Thursday, February 10, 2011

Israel On The Attack?

Rumor Spreading in Tahrir That Isreali Army Marching on Rafah?

It is being reported on Wael's page that there is a belief that the Israel army has moved on the Egyptian town of Rafah! Fact? Rumor???


Deep US-Saudi Rift Over Egypt: Serious Fallout

Another War Rumor Here 

Patriot Act PASSED! 

Votes Counted: Here


  1. Flash! Has just spotted driving NYC taxicab-sign reads: "No dogs, no alcohol please" Wow-now thats a speedy transition!

  2. Lost all respect for this site posting this rumor.

  3. There will be wars

    And rumors of wars

    And pestilence

  4. Note who voted for the Patriot Act? Yes, almost all republicrats, and mostly demopublicans voted nay. Gee, I thought the new Repulicrats were going to SAVE our country!

    Nothing will change, a few cosmetic changes will be made to make it look like the republicrats are making a difference, they're NOT!

    Demopublican or Republicrat-NO DIFFERENCE!

    We are so screwed!

  5. seems pat act failed-didn't get 2/3rds majority, what they did was clear the 2/3rds majority requirement and turned it into a simple majority requirement needed, next is a revote, when is not mentioned.
    could take the path similar to S510, didn't pass then passed late night when nobody looking with barely an amendment to it.

  6. HR 79 - to reconsider the failed patriot act - is what passed
    Please read more carefully

  7. Agreed anonymous 2/11 6:33! The King is coming!


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