Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Peter Schiff: Bernanke Is Destroying The World

“To be governed is to be at every operation, at every transaction, noted, registered, enrolled, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, authorized, admonished, forbidden, reformed, corrected, punished.”
— Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

Law360, New York (February 8, 2011) -- A judicial panel on Tuesday consolidated class action litigation alleging JPMorgan Chase & Co. and HSBC Holdings PLC violated antitrust laws by manipulating the silver market and potentially reaped billions of dollars while keeping the price of silver artificially low.
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  1. Refreshing to hear anyone tell it how it is. Bernanke is a "liar and a hypocrite."
    First Clinton fucks me over with The repeal of the Glass–Steagall Act. I lost my home.
    (thanks a lot ass hole) Now helicopter Ben is destroying what is left of the dollar. What great leaders we have!

  2. well he's not alone up there. yep, those up there and those down here who voted in the past for....and vote still for...(yes he's not elected but others are...)

  3. 10:07 and Schiff himself believe in a political solution. That is naive at this point.

    All important politicians are selected, not elected. Your 'vote' is meaningless. It is just there to give you the false impression that you are free, that you can make choices.

    You can't. You are a slave.

    Voting is for suckers and is absolutely a worthless endeavor. If some candidate somehow slips past the radar who is honest he is crushed by the controlled voting machines, has an accident, or is used as a useful idiot.

    We live in an Oligarchy. Done. This talk of Obama this, or Bush that, is nauseating. Means zip to refer to puppets having any real power or control.

  4. Peter is right on....he was on Fox Business show on Feb 9th with those two idiots Cotter & Rothman who like most smiley faces on the news don't have a clue about simple economics. Cotter is a smart ass always making fun of those with PMs and Rothman while seemingly a gracious lady was laughing and holding up a one ounce gold piece saying "I've got some gold Peter". Well, one of these days when The Fed, politicians and judiciary have totally destroyed this nation we'll see who has the last laugh. Schiff and his like minded citizens are all these mindless idiots on TV.

    What total insanity we are living through today, unreal !!!!

  5. Blaming the Fed and Ben.
    The American Great Ponzi /dollar hegemony/militarism economy ,was already destroyed by the total financial sector ,including by the Fed creating bubbles by extending low interest credit supply to government ,commerce and individuals in an unproductive of real physical profits de-industrialied America.

    The Fed is not entirely to blame for the failure of the Great Ponzi system, that collapse was inevitable and already happened in 2008 . Greenspan and Bernanke merely facilitated its continuation by issuing an enforced low interest regime of money printing to service the finance sectors profits.

    Living on credit was a ball while it lasted!
    Most people during the bubble boom times of easy credit thought the Fed was doing a great job.
    And even voted for a Dumbo Bush promising to hand out tax cuts for the Elite as they too hoped for the benifits from Reaganite trickle down economics .
    But under both Bush and Reagan the deficit spending and the national debt soared.
    That is the other hidden side of "trickle down" economics.National debt creation.
    As all debts ,government and private must be paid for in this Fed “legal tender” fiat paper monopoly money.

    When things got bad in the Ponzi system the other fix it boys, "Democratic" mafia wing of the same -same political set up, were put in power with promises to fix the economic problems and to even end the military Keynesians wars for Empire .
    But with even more ,but now “socialy beneficial” money printing as "responsible" economics that look after the little guy with better food stamps.
    But, as we see with the Obama black face actor Messiah, the new fix it boss is the same as the old boss and just serves the elite and follows their orders too.
    So why just pick on poor Ben?
    Bernanke is actualy doing a great American job in delaying or fending off the final collapse of the Ponzi by enabling the elite and the TBTF to soak up any remaining assets of the middle class ,including their savings and housing assets.
    More cheap or near interest free money and replacement capital is continualy handed out to the elite and banksters to build up their cash reserves ready for a quick timely buy up when the inevitable inflation from money printing escapes into the economy and the debt shit ,really hits the fan.

    The losses on the finance sectors investments now the unpayable debts of debt peons ,such as their underwater mortgages loans in Freddie and Fannie and the sub -prime and Adustable Rate loans ,(ARM )are being nationalised and passed over to the taxpayer to pay off as governnent guaranteed incomes to the owners of the Treasury bills .
    The owners of the so called 'national" debt.
    Privately owned central banks use their monopoly money printing licence whereby money can issued as interest paying debts to government ,specialise in controling that national debt.
    Ben is doing a great job for his private shareholders .
    But as a sombre Ben says, unemployment will remain a huge problem for years to come, probably for at least a decade and therefore a growing inability to pay off mortgage and credit card loans in this sector as welfare checks expire and more people live on food stamps .
    Huge cheaper asset seizures by the Shylock class are inevitable. If capitalist rape is inevitable, the usual advice is that ordinary Americans just should lay back and enjoy it .
    Past experience shows that are the way it always works in capitalist crisis.
    The elite must do their thing preserving their capital and buying up cheap assets.
    They know how to enjoy a crisis and look after their elite future.
    So Obama and Ben are only doing a great job in managing a slow debt wind up of an insolvant Ponzi system for a failed capitalism.
    They are both American Heroes of “Creative destruction” of fictional values!


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