”” recovery team of trollboys.

    Why don’t you take a look at the real world economy instead of dreaming about the share market .

    Gravity means an apple that goes up must fall attracted by the mass of the real world.

    A rotten apple recalled by gravity goes splat.

    And worst of all a rotten apple may spoil the whole barrel.

    There is a lot of rot in the faked up share markets already built in.

    Driving up Share prices by printing money handed out near cost free to banksters to buy shares ,especially by ramping up the prices by buying each other banksters shares means the share market is bound to go up.
    Enjoy the ride.
    But a false” market”, driven higher by the printing of profits /money supply , is bound to correct itself or crash .
    Splat !
    As the mass of the real world economy the lack of real world profits asserts itself .

    Go and buy some Apple shares before the price surges even more as every Kramer and
    shoeshine and bellboy expert on the market optimists all , are getting in, right now ,for a quick killing before the price goes splat!

    Got real Gold ?
    Got real and Silver profits in the bag, or just a bag full of paper dreams ?

  6. Wow 10:35 sounds like the crazy guy Peter Griffin works with on Family Guy. Really focused on apples. LOL!

  7. Delusional poster; no doubt. Aside from an apple in the posterior is also wearing the cone of shame... lol Prolly one of dem folks with their hands out in Wisconsin. Forget it sport, this game is coming to an end. Either it will be peaceful or... Either way, no matter to me, just so long as youse stay on your side of the tracks; just sayin...


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