Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gov. Schwarzenegger Says F*** You To California Legislature


  1. The author of bill 1176 is a douchebag from Frisco named Tom Ammiano...I have no problem with legalizing pot...I have no problem with gay rights but the guy is one of those over the top yellers and demanders.

    I may not have agreed with Arnie and he's cost me thousands since he got in office but yeah that is kinda funny and Ammiano and those idiots in the legislature deserve that and a horse whipping.

    "Get to da choppa!" Said in thick Austrian accent.

  2. LOL...LOL...LOL!!!!!

  3. This letter is from October 2009, why post it now?

  4. 2:10
    because he just figured it out what Arnold said today.


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