Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gov. Perry: $100 a Barrel Oil? Try $200, $300

The uncertain situation in the Middle East could send world oil prices to $200 or $300 a barrel even as the Obama Administration fails to promote domestic energy development, Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) warned today.
Gov. Perry spoke to bloggers at a briefing in Washington, D.C., this morning. (Present were Rob Bluey of the Heritage Foundation, Jen Rubin of The Washington Post, and your correspondent.) The governor, who is chairman of the Republican Governors Association, is in town for the winter meeting of the National Governors Association.
In light of oil crossing the $100 a barrel price this week, we asked about the Obama Administration’s policies and attitudes toward development of domestic energy. The governor responded:
Gov. Rick Perry
Putting America’s future at jeopardy by basically hand-cuffing ourselves because of our lack of focus on domestic energy policy I think is devastating to the future.You said hundred-plus-dollar-a-barrel oil. Yes. That’s today. It certainly could go to $200 or even $300 a barrel if the situations in the Middle East – Libya, into Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen all of those countries – if we’re to see continued deterioration of peaceful conducting of business in the drilling and transportation of oil….
I don’t think it’s out of the reach of possibility to see oil even twice or three times what it is today –- devastating to the world economy.
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From Multiple Sources: Oil is ****ED Middle East in forum [Rumors]

Libya mostly, but not exclusively.

Rumors have been coming from all over on this one. Well and pipeline equipment looted, things like generators either looted of parts or STOLEN OUTRIGHT, tankers refusing to dock for fear of being swarmed (by God-knows-who, including potential refugees), etc.

If you're trading oil be very, very careful. To say this situation is fluid would be the understatement of the decade. And if you think you're getting the straight story from "official sources" - you're not.
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  1. "domestic oil and gas" is great...but what the fuck is it doing to our water and aquifers?

    I know SEVERAL families out in Colorado and Wyoming who have water coming from their taps that can literaly be LIT ON FIRE because of all of the seepage of benzines, formaldahyde, teutelene, and of course pressurized methane.

    This is because of a process calls hydro-fracturing or "fracing" - basically...they drill down, pump liquid (water with a shitload of toxic chemicals) down into the hole at high pressure which breaks or "fractures" the rock shale...this releases a shitload of natural gas...but, because it breaks through many layers of rock...allows the chemicals that are mixed with this water to permeate into the underwater ground water supplies - That is no concern of yours...unless you are one of the unfortunate families who happens to not be able to drink or even use your own fucking water! What the fuck good is owning a nice piece of farmland out in Wyoming...or Colorado...or any of the other states where they do this (Ohio, Michigan, Pennslyvania, Georgia, Montana, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky, utah, Idaho, and others...and shitloads of places in Canada too.

    I am telling you...there is no such thing as a cheap and easily accessible energy source...sure, we may have LOTS of natural gas and oil here in the U.S. - but what the fuck are we going to do if it poisons shitloads of our water? What good is oil going to do for you if you can't drink water?

    I URGE any of you that have any common sense at all to read up on this....if you live in ANY of the states that I listed...or know about any gas wells that are in your may want to know what is happening to your water system.

    Bottom line....the fucking oil and gas companies do not give a shit about this nation or our energy....they ONLY care about making profit - that is IT! And if it means poisoning some dumb, backwoods dipshit farmer (that is how they view us) and his fucking be it.

    I cannot believe that these oil execs have not been assasinated yet...
    I am not suggesting anyone do this to them...I am just amazed it has not happened yet. you can only fuck with a man's livlihood and his family's safety for so long before he snaps....that time is probably coming soon for many Americans. God help us unless we can take our nation back from the corporations...there will not be a safe / clean place to live left in this nation.

  2. The bible says 1/3 of the earth's water will be turned to blood. Perhaps when it uses the word blood it means death. I've always believed that one day water will be more precious than silver or gold. If a person has access to natural spring maybe they will fair better as long contaminates haven't leak into the water source.

  3. There is no hope for mankind on its own. Mankind will destroy itself, because it will become so full of itself. Thinking itself so knowledgable and in control of everything.
    Ha ha but the joke is on mankind.

  4. Chaos is everywhere. There is not one aspect in life that is not touched by it. What you see happening right now is just the tip of the iceberg. Get ready for the ride of your life. Nobody can escape what we are about to experience. Very few will survive. Economic collapse, famine, poisoned food, poisoned water, diseases, hate will abide in the hearts of many. You can see it already beginning. The "civilizized world" will become more barbaric then at anytime during the history of the world. Everybody with the me, me, me attitude with no conscience about oppressing the poor and because they think they are above anybody else in intelligence they think it is okay to live off the sweat of someone elses labor. Everbody so busy with trying to live like kings and queens that they cannot find time to guide their children in life. Boys think their girls and girls think their boys, everything that was wrong when I was a child is now right. Lie against your neighbor for profit or attention. You can't take a person for their word anymore. Our politicians, all of them lie, through their teeth. They are all gangsters. They push us around and dictate to us what we can and cannot do.

  5. Would you please remember that all our domestic oil and gas is NOT used here in the U.S.? The oil and gas companies are under no obligation to sell us our own resources! Most of Alaska's oil goes to Japan.

    The other headline about Asian shipping is actually just as scary. Although the cost of shipping went down by a huge amount, it is having no positive effect on Asian exports. Asia may be manufacturing everything but apparently less and less people are buying their products. Proof that we are going broke.

  6. Please, give us 200+ dollar oil. That would kill all trade with Asia, and jobs simply will have to come very close to home.

  7. Done correctly; natural gas is by far the most enviromentaly safe fuel on the planet and I include all forms of existing energy. I also agree with the above poster in that these huge conglomorate companies just don't give a shit about anything but money money and more money.

    Fracing merely separates the natural fissures in the existing rock foramtions and the worse thing I've ever used in conjuction with water, silica and pummice is diesel fuel whhich acts as a lubricant for the sands.

    When the gas starts flowing and the frac liquid is now part of the slurry; it is pumped into holding tanks to be transfered to water purification plants, just like raw sewage.

    The problem has become that these huge conglomerates are now going deeper and deeper and encountering higher and higher pressures and they are in unchartered waters with these pressures hence you get stories of people who can light their water on fire because the pressures released at 8,000 feet are so great that it overpowers the stratification powers of the rock formations and gas is just like water - it will always seek the path of least resistance. I play with pressures in the 200 to 900 lb. class in 3,000' natural gas wells - these deep wells are encountering pressures in the 4-5,000lb. class and the technology just isn't ready for that when a problem arises; which it always does.

    These deep wells are also producing HUGE volumes of gas - which is why nat gas was under 4 bucks all winter long.

    They need to back up 2 years and let the safety tech catch up with the drilling tech.


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